It’s getting a liiiiiitle old, this script the Calgary Flames have played by, isn’t it? Once again, for the umpteenth time this season, the opposing team scored more than one goal and the Calgary Flames lost. They scored the first goal, had chances to score more, but an opposing team stuck around and was able to burn the Calgary Flames… this time it’s Dallas, taking a 3-1 win on ‘Dome ice.

The big topic was whether or not a no-goal call late to tie things was right or wrong. From the replays I saw, and I’m not saying I saw every single angle, but I saw that it clearly wasn’t a goal. Inside the Stars locker room, goalie Marty Turco said the exact same thing… but what would you expect him to say?

The interesting part was Niklas Hagman, who said in the Flames locker room and in the FAN 960 postgame show that he DID see the puck go in… that he clearly saw it an inch behind the line. But to me, the refs made the right call — it wasn’t a goal from everything I saw.

But I loved Hagman after saying all that. Basically, he said, "You know, that’s hockey, sometimes singular bounces don’t go your way. But it shouldn’t have come down to that, we shouldn’t have been in that situation, and we need to bury when we have the chance."

That’s a paraphrase, but basically what he told us inside the room. That’s the right attitude, no question. But you wonder when or if anything changes.

Look, there’s no question Calgary lacks finish right now. They did some good things in this game. Even though they weren’t as strong in the final half of the game as they were, say, in the first period, they still were generating opportunities and some scoring chances. Head Coach Brent Sutter said it in his postgame address, when asked if this was similar to the lack of push shown in the final frame of the Ottawa game. He didn’t see it that way, and said his team was still doing some good things, even in the third period where they were outscored 2-0. But it seems as if the coach is as baffled as we all are at the lack of finish on some of these chances.

And what do you do? I could clearly be wrong, and I’d love to hear what you think, but do the Flames really have the pieces to acquire that BIG fish to try and really jumpstart the offence? I just don’t see it. The big moves made were moves that addressed some offensive balance, but you have to score to be balanced.

It very well may come down to the guys in that locker room right now…at least for this season. There may be no cure-all trade or solution. It may really come down to the players assembled now to have to work themselves out of this funk, and there’s no guarantee that will happen. But trying to see if it WILL happen may be the only option left, or the most desirable one right now for the team.

Last night, I took 3 hours of calls from frustrated fans. And it seems the overwhelming sentiment is being resigned to the fact that this is becoming routine for the team. That’s a problem, but no one seems to really know what the fix to that problem is.

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  • This is the same free-fall we have seen the last two years, just earlier in the season. Maybe not as severe…..but just the same. I wonder if the Flames play a style of game that they just can not play for 84 games? Are they just plain Suttered out? Poor Jerome has now played for Three Sutters and a Keenan. Am I out to lunch?

    • Yeah, but Ryan…if it's the same free fall we've seen, is it really them being Suttered out? I just don't see this as being on Brent Sutter…there's a few things at work here…

      1. They haven't been consistent all season
      2. When the are playing consistent hockey, they still have a ton of trouble finishing, which leads into…
      3. There's got to be a lack of offesnive confidence compounding the fact that the Flames aren't the most skilled team ever.

  • Im looking forward to Jarome Iginla playing on a third line where he is expected to play like Jarome Iginla circa before he started modeling his game after Alexander Semin. Maybe that will light a fire in him that can help provide some actual leadership and grit to the rest of the squad heading into spring. I thought Alex Kovalev outmuscling Iggy in the corner the other night was embarrasing but then Mike Ribeiro scored on a faceoff.

  • Its unfair to blame these one goal performances squarely on the shoulders of Jarome, I know. Those assists in the Ottawa game were pretty. His time with Cammy really brought his set up game up. Happy to see him and Staj having some chemistry. But it just seems like Iggy has forgot what made him the elite player he's known as. Ig used to take the puck into the corner just to lose his man. It was awesome. Now he seems like he's lacking the drive and fire he once had. I wouldnt blame it on age cause he's still young and in amazing shape, hes just not the same guy

  • The problem is simple, and we all know it, and Im surprised nobody is getting it.

    You all should read more.

    Anyways: Since 04, when the team got screwed outta the Cup and the franchise decided it had to get the Cup for the fans, GM Sutter has been trying to get someone for Iggy to play with.

    Tangs trade, Cammo trade, even the Bourque trade, all trades to get some more talent on this team to play with Iggy. Then what does GM Sutter do this year? Signs a J-Blow to cover the ass of his other 6.5 million defencemen, Dion. That means Iggy wasnt even given the chance to make someone 5 million or more the way he made Tangs money and Cams money.

    You cant win in this league with one guy in your forwards. You need at least two, and hopefully three or four. And we got one, in Iggy, and if he has a bad year, like this year, then we have none.

    GM Sutter is going to have to bite the bullet and pay someone the 7-8 million dollars that it costs to get a scorer. Period. We will not win unless we can score. People point to NJ, but NJ has a bucketload of more offensive talent than the Flames do.

    We arent winning for the same reasons the Lions dont win.