Tidbit: Sutter calls presser, says nothing


Up North in Edmonton, big changes were announced today with the hiring of Pat Quinn and Tom Renney. Here in Calgary, not so much.

GM Darryl Sutter made himself available to the Calgary media Tuesday and while he did address Friday’s firing of Mike Keenan, there was no news about the identity of a new coach. Asked when such an announcement might be made, Sutter merely replied: “We work on our schedule, not the media’s.”

While he pointed out that some of the better coaching candidates are still under contract to other NHL clubs until July 1, Sutter is also talking very openly about the possibility of returning behind the bench himself. That option seemed like a pretty good bet all along and Tuesday’s comments only reinforces that belief.

In other news, former head coach and associate coach Jim Playfair has been offered the coaching job with the Flames’ newly relocated farm club in Abbotsford, B.C. The other members of the staff are still under evaluation according to Sutter.

  • RCN

    Actually Darryl did say he'd like to have a coaching staff in place by the draft. He said that none of the coaches contracts will be renewed. He said Ryan McGill is someone he'd like to keep in the organization and I'd be surprised if he wasn't at least on the staff, perhaps even considered for the head coach. I got the feeling that Brent is still an option with Darryl's comments today about there being possibly 3 guys currently under contract to other teams that he'd consider to be good fits. He said he'd consider himself as the 4th best option behind these 3 guys. I wonder if he meant they were currently head coaches or if its possible that he was talking about an assistant amongst the final 4. Brad McCrimmon's name comes to mind (an assistant in Detroit and former Flame).

  • RCN

    I almost can't believe that the Oilers are going into next season as the only Northwest team to not be a hot mess.

    If Sutter comes back to coach, he will lose the room by November.

  • RCN

    @ RossCreek:

    I don't think that Ryan McGill is head coach material. I would be interested to know who the other 3 guys he thinks would be a good fit.

    1. His bro (clearly)
    2. Mike Babcock (genius)
    3. Coach Gordon Bombay

    Seriously though who are other candidates? I can't see Sutter going back behind the bench. It would start the countdown to his own firing…

  • RCN

    I would really hate to see if all of a sudden people started to rag on Darryl Sutter. He isn't the one making Phaneuf into a fall down. He isn't the one that makes Kipper fold in the playoffs. Accountability starts in the dressing room IMO

  • RCN

    @ Blazing Ace Completely disagree with you on McGill. He will be a head coach in this league one day. Is it his time now? Probably not. I would be shocked if he weren't an assistant though. He has a good knowledge of the Flames young players and is a fresh face with fresh ideas. As for the 3, only a guess, but I'd say Brent, Babcokc and perhaps Hitchcokc maybe? Unless he's talking about an assistant or even a guy like Laviolette who technically is still under contract. One interesting note I heard today is that no compensation would be required for Brent. All they need is permission from the Devils (easier said than done).