Hey Alberta… Hop On In…


Well for the first time since 1994 the Vancouver Canucks are Canada’s last hope to bring a Stanley Cup back to the homeland. Now that the Flames have crashed and burned, Alberta is stuck in quite a quagmire. Cheer for the Canucks? But they hate the Canucks.As a Canucks fan to my brethren in Alberta, I openly invite you to join in on the party. There is no shame in jumping on the bandwagon, hell the bandwagon is already filled with posers and wannabes from Vancouver.

When the Flames defeated us in the first round in 2004, it took a series before we warmed up, but by the Conference Finals, the Flames had our official endorsement. We watched you guys all the way to game seven. We have to admit that the loss did not hit us nearly as hard.

We were quick to follow the Oilers in 2006, mainly because the Canucks, in traditional fashion, choked and did not make the playoffs. We don’t have the same aggression towards the Oilers as we do the Flames. This is because we traditionally have never done you any favors at the end of the season when trying to clinch. Yes we feel guilty. Much like highlanders, only one of us can make it to the post-season.

The message I am trying to convey is that you do not have to sit around and ponder what will happen next season, you can continue cheering on the Canucks while they are still in the playoffs. Don’t worry, the smell will wash off immediately following the playoffs.

Give us your support. You be Scott Neidermayer, we’ll be Rob. Hitch your post to us and help us get a taste of the glory.

I would have invited Eastern Canada, but they have never heard of these so called Canucks. They didn’t even know there was a Western Conference.

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    […] Well for the first time since 1994 the Vancouver Canucks are Canada’s last hope to bring a Stanley Cup back to the homeland. Now that the Flames have crashed and burned, Alberta is stuck in quite a quagmire. Cheer for the Canucks? but they hate the Canucks. CONTINUE READING […]

  • RCN

    "When the Flames defeated US . . ."

    I should probably know this, Brian, but what position did you play?

    There are more important matters at hand than jumping on your bandwagon. WE have to hire a new coach. WE have to shake up the roster. WE have to . . .

    And this poke in your eye has nothing to do with my embarrassment at picking the Canucks to finish 10th and predicting Mike Gillis would make Vancouver, I mean YOU, a laughing stock.

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    @ Robin Brownlee: I am definately a WE user, in my defense, I was refering to the collective Canucks fans… didn't you know "We are all Canucks."

    Also, there's no shame in picking the Canucks not to make they playoffs. When it is predicted that the Canucks will make it, they don't, and vise versa.
    You guys have plenty of time to shake things up in Mid-June-August.

  • RCN

    No thanks.

    The Hawks have many things that the Canucks dont. Chicago is an organization with class, talent, more than one star, a goalie who isnt over rated, a GM who isnt scum, and not to mention how much better of a city Chicago is than Vancouver.

    You can take your 2nd round loss and shove it.


    Gene's Pubes

  • RCN

    I actually do like the Canucks, so I'm a little torn. On the one hand, my dad would be overjoyed if the Canucks won the Cup, and that's a good thing. On the other hand, I live surrounded by Canucks fans and that's hard enough to take as it is.

    It's a conundrum.

  • RCN

    Bite Me. I hate the Nucks almost as much as I hate the Flames and Leafs.

    I reuse to be a bandwagon jumper, as far as I am concerned hockey season is over and it's time to prepare for the draft, and the lead-up to the draft. In the meantime, Let's Go Blue Jays… seems I am addictted to teams that will break my heart.

  • RCN

    I would rather lick the bricks in Pigeon Park than hitch a ride on the Canucks bandwagon… I mean really I don't think I have enough cell phone minutes to last an entire series talking to my friends and taking pictures while sitting in premo, behind the bench seats wondering if Shine will be busy when the game is over to really make it as a 'Nucks fan. So yeah, I'll pass…

  • RCN

    Sorry, cant do it. I tried once before in 2004 to cheer for a Canadian team just because they were Canadian and I got burned. This heart is closed.

    I even went to game 4 of the Cup final (Kerry Fraser is the worst referee in the history of the NHL and made it his mission to make the Flames lose that game). And then just 2 years later, after the game of Hockey was taken away from us because the NHLPA is made up of under-educated Millionaires who dont understand that owners cant give 90% of their revenue to the players, when my beloved Oilers were playing in the Finals themselves, the support that I gave to the Flames was not reciprocated. Every time I heard a Flames fan speak it was spewing hatred towards the Oilers. Hatred towards Edmonton. Mocking how Edmonton called Whyte Ave "the blue mile", a title for 82 ave I had never even heard before and was clearly something invented in Calgary.

