Flames v. Penguins: Fleury stars at Saddledome

Pittsburgh Penguins: 3 — Sidney Crosby, Bill Guerin [GWG], Tyler Kennedy

Calgary Flames: 1 — Mark Giordano

For years, Calgary fans watched a Fleury star in the Saddledome, and tonight was no different. Unfortunately it was not former Flames captain Theo, but instead current Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre.

Stanley Cup rings and all, Marc-Andre Fleury, Sidney Crosby et al marched into Calgary, handing the Flames their fourth loss in their last five games. Were we not just talking about a five game winning streak a week ago? Oh, and the Flames short stint atop the Northwest division also came to an end.


  • The Flames fired 38 shots Fleury’s way, including16 in the 3rd, but the Olympian stopped all but one.
  • Jarome Iginla has gone five games without a point! FIVE GAMES!!
  • Making just his second appearance in Calgary, Sidney Crosby made his mark not even four minutes in, as he scored his 30th goal of the season.
  • Mark Giordano, making a mere $1 million, scored the only Flames goal, a power-play marker, and continues to look as though he is their best defenceman. That may be a stretch, but with all the talk of "Big Three", Giordano isn’t exactly chopped liver.
  • Craig Conroy returned from a lower body injury after missing five games.
  • Referee Stephane Auger, the target of Alex Burrows much-publicized accusations, was one of the officials.
  • Jamie Lundmark looks as though he may stick around for a while. After sending him down temporarily yesterday while waiting for Staffan Kronwall to clear waivers, the Flames recalled Lundmark this morning and finally bid adieu to the Swedish defenceman, sending him down to the Abbotsford Heat.
  • Brian McGrattan had his 12th fight of the season, taking on former Flames tough guy Eric Godard…


The Nashville Predators visit "The ‘Dome"  Friday @ 7:00 (01/15/10 Sportsnet West, FAN960). Here’s a suggestion – try scoring some goals!



Having missed the first half of the game in favour of going to see the new Chipmunks movie with my girlfriend and her soon-to-be four year old daughter, I get the chance to see the Penguins live in the flesh tomorrow, as the Pens visit the lowly Edmonton Oilers. Initially forgetting about tonight’s game, I happily suggested I’d join them for the movie, and while I was somewhat disappointed when I realized what I’d done, the smile on her face as she watched Alvin, Simon & Theodore made it all worth while. Kids seem to have this way of making other things seem less important. I luv it!

  • Fleury played well, but there were an awful lot of shots taken which would have required his intentionally diving out of the net in order to go in.

    Calgary suffered from an apparent predilection for passes to the backhand, and terrible hands. In the first period alone they missed half a dozen wide open nets.

    Also…I used to believe that Crosby was partially a product of hype – I no longer believe that. Has anyone ever seen a guy his size who is that strong on the puck? Plus he is very strong on the forecheck because he seems to get his stick on everything. As a defenseman you need to be very careful making passes in your own end when he is on the ice.

    • I agree that there were a lot of shots right at Fleury but he also made some fantastic saves that clinched the win.

      For a guy who has just been under much scrutiny for previous indiscretions, Auger didn't do much to help himself. There were some pretty chintzy calls both ways.

  • Upops

    "Having missed the first half of the game in favour of going to see the new Chipmunks movie".

    Ross, when did you become such a puss…..er….I mean….softie? I guess we should expect nothing less from a man who has a "man crush" on Prust.

    p.s. – for everyone wondering why Bouwmeester never made the Olympic team, please refer to the Crosby goal. Was that Bouwmeester or Grant Ledyard? Turns like a battleship. I mean Crosby didn't even dangle, he just skated right around him. Almost looked as bad as Jeff Freisens mustache on that play.

    • He split the D, gio and jbo did the classic I got him U got him and by then….. something about a poster.

      Jordan Stall was great, then again from an Oilers perspective, everyone is great these days, especially centers larger than 5 feet tall… in fact jeff friesens mustache might be a welcome addition to the OIl at the moment.

      RC… they change quite a bit at around 13.. evil lurks, at 4 however… they just dont get much cuter.