No Jok-inen, another deal?

According to TSN’s Darren Dreger (who’s had a fantastic Sunday), Daryl Sutter is ready to make another deal…

Sources tell TSN the New York Rangers and Calgary Flames are expected to announce a trade tonight that will send Calgary centre Olli Jokinen and forward Brandon Prust to the Rangers in exchange for forwards Ales Kotalik and Christopher Higgins.

Kotalik, 31, had been sent home from New York’s road trip earlier on Sunday after being told by the team that he would be traded. He has been scratched by head coach John Tortorella in eight of the club’s last nine games. Kotalik was signed to a three-year, $9 million deal as a free agent by New York last summer.

Stay tuned. Daryl’s had a rather active Sunday. Guess we’ll see his vision soon…



    Expected to be Jokinen, Prust for Kotalik and Higgins.www.


    Gilroy wont be involved.


    Flames expected to deal Jokinen to the Rangers for Kotalik and Higgins or Gilroy. will have the details as they break.


    complications have grounded a trade involving the Rangers Kotalik. A deal with Calgary? Stay tuned…


    Giguere to Toronto for Toskala and Jason Blake. Done!!


    No trade call scheduled yet, but Giguere will end up in Toronto and Toskala will end up in Anaheim…unless disaster strikes.


    Phaneuf, Sjostrom and Auley to Toronto for Hagman, Stajan, Mayers and white!!


    when asked if Stajan and Hagman are main pieces in Phaneuf trade, source says "its bigger than that."


    phaneuf to the Leafs


    Something enormous is about to go down. Working on it


    Could be multi-deal, multi-player. Big makeover…if all comes together for Toronto. My blackberry may blow!!


    could be a very interesting today. the Hiller extension may play a role in todays Leafs shake-up.


    Source tells me "major changes" coming today for the Toronto Maple Leafs. stay glued to tsn and


  • Elliotte Friedman tweeted that "only explanation is they are making another move. Both Flames and Rangers could use Jokinen's $5.25 million in cap space after this year."

    I'm not sure I understand what he's getting at – a trade trifecta?? Is another one coming down the pipe?

    This one has me scratching my head. Two more years of Kotalik??

    • Can't quite wrap my head around this one. If Eklund had this rumor. I'm sure it would've got laughed at and mocked. I laughed at Oil fans that wanted to re-sign Kotalik. I sure hope he isn't a part of the Flames plans. Perhaps they flip him…

      Oh… and what I think Elliote was getting at – why not have Jokinen now, and his 5.25 cap space in the summer (when he comes off the books), rather than Kotalik @ 3mil for 2 more years.

      • I think Sutter has finally figured out that they way elite teams stay competitive every year is not having as many big contracts. He's following Jersey's model of a couple of key guys making money but rounding out most of the squad with guys making 2-3 million bucks. Even if they are longer term deals he still has the cap flexibility because if he wants to move them they are more likely to be picked up without huge money contracts and if they have to put them on waivers there is a better chance that they will be picked up thus saving the cap hit.

        Plus the Flames do well enough financially that eating half of a 3M contract (assuming a vet gets picked up on waivers etc.)isn't that huge.

        I wonder if it makes sense to shake up 4 of your top nine skaters though. Not sure there is enough time to get everybody settled with Detroit nipping at the Flames' heels.