Around the League – Nov 26, 2009

***Some technical problems (four days of festivities at the Grey Cup, and misplacing my lap top) caused the delay it getting this posted, but here it is and the stats are all from Thursday, Nov 26 to remain consistent from week-to-week.***


Semi-live from Columbus

Stop No. 2 of the Flames’ six-game roadie takes place Saturday from Columbus, Ohio. Join us during the contest (it’s on a Leafs-free CBC at 5 p.m. MST) for impertinent thoughts and off-the-cuff comments about the action at the Nationwide Arena. Be sure to check out TLP’s pre-game observations as FlamesNation’s intrepid game-day expert pines…


A fine mess, Olli

So here’s the question everyone dwelling in the Flames area code of the National Hockey League map must be asking themselves on an hourly basis: Did Olli Jokinen all of a sudden become rotten or did he fool everyone by being a mediocre player with respectable-to-robust numbers for all those seasons out of NHL limelight…


Insert horse-racing analogy here

OK, folks it’s time for the Calgary Flames Quarterly Report. All right, so we’re actually a game and change past the quarter-point, so it’s actually the Calgary Flames Quarterly and Then Some But Hey We’ve Been Busy So What Are You Going To Do About It Report.


Iginla’s L.A. star search

So what did we learn in Saturday’s matinee in L.A.? Well, for starters, there needs to be an audit of the star-selection procedure in Tinseltown. Even if Jarome Iginla took a couple of minor penalties today, it’s hard to believe the Calgary captain was not only overlooked for top-star honours, he didn’t make the cut…


Hey Lou, can I come back?

If there’s any comfort to be found for Flames fans after their club’s ignominious stumbling past the unofficial quarter-pole of the 2009-10 campaign, it’s the look on Brent Sutter’s face.