*01/02/10* Flames v. Maple Leafs: Four in a row

Calgary Flames: 3 — Jarome Iginla, Curtis Glencross (2) [GWG]

Toronto Maple Leafs: 1 — Jason Blake

Jarome Iginla and Daymond Langkow each had 3 point nights and linemate Curtis Glencross chipped in 2 goals, including the game winner.


I wasn’t able to catch tonight’s game due to the joys of work, but the Flames got the new year off to a good start. On the surface, four wins in a row has me starting to believe this team is capable of something bigger. But two of those wins came against the Oilers and the third against the Leafs. Those are points they’re supposed to get. Gimme points. And given the fact this team has consistently been inconsistent, don’t mind me if I put my guard up waiting for a three game losing streak to ensue.

But back to the positve ledger, please. The new-look 1st line (Glencross-Langkow-Iginla) had their best performance since being thrown together in Edmonton last Monday. Thank God! Jokinen looks so much better on the second line (although as I said, I didn’t see THIS game).

Miikka Kiprusoff continues to keep the door shut with a 24 save performance. 

With the pugnacious & truculent crew repping the T-dot coming in, one would think the Flames (league high 43 fights) and the Leafs would’ve connected for a tilt-heavy game. A quick glance at the summary says otherwise, leaving us with no fight card tonight.

The Flames went retro, wearing their old jerseys with special guests the Hansen brothers on hand.


The Flames will visit Nashville on Tuesday @ 6:00 (01/05/10 Sportsnet West, FAN960). The Preds & Flames are currently tied with 53 points. 


Switzerland upset Russia with a 3-2 overtime win to advance to the semi-finals Sunday against Canada @ 2:30 (MT) live on TSN. The United States defeated Finland 6-2 to advance to the other semi against powerhouse Sweden (7:00 MT). Things look to set up for a showdown between Canada & Sweden. If so, I’m not sure I like Canada’s chances. Can’t win ’em every year.



Calgary legend Bret "the Hitman" Hart will appear on Vince McMahon’s WWE Monday Night RAW for the first time in over 12 years, as he begins what will likely be a Wrestlemania program versus Vinny Mac himself. And for the first time in nearly 9 years, RAW will have some competition as Hulk Hogan makes his TNA debut live on iMPACT! @ 6:00 (MT) on SpikeTV. So let your inner child take over for a couple hours this Monday, and watch some ol’ school wrasslin’ legends lace up the boots again, brother!

  • I was surprised there wasn't a fight last night, too. Though I don't recall Prust (or the Prusty Trombone as one fellow Flames fan called him at the NYE game) getting much ice time. I think Sutter was looking more to grind out a win than have anybody swinging.

    In any case, they looked pretty good; tough along the boards, good offensive zone control. My biggest concern right now is the breakout. The last few games it's looked sloppy and we've nearly paid the price as a result.

    Good game overall, though. Lots of fun to watch and Good God do I love beating the Leafs!

    • LOL. Ya it used to be pretty entertaining in the late 90's. Not sure if these latest developments will recreate the past excitement, but it should be a bit of a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

      PINK 'n' BLACK Attack, baby! Hart Dynasty (Isn't Jim "the Anvil's" daughter pretty hot btw?).

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  • And a quick WJC update. To my surprise, the United States knocked off the Swede's, and the gold medal game against Canada will be Tuesday @ 5:30. Might need two TV's that night if you want to catch any of the Flames game 😉