Around the league – Feb 4, 2010

The Leafs, Flames, Ducks and Rangers got a head start on trade deadline day with some big names and bigger contracts being moved. It’s interesting to note that only the Flames are in a playoff spot, albeit it barely, at the moment.


Cautious Optimism

Calgary was a little better on Wednesday night taking a 4-1 win over the Carolina Hurricanes.  In fact, Calgary was MUCH better in a lot of ways. But… maybe the whole "wait and see" mantra is still a good one to have. Yes, Calgary played great, but I’m cautious for two separate reasons.

Flames v. Hurricanes Postgame: Take that, Ric Flair

Calgary Flames: 4 — Glencross (3) [EN], Matt Stajan [GWG] Carolina Hurricanes: 1 — Eric Staal NOTE: This post was written twice, as the first one disappeared into interwebmysteryland. I missed this one. I am MAD! Not only was it not on TV, but I worked late too. Aaaaannd, I missed out on a road-trip…