    No sir, I will not cheer for the Canucks. I cannot. When my team is eliminated I switch automatically to the Devils and the Canadiens only. When those teams are eliminated I cheer for specific players only, not teams.

  • RCN

    who even allowed this terrible, horrible sacreligious display of pro-Canada unity on this wonderful, Oilcentric site? We don't even pretend to like Calgary in the playoffs, I personally would rather (insert horrible, unimaginable situation here) than cheer for the leafs, the sens just suck and the habs well, I'm not gonna touch that. So why would I cheer for the Canucks? It just doesn't make sense, it is like this alien concept, on par with actually listening to Nickelback and enjoying its level of predictable suck and trying to convince everyone that it really is good and that the songs don't all sound the same. I cannot like them, and I cannot cheer for the Canucks. I'd rather see an original 6 showdown of American teams than let the fake hippie/yuppie douchebags have a Stanley cup parade on Robson street. The very notion of that makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

    I'll be honest, during the flames craptacular run in 04, I was unfortunately in the U.S during the last two games of the finals. Then and only then did I pretend to cheer for the flames, and it was only because I couldn't not cheer for Canada in front of the yanks…but I didn't feel right about it for weeks, and truthfully laughed a little on the inside when they choked.

    So what makes you think you have the right to ask Alberta to hop on the 'Nuckwagon? Alberta doesn't like B.C., and Edmonton and Calgary don't like each other. That is the natural order of things. It's not ideal, its barely civilized, but it is our way. Good luck next round, but the casucks are gonna go the way of the flames.

    Go Oilers…eventually…

  • RCN

    I'll never cheer for Toronto West, er, I mean Vancouver, until the following conditions are met:

    – Roberto Luongo realizes goalies can't be captains.
    – The Sedin gals stop working on super-neato set plays.
    – Tom Larscheid finally understands hockey.
    – Jim Hughson reveals his undying love for Hank & Danny.

    In other words, NEVER!

    Here's hoping for a Hawks-Bruins final!

  • RCN

    I am quite pleased to see the responses so far. Good work boys, you've made me proud. I hate the Canucks more than I hate the Flames. I cheered for San Jose so that Vancouver would have to play Detroit. That's just how I roll.

    What kind of lackluster fan base needs to resort to recruiting bandwagon jumpers online anyways? 😉

  • RCN

    Here's my thing. Say, god forbid, any Canadian team other than the Oilers wins the cup, I'm going to have to hear about it for at least the next 5 seasons, unless another Canadian team wins it in the mean time. We get beaked hard enough as it is by all these other teams fans, so imagine that times 10 when they actually have something to brag about. That's not a world I want to live in!
    But on the other hand, if Anaheim wins it, no one says a damn thing. I never have to interact with their fans on a daily basis. So I'm sorry but I don't buy this pro Canadian team garbage.

  • RCN

    jeanshorts wrote:

    if Anaheim wins it, no one says a damn thing.

    My family lives in Laguna, 20 mins from Anaheim, the only real fans the Ducks have are translated Canadians and their children. Things get louder when the Kiosks run out of Perrier than when the Ducks score.

  • RCN

    @ jeanshorts:

    Exactly! It's friggin bad enough having to deal with all the Habs fans still claiming to the "last canadian team to win" crap they've been spewing for 16 years. In '04 I cheered for the Bolts (more Canadian players)

    I don't get everybody's need to "cheer" for another team because the Oilers aren't in it. I am an Oilers fan and an Oilers fan only. As far as I am concerened, Hockey ended On April 11th and I'm going golfing. At the very least I can drink a beer and watch great hockey because I am a fan of the game but I can tell you this much…. I don't give a flying f*ck who wins.

  • RCN

    "Don’t worry, the smell will wash off immediately following the playoffs."

    No, no it won't. Sleeping with your best friends girlfriend, screwing the toothless hooker at the Almac Motel, still listening to the Village People, making fun of a handicapped kid – none of those are forgivable.

    Cheering for the Canucks is worse than all of those put together. Go troll somewhere they don't know anything about loyalty – like Calgary.