UFA Options: Anaheim Ducks


UFA Options is a continuing series that gives a brief run-down of the unrestricted free agent market this summer, team-by-team. It starts with a look at the Anaheim Ducks.

The Anaheim Ducks have five unrestricted free agents of note (this of course assumes that former NHL journeymen Josh Green and Eric Boguniecki are no longer on teams’ respective radar screens). We’ll review them first by position, and then by 2008-09 cap hit.

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  • Age is calculated based on how old the player will be during the 2009-10 season.
  • QualComp/QualTeam are the Quality of Competition/Teammates rankings from Behind the Net; the number appearing is each player’s ranking by position (forward/defense) on his own team.
  • Def/Off Faceoffs is a comparison of the total number of shifts starting in the defensive and offensive zones, courtesy of Vic Ferrari’s Time On Ice. A positive number indicates starting more in the defensive zone, a negative number the opposite.
  • All advanced statistics are courtesy of Behind the Net.

Todd Marchant

Vital Stats: 36 years old, 5’10”, 180lbs
2008-09 Cap Hit: 2,517,500 US$
2008-09 Basic Stats: 72GP – 5G – 13A – 18PTS, -2
2008-09 Contextual: 8th QualComp, 11th QualTeam, +38 Def/Off Faceoffs
2008-09 Advanced Stats: -7.4 Corsi/60, 0.92 EVPTS/60, 1.51 GFON/60, 2.02 GAON/60

Todd Marchant is in the final season of the incredibly bad five-year contract that Doug MacLean signed him to after his last season in Edmonton (it’s even worse when you consider that Marchant also got a no-trade clause in the deal). At this point he’s a fourth line forward and penalty-killer, and he’ll probably end up somewhere in a supporting role for far less money.

Rob Niedermayer

Vital Stats: 35 years old, 6’2”, 200lbs
2008-09 Cap Hit: 2,000,000 US$
2008-09 Basic Stats: 79GP – 14G – 7A – 21PTS, -17
2008-09 Contextual: 1st QualComp, 13th QualTeam, -57 Def/Off Faceoffs
2008-09 Advanced Stats: -13.0 Corsi/60, 1.23 EVPTS/60, 1.55 GFON/60, 2.65 GAON/60

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It’s hard to avoid thinking that Rob Niedermayer’s decision on where to play next season will be at least partially effected by whatever his brother ends up doing (see below). Despite being started in the offensive zone more often than not (57 more faceoffs in the right end of the rink) he was put through the ringer in terms of his teammates and the quality of his competition. He’s a depth guy at this point, a 3rd or 4th liner who will almost certainly take a cut in pay next season.

Scott Niedermayer

Vital Stats: 36 years old, 6’1”, 198lbs
2008-09 Cap Hit: 6,750,000 US$
2008-09 Basic Stats: 82GP – 14G – 45A – 59PTS, -8
2008-09 Contextual: 2nd QualComp, 8th QualTeam, +37 Def/Off Faceoffs
2008-09 Advanced Stats:+1.8 Corsi/60, 0.84 EVPTS/60, 2.27 GFON/60, 2.52 GAON/60

Nobody seems sure what Scott Niedermayer’s intentions are for next season, but after waffling over retirement last season he has yet to make a decision this year (h/t Battle of California). If he decides to come back for another year, it would almost certainly seem to be with the Ducks. Regardless, he is one of the top defensemen in the game.

Francois Beauchemin

Vital Stats: 29 years old, 6’0”, 213lbs
2008-09 Cap Hit: 1,650,000 US$
2008-09 Basic Stats: 20GP – 4G – 1A – 5PTS, -3
2008-09 Contextual: 1st QualComp, 10th QualTeam, -1 Def/Off Faceoffs
2008-09 Advanced Stats: +0.0 Corsi/60, 0.54 EVPTS/60, 2.85 GFON/60, 3.03 GAON/60

Francois Beauchemin missed much of the season after suffering a torn ACL a quarter of the way through, but his track record as two-way defenseman is fairly good. Of some concern is the fact that his point totals have declined every year since his rookie season, but defenseman with offensive acumen are hard to find and Beauchemin is a good one. Of particular interest are the high level of opposition he played, and the low level of his own teammates.

