Hindsight is a wonderful thing and many of us would look a hell of a lot smarter if we were able to go back in time and change some of our more dubious decisions. Remember that high school picture that you hoped would be quickly forgotten? Remember how you used to dress in those days? Did you think your favorite…


Jersey advertising coming to the NHL?

The NHL is always looking at ways to generate more money, and don’t be surprised if you see you see a NHL jerseys sporting a “Wanye’s Rehab Clinic” logo in the near future. USA Today had an interesting article describing that ads on practice and game jerseys will be reality very soon.


How Sutter does it

Lately, it seems like Darryl Sutter is the smartest man in hockey. It doesn’t appear as though he’s made a bad deal since before the draft, and it’s led many, like Tony Gallagher, to wonder how fair that is and/or how he can actually pull off these criminally brilliant deals again and again, and again…


Hey Darryl, do you have a second?

Tim Ramholt. That, dear readers, is the best possible explanation – or at least the best two-word explanation – for the amazing disposability of second-round picks in the Darryl Sutter Era at the House Pekka Rautakallio Built.


Waist deep in break-out candidates

With the departures of Mike Cammalleri and Todd Bertuzzi, the Calgary Flames only have 3 sure bets in terms of top 6 forwards: Jarome Iginla, Daymond Langkow and Olli Jokinen. As such, there will be ample opportunities for the club’s various “support players” to move up to the top of the rotation. With as many…


The toughest division

Earlier this week, in the course of discussing a different topic, the conversation drifted to the relative mediocrity of the Northwest Division. It wasn’t so long ago that the Northwest was being touted as the best in the National Hockey League, and if that claim was debatable then, it would be preposterous now.


Under pressure

The Flames have made a lot of big moves this season, throwing around a decent amount of money, wheeling and dealing for all kinds of players to fill secondary and tertiary roles, and pissing off a New Jersey-based franchise in the process, but the biggest amount of pressure isn’t on Darryl Sutter, who will rule…


Connecting the dots

A certain manufacturer and distributor of brewed beverages in this country claims in an ad campaign that there’s an unwritten code in this country and then proceeds to list a bunch of actions that are supposedly reflective of Canadians. Not surprisingly, many of the code items are hockey-related, but there seems to be one missing….


Summer camp hits and misses

The Official Handbook of Hockey Cliches demands that the draft be referred to as a crapshoot. Not roulette, not keno, not baccarat — the acceptable game of chance choice for simile purposes when it comes to the teenage talent roundup is craps.