The Flames and Free Agency

In contrast to the draft, Darryl Sutter has never been too active when it comes to July 1; opting instead to re-sign his in-house assets or acquire big names via trade. The most notable free agent signings by Calgary in the last few years have been Todd Bertuzzi and Cory Sarich. As such, Flame fans…


Bouw geste or a Bouw jest?

One website proclaimed it a “Bouw Coup.” A very neat and clever play on words, but how much of a coup was it really for the Flames to acquire the negotiating rights to lanky defenceman Jay Bouwmeester in exchange for a third-round draft choice?


LIVE BLOG… from the Draft floor

11:00 am MST It pays to get up early some days. Because I got my accreditation late I wanted to make sure everything was still good, so I hoofed it to the Bell Centre. I wasn’t on the list, which I expected, but once I showed my card I got my mug shot. I now work…


The ’89 Flames: Is that Hall there is?

One of the relatively overlooked consequences of this week’s Hockey Hall of Fame announcement is that the 2002 Stanley Cup-champion Detroit Red Wings suddenly have four members who have been or soon will be enshrined in the shinny temple.


Gregor on the road II: Thursday’s on Thursday

I’ve always been a believer in Karma, and tonight augmented that belief. When I found out I was going I went through my media guide because it has a list of hotels in each city. I called the first few and they were sold out, I eventually settled on Hotel Inter-Continental. I had until Wednesday…


Gregor on the road I: This flight tonight

Like a school boy anticipating his “first time” at post grad, I’m pretty stoked to be going to Montreal. A big shout out to loyal Nation reader Shaun Hunter, who hooked us up with some WestJet buddy passes to save us some bucks and donate more to the Stollery. Good work Shaun!


UFA Options: New York Islanders

UFA Options is a continuing series that gives a brief run-down of the unrestricted free agent market this summer, team-by-team. Our next team for consideration is the New York Islanders .


WHL teams that produce NHL players

The 2009 NHL draft is almost upon us and on Friday some teams will make a selection that solidifies their organization; others will make choices that keep them spinning their wheels, while some will outright strike out. In today’s game if you don’t draft well you have no chance of competing. Of course astute trades…


How’s the brother act playing in Newark?

Well, the expected has happened as Brent Sutter on Tuesday afternoon was officially introduced as head coach of the Flames. And, oh by the way, three semi-new assistants were also presented as ex-Flame Dave Lowry moves down the hall from the Hitmen offices, ex-Flame Jamie McLennan moves in from a scouting and advisory job with…


Flames Draft Primer

With time ticking down to the 2009 NHL entry draft, here are some of the considerations and issues to keep in mind heading into Friday. – The Flames own 7 picks in this year’s draft, but only one is inside the top 60 (20th overall). Their other choices include 67 (via PHX), 107 (via CBJ),…