PFD No. Not-3: No storylines for me, thanks


Welcome to the Preseason Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s third warmup-season game on September 19, 2009.

After what Kent called the most exciting preseason game he’s ever seen (a heady and lofty class indeed!), this game is likely to be a much more pedestrian affair.

We all waited in anxious anticipation for Theo Fleury to take the ice. And he did. And he got a hero’s welcome, and, if he does nothing else in Calgary in his career, that shootout goal provided a lot of catharsis, expunging several years’ worth of hurt and hard feelings. We all watched in a mixture of shock, horror, amusement and incredulity as Dion Phaneuf positively steamrolled Kyle Okposo, sparking a near-line brawl and furious debate on the internet about the legality and propriety of said hit.

And now, with no Theo, no Dion and no Okposo in the lineup, all we have left is another kids’ game, plus a handful of vets like Cory Sarich, Trent Hunter and a couple of the both teams’ younger NHL-level players. Also, old friend Dwayne Roloson might just make a brief appearance.

So in the interest of familiarizing everyone with these rosters, comprised almost entirely of kids, at least for tonight, let’s get into this: “Better Know a Prospect (or whatever)!”

Meet the Centers

The only Flames in the lineup that are technically centers are Dustin Boyd and Jamie Lundmark, both of whom are NHL-level talent. I just didn’t want all y’all thinking there was an oversight.

Greet the Wings

Riley Armstrong —AHL depth.

Kris Chucko — Better AHL depth (until he improves his skating, at least).

Carsen Germyn —He’s probably a better call-up option than the other two simply because he can play a more well-rounded game, but he’s 27 years old and will probably never be any better than he is now. You won’t see him unless there’s a plane crash this year.

Kyle Greentree — Finally an actual prospecty player that warrants some call-up consideration. Of course, he’s 26 so there’s not much more time for him to prove he’ll be a viable NHL player. Worth a look, I suppose.

Jason Jaffray — A somewhat useful AHL/NHL guy. Put it this way: Canucks fans were a little sad to see him go, even if he did only play 14 games in Vancouver last year.

Garth Murray — AHL squad-strengthener and nothing more.

Eric Nystrom — He almost certainly has his NHL spot locked up, but given the strength of the Abbotsford team, the barbarians are at the gates as well.

Colin Stuart — You won’t see him in Calgary, and given that I have seen him play live, trust me when I tell you that’s a good thing.

Brandon Prust — He’s very likely to have an NHL spot as the 13th forward/enforcer.

David Van der Gulik — I’d wager he’ll see more time in the NHL this year than his six games of service last season.

Step right up and meet the D

Gord Baldwin — He’s not even a second-pairing guy at the AHL level.

Staffan Kronwall — The AHL should be a good place for him.

John Negrin — He’s got a nice future for sure, but he needs at least one pro season in the AHL to work on his game, I think.

Adam Pardy — He’s competing for an NHL spot and will probably get one.

Matt Pelech — He’ll play a huge role in the AHL this year and is the first-choice call-up, probably.

Keith Seabrook — He’d have a better chance at making the team if he was his brother. But he isn’t so he won’t.

(Also there are some goalies)

Matt Keetley —AHL backup. Great.

Curtis McElhinney — I’m only counting him as a prospect because he’s young or something. I dunno. NHL backup fo sho.

Oh and hey, feel free to chit chat in the comments section as you listen on the radio. That is seriously the only way you’re going to experience this game. Isn’t that something?