GDB/GDFD82: The grande finale

Yesterday, Lord Wayne von Gretz IV and TLP talked about all the reasons that they’re very unfortunate to be foolish enough to support our favorite teams. The lists were kept brief — five for both teams plus a Bonus Five (!) for the Oilers, who will miss the playoffs once again, much to TLP’s delight…


GDB/GDFD No. 81: El Batalla de Alberta con queso

Round 1 of The Battle of Alberta doubleheader goes tonight in what was originally going to be an absolute blowout final two games between the Oil and the Flames. That was before GDB No. 1, when hope ran high. Fast forward to GDB 81 and this game suddenly means less than a game of chess…


Mo(n)sster re-ups

TSN is reporting that the Flames have extended pending UFA David Moss for 3 years at 1.3M/year. That’s a healthy raise over the $575k he’s making this year, but it’s still a decent number for a guy of Moss’ quality. David Moss was a decent depth player last season, but he took a step forward…


Flames News and Notes, April 9

– Tom Benjamin and I look at the Flames cap troubles during the stretch drive. While the sudden injuries to Regehr, Sarich, Aucoin, Roy etc are certainly tough to put on Sutter, the fact that the Flames have been battling the cap ceiling all year – an issue that was exacerbated by the Jokinen trade…


The New Ed Belfour?

Most of us probably remember the final few years of Ed Belfour, an incredibly good goaltender with a long career whose final two seasons were bad enough to force him to move to Leksands to play goal.


We’re halfway there

Against fairly good-sized odds, the Flames turned in their best performance in about three weeks. Too bad it was only the Kings.


QTNA 6: Sexy Texty and Salary Caps

I appreciate all of the questions that you have sent in, and I’m always surprised at how many are non-sports related. I won’t give financial advice, and while some of the dating ones are funny I’m no Dr. Sue Johanson. Although hosting a show like that once a week would be pure comedy. Apparently people…