Post game 1 round up


That was a gut-punch loss, hey folks? Anyone old enough was probably reminded of Brian Skudland’s record setting fastest-play-off-OT-goal-ever against the Flames in ’86 when Havlat’s shot snuck through Jokinen and Kipper 12 seconds into the extra frame…

Anyways, I went around ye olde intrawebs this morning and collected some reactions.

– First, my own thoughts.

– Next, Second City comments. Their observations sync up well with my own.

– Oilers writer David Staples, now bereft of a home team to write about, turns his new “error” stat towards the Flames.

– Jonathan of CoppernBlue (and Oilers Nation) shares his observations as well.

(It’s always interesting to read the thoughts of a party not involved in the fight. The biases of the contending fan bases tend to be excluded).

– I submitted a round one piece to Cycle Like the Sedins which was published today. This link will take you to a “satellite” blog which includes both my take and the perspective of a Hawks fan.

– Flames Insider Scott Cruickshank notes that the Blackhawks aren’t going to be intimidated by physical play while Andy Sportak says that Mike Cammalleri is unlikely to be suspended for his elbow on Martin Havlat.

Let me know if I’ve missed any other notables in the comments.

  • RCN

    smd521 wrote:

    There isn’t much that is funnier than watching the fLAMES lose 12 seconds into OT. Too bad they couldn’t beat the record. HAWKS in 4.

    Thanks for your contribution.

    On another note, I'm happy some of the Oilers bloggers are covering the Flames. The more publicity, the better!

  • RCN

    It took less than 9 seconds after Havlat's goal for me to think about the Skrudland goal! (Or was it 8 seconds?) I remember missing the 2nd/3rd periods because of some mandatory high school graduation church ceremony (and yes, I was pissed because the Flames were more important than high school grad), then got back just for the start of overtime, very excited because I hadn't missed anything…

    Wow, I just realized that's quite the metaphor for my life as a Flames fan…and Seahawks fan…and Roughrider fan…sure, the Oilers suck now, but I shouldn't have turned my back on them during the 80s! Never mind, take back that last comment…