Bret Hedican

Vital Stats: 39 years old, 6’2”, 210lbs
2008-09 Cap Hit: 870,500 US$
2008-09 Basic Stats: 51GP – 1G – 5A – 6PTS, -7
2008-09 Contextual: 8th QualComp, 1st QualTeam, -68 Def/Off Faceoffs
2008-09 Advanced Stats: +12.7 Corsi/60, 0.34 EVPTS/60, 2.52 GFON/60, 2.86 GAON/60

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Bret Hedican has not had a good season, and considering his age and career I think it’s probably safe to say that he’s done. I can’t imagine any team looking at him as a solution on the back end.

  • RCN

    ryan wrote:

    Every team is looking at JBo it would be crazy to believe it the oilers are too! Also he has a house in Edmonton. Yes I do dream big, but trading souray to get cap space for a goal scorer like K-Chuck sound like a no brainer. JBo will be in E Town next year.
    Here is a list of players I think have played there last games as oilers.
    Captian Ethan
    Souray ( only if they can sign Jbo)
    Moores all gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    New coach Marc Crawford due to his ties with Tambo

    The only player anyone is interested in is Souray. All the rest you noted are over paid and underachievers. You can't just deal crap and get gold back.

  • RCN

    @ voxel:
    Not suggesting that Beachemin is a number 1 or anything. I don't think its as though he'd be a spare part without Scotty. If you were "forced" to move Souray, Beauchemin would be a suitable RFA option to fill a similar roll at a cheaper rate. The guy isn't even 30 yet. He plays with a physicality too. I'd CONSIDER him, Travis Moen & Sami Pahlsson as UFA options (all from that Cup winning Ducks team).

  • RCN

    dragon wrote:

    Locker room leadership obvious problem, so Souray should stay.
    Can anyone explain how come Penner is a 7.0 Corsi? He’s number don’t look so bad, and there is significant room for improvement with the guy. Maybe take him off the trade list?

    Probably the biggest reason IMO, is the fact that only Nilsson had started off more times in the offensive zone in relation to the defensive zone this past year.

    In terms of being sheltered in this way, Penner was on par with Cogliano, Nilsson, and Gagner. For all the negative comments from MacT in the media, he sure did his best to make him look good on the ice.

  • RCN

    Why can't the Oilers just tuck poor contracts into the minors… Who cares if someone claims Penner off of waivers if his 4.25 million helps us land a Hossa? He can play out his days in Springfield and the only victim is a player who hasn't been committed enough to even maintain an acceptable level of conditioning, and of course, Katz's bank account…. Since I'm spending Katz's millions: Why can't the Oilers take on ridiculous contacts from some of the hard hit US franchises in exchange for future considerations/ picks etc… Bury these losers. Are there rules in place to protect against this sleazy hardball tactic?

  • RCN

    @ RossCreek:

    From watching Beauchemin without Scotty and looking at his stats without Scotty… FB is no better than Staios except with slightly better offensive skill. Seriously, the guy is brutal on the PK without Scotty and is very slow to react. His playoff performance during the Cup run was incredible, but since then he's been average.

    Beauchemin is going to ask for Staios-like money and frankly I'd say no thanks to that.

    Yes to Sami Pahlsson + Travis Moen, but not anything over what Pisani is making… They could replace Moreau too.

    I'd make an offersheet for James Wisniewski tho'

  • RCN

    voxel wrote:

    Beauchemin is going to ask for Staios-like money and frankly I’d say no thanks to that.

    Well I think he'll ask for more. But if all he wanted was 2.7, I'd take him over Staios in a heartbeat. At least he can grow with the team. Staios is on his last legs. And as you stated, he's better offensively than Stevie. Plus the Cup ring.