Brent Sutter to coach the Flames…


…according to TSN sources, which tend to be fairly accurate about stuff like this. While Jean made a good argument as to why Darryl would be back behind the bench a little while ago, this move doesn’t surprise me in the least.

This is good news for Flames fans from where I sit. Brent has been a winner at every level he’s coached thus far: he went 268-176-60 while in Red Deer, was unbeaten in the WJC and managed 46 and 51 win seasons in New Jersey. The Devils were one of the strongest teams in the Eastern Conference this past season, garnering an impressive 106 points and +35 goal differential despite lacking Martin Brodeur for most of the year.

Once the move is officially announced, we’ll get into talking about Brent Sutter’s specific strategies as a coach. Does this make the Flames pursuit of Brian Gionta more likely? I’ll guess we’ll see!

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  • RCN

    Can a move be predictable and surprising at the same time? Pre-prising? Sur-dictable? I completely get why we should have seen this move coming, but somehow it’s still a little unexpected.

  • RCN

    Sutter moves in such mysterious ways, almost all of his moves are Surdictable. He doesn't apologize for any of his leanings, which are always on full display, but he always plays his cards really close to his chest when it comes to dealing with fans and media.

  • RCN

    The thing about this one Kent is that it’s Brent I misread and not Darryl, who as you suggest is his own brand of inscrutable. Is there some kind of special arrangement about decision-making between the brothers or did the skeptics such as myself simply read Brent wrong all along in regards to his independent streak?

  • RCN

    I'm not sure. I can't say what the brothers have discussed behind closed doors – hell, it's possible (should the arrangement work out) that Brent has eyes for the GM chair with Darryl moving higher in the organization. Or maybe they just work well together and Brent has no qualms about taking marching orders from his brother because he trusts his judgement.