Kipper’s return

When it comes to sedatives, there’s diazepam, lorazepam, nitrazepam and oxazepam. Now, brand new and specially made for Flames fans, is bronzepam.


Bourque and the Chris Simon Factor

It’s been approximately a week since word cyber-leaked about Rene Bourque’s contract extension and 48 hours since the Flames officially announced the six-year deal that would theoretically keep the winger in Calgary colours through the 2015-16 season.



You: "Oh hey Wanye, thanks so much for writing Olympic updates like you said you would. We have really enjoyed the nine day gap with no articles ya fall down." WG: "Thing is, last time we wrote the Canadians lost to the US. We since have come to believe that no OGDBs are good luck…


OGDB Semifinal: Bratislavan Brawl

After crushing Russia on Wednesday, Canada faces an energetic and gutsy Slovakian team with excellent goaltending from Montreal Canadien Jaroslav Halak. But who else is on this team?


New Deadline Target – Slava Kozlov

One thing I love to do in my amateur punditry is identify bargains. Trade bargains, free agent bargains. Finding value players for cheap helps managers win games in a salary capped league, afterall. The trade deadline is usually a poor time for seeking out bargains because the auction-like environment often drives up the prices of…


Breaking News – Bourque Re-signed

  Reports are filtering in from Twitter and the FAN960 that Rene Bourque has indeed been re-signed by the Flames to a multi-year deal. I will update this post with reactions once the details are revealed. My initial reaction is "pleased", however. UPDATE – TSN claims the contract has a cap hit of $3.3M for…


Alex Auld, Back-up Solution

  According to a tweet bt TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the Dallas Stars have waived journeyman back-up Alex Auld today. The former Senator/Canuck (etc.) is having a below average season in the South this year, posting an .894 SV% in in 21 games played. That’s the worst save rate the 29 year old has managed in…


Stretch preview (Part I)

As quick as you can say Mats Zuccarello Aasen, the Olympics will be over and we will be returned to our regularly scheduled National Hockey League programming. In Calgary, that means the analysis of the Ales Kotalik Era at the Saddledome will begin anew and the fretting about the Flames’ fate will regain momentum.


Dustin Boyd’s Falling Stock

  With the addition of so many new bodies, the competition for roster spots in the Flames forward rotation is a fierce one these days. A player either has to be clearly superior to his competition or at least a body with a defined role. And when Calgary’s regular season went on hold recently, it…