The new guy reports to work


Sometimes life forces you to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Sometimes you lend your mortal enemy a hammer and nails only to see him build himself a weapon of mass destruction and come back and kick your ass. As he is smashing you with his newly built AM-RAM missile battery, you find yourself wondering why you gave him the tools that were ultimately used to give you a sound thrashing. You also wonder how he was able to forge steel and build an active warhead delivery system using only a hammer and nails but it is around this time you usually black out.

With that in mind we are very pleased to introduce our newest contributor to the FlamesNation: Pat Steinberg of the Fan 960 Calgary’s Sports Radio. Those living in Southern Alberta will recognize Steinberg as the host of the Flames’ post game shows and contributor at all hours of the day on Calgary Radio.

In a negotiation that can only be described as "lengthy" "intriciate" and "filled with intrigue" the deal has finally been inked, closed, solled and rolled and Steinberg will be contributing on a regular basis, bringing you the latest news, insider access to the locker room and all the internet arm wrestling you care to endure. A dedicated twitter fiend, Steinberg can be followed here."

We had the chance to have a chat with Pat earlier today and the conversation went something like this:

Wanye: Hey Pat, whatchu about huh? HUH?

Steinberg: "I’m Calgary born and raised and grew up as a huge sports fan. Because I wasn’t raised in a sports crazy household I was never a huge fan of any one team. Instead, I just grew up as a huge sports fan and I follow more teams, sports and leagues than I care to mention. I’ve been working at the FAN 960 in Calgary for a long while and really getting talking shop with Flames fans, because it’s a damn passionate fan base who bring a lot of passion to the discussion."

Wanye: You pumped up to be here on FlamesNation? Huh? HUH?

Steinberg: "I’m jacked to join FlamesNation. Interacting with Flames fans is awesome and this site will be a great way to chat with fans. From my experience, Flames fans are ready to debate everything and anything with this team. We were having passionate discussions about a line of Prust-Sjostrom-Nystrom at the beginning of the year and I think things will stay hot all year long as the Flames battle for a playoff spot."

Wanye: What can we expect from you on the site Pat Steinberg? Huh? HUH?

Steinberg: "You can expect honest opinions about this team, coming at it from a hockey fan who gets some pretty good access before and after games. I’m not an expert, I’m not an insider. Instead, I’m a guy who watches and observes and forms an opinion from there."

Wanye: You realize that as a Flames expert you and I are mortal enemies.

Steinberg: "Bring it. Are you even a real person?"

Welcome to the team new guy. Bring beer to all of the meetings.