Around the league – Dec 17, 2009

The annual Governor’s meetings have wrapped up, and nothing earth shattering was revealed. The Count (Gary Bettman) is adamant that Phoenix is a viable market, and he is hoping that Edge Holdings Inc is legit and not another Len Barrie or Boots Del Baggio.


The offence: It ain’t pretty

The Flames offence has apprently decided to avoid the rush and started to do its Christmas slumping now. Five games into December and the Calgary attack has managed but eight goals, one of which was into an empty net. There are a number of ways to look at the dearth of offence but the best,…


To box or not to box?

  Much breath has been wasted debating the merits of pugilism in hockey. And when we say wasted, we mean that both the Let ‘Em Go crowd and the Won’t Somebody Think of the Children faction have dug in their heels pretty deeply on the matter and no amount of Don Cherry knuckle-dragging propaganda nor…


Around the league – Dec 10, 2009

It is amazing how players get a reputation, positively or negatively, and how it sticks with them; in many cases for longer than it should. I’m not talking just about how the fans look at a player, but also how coaches and management view their own player.