PFD No. Not-4: More hockey already?


Welcome to the Preseason Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s fourth warmup-season game on September 20, 2009.

After the kids lost a tough one last night to a bunch of thugs, but reportedly didn’t look so terrible doing it, it will be interesting to see the Flames put out perhaps its most veteran roster yet, where even the prospects have some amount of NHL experience. Cam Cunning, Mikael Backlund and Brett Sutter are, I believe, the only Flames on the roster tonight with less than 10 games of NHL experience.

Backlund, by the way, won’t be able to say that nine games into this season.

So in the interest of familiarizing everyone with these non-veterans on the roster, let’s get into this: “Better Know a Prospect (or whatever)!”

Meet the Centers

Mikael Backlund —This will be Backlund’s first game at his natural position, center, as he’s running the pivot between Brett Sutter and Eric Nystrom. Skill-wise, Jokinen and Iginla they ain’t, but one suspects that this game will be a chance for him to show his defensive acumen.

Jason Jaffray — Playing his second game in as many nights, Jaffray’s getting a hell of a look from Flames brass this preseason. Given that I haven’t read much about him despite his playing in three of the four preseason games, my assumption is that he’s not done much to either impress or disappoint.

Greet the Wings

Carsen Germyn — Apparently his pass to Jamie Lundmark last night was “sick,” but that’s not going to get him any closer to off the bubble as far as I’m concerned.

Brett Sutter — AHL fodder.

Theo Fleury — Shootout hero to make NHL team! Not really, of course, but it’s fun to dream.

Brandon Prust — He’s hoping Brian McGrattan falls down a well or something, I’m sure.

Step right up and meet the D

Anton Stralman — The best case to make the NHL roster out of any of the AHL defensemen. Not that I think he’ll do it, of course.

Adam Pardy — He’s competing for an NHL spot and will probably get one.

Matt Pelech — Even as he impresses at camp, it’s all groundwork for next year.

(Also there are some goalies)

The only two goalies today are Miikka Kiprusoff and Curtis McElhinney, both surefire NHL goalies this year.

Oh and hey, feel free to chit chat in the comments section as you all watch the game live on Except me, who can’t. Again.