Flames make roster moves

Thanks to a couple of twitter updates from TSN’s Bob McKenzie and FAN960’s Dean Molberg, we can tell you the Calgary Flames have made a couple roster moves today.


  1. Tampa’s Blair Jones clears waivers; Calgary puts Staffan Kronwall on waivers.


Jamie Lundmark reassigned to Abbotsford.

  1. No Jamie Lundmark on the ice at Flames practice. Conroy is. Good chance he’s been sent to Abbotsford.
  2. http://twitpic.com/xtdz2 – Flames ready for 11:30 practice…but no coaches on the ice.
  3. Craig Conroy on the ice with the main group today. Wearing the plastic protective sheilds on both skates.


I didn’t catch last night’s Flames v. Avalanche game, but I heard that Craig Anderson (our new nemesis) has been charged with theft for that performance. By all accounts, the Flames should’ve won, but Anderson stood on his head. Gotta love that the scrappiest team in the league throw’s ’em down 3 times in the first 5 minutes. I’m starting to get a man-crush on Brandon Prust (not that I didn’t always like him). Let me know your thought’s on last night’s game. Here’s the highlights for those that missed it…

And here’s the heavyweight match from last night, and I don’t mean Monday Night RAW. Great tilt! Brian McGrattan v. David Koci…