Olympic Chit Chat Day 1 Recap


Per the demands of such luminaries as Archaeologuy and RossCreek "(Make) and a daily general Olympic blog … then those who don’t really care don’t have to read through a bunch of comments they otherwise wouldn’t." Your wish is our command: here is your very first OCC article for these here Olympiads.

Don’t let it be said that we can’t turn on a dime here at the Nation and deliver what you ask for. It’s like that time the Nations turned into that LOST chat room for several days back in June 2009. Weren’t those heady days? What was the smoke monster doing in Kate’s tent? We never did find out did we? Huh? HUH?

*nudge, nudge*

Because real life (read: the depressing NHL seasons in Edmonton and Calgary) will continue during these here games, we will toss up an OCC every day for people to dissect the latest Pairs Figure Skating scandal or what have you. Those who want to talk about the Canadian Men’s Ice Hockey Games will be able to on OGDBs which will launch game days.

Everyone who wants to talk strictly NHL Ice Hockey play will also be able to get their fill as all the writers will continue to write about whatever the hell they want on any given day.

Which includes us too, and we wuv the Owympics:

Now we don’t have the brains of a TSN analyst crew, descending on the games in 45 black Apache Helicopters fyling in perfect formation and invisible on Radar. And we certainly don’t have the opposible thumbs required to do any actual research into what is happening in any other sport save the Men’s Ice Hockey. But we do watch an incredible amount of Olympic Coverage and we do like to yell and scream on the interwebs.

As such we will start out the Olympic conversation each day with some light hearted observances and sharp criticisms of what we have seen.

We will start out with sincere condolences to the entire Games and the Republic of Georgia over the death of Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili. That is just a horrific crash and we really have to wonder if it has been necessary to show the footage over and over on all of the TV networks.

To us, this is a terrible accident in a sport that seems mind bogglingly dangerous for all involved. The fact we have seen footage of the crash a half dozen times since is disrespectful to the memory of Kumaritashvili and to the Republic of Georgia, not to mention the other Lugers who probably fly down the track on the edge of sanity to begin with.

On a lighter note, these Opening Ceremonies couldn’t have been more hilarious. Technical failures, the best entertainers Canada has to offer awkwardly dragged on stage using their Patriotism as a leash, random people running along side Gretzky in the back of a truck while he wondered "how on earth did I find something more demeaning to do than Coach the Coyotes?"

It was just grand in our opinion. Between all of the hilariousnessity we thought the ceremony was actually quite wonderful. We don’t get to see Canadians being Patriotic more than once or twice every 4 years, so seeing the Flags come out warmed the very cockles of our heart.

It has been great to settle back into the Olympic TV watching routine that we last dusted off back in 2006. Our day has been filled with "Normal Jump" ski jumping so far. We have already become an instant expert, thumbing our nose at anything less than a 105 metre jump and laughing heartily at anyone who isn’t part of the juggernaut Swiss program. Especially the Austrians and their awful 102 metre jumping.

What is this? The World Championship qualifiers back in ’09? Just wait till the top 15 arrive on the scene, well rested from their bye in the Qualifying round.

Then you’ll see some action.

As a final query: Who’s bright idea was it to throw the Greatest Canadian since John A MacDonald into the back of a white GMC fleet pickup truck, drive him to Whistler and back while he was deluged with driving rain while trying to look happy and wave to the dozens of fans who lined his 1,678 km route to light the outdoor torch?

Poor Wayne, he always is put through hell by people. For the millionth time in our lives we salute you again Sir.

  • can somebody tell me why the fck we wouldn't of claimed lundmark of waivers and the leafs do ??? hmm a 6 ft 200 pound center that is from edmonton that would of cost us nothing, anybody who has watched the flames has seen this kid and he has a good upside and frankly is better then any of the centers we currently have ( yea i am lookin at you horcoff ) tamby is just a stumbling mr dithers ….what a joke we have become…..

    • Nesquik

      Maybe because Lundmark is a UFA at season end, is 29 and has been said to have good upside for 10 years without showing he can be consistently good at the NHL level. Not to mention the worst plus/ minus on the team in a third of the games played. I am sure we have enough players like that to go around. I am all for critical realism about our GM, but lets not just lynch him for fun.

      But this is an Olympic thread so tough luck for Jenn Heil, though she would take it.

      • i agree about jenny hail, tough run, but at least she didnt fall like the other chick…and shes hot….heres 3 of our current outstanding crop of centers….o sully -29 36 % face off…..horcoff – 31 47 % face off neilson -21 0 % faceoffs…picking up a center who has 9 pts in 21 games and 49 % facoffs, with very limited time playing behind a team stacked with centers couldn't of hurt, we have a bunch of smurfs that can't check anybody and can't win a face off, how could it hurt to try out a 6 ft 200 pd center for the next 23 games…….

  • m3sh

    Well we got a silver… Heil was ooh so close.

    WTF is up with not giving them the actual medals at the podium and just some "flower" ceremony where they don't seem to give them anything except palm fronds? Weak.

  • I think Oilympic announcers have to take a physiology course called "Lactic Acid and its Many Functions." And nothing else.

    Anything else going on inside that body?

    Hey, the starter gun is a laser pistol! More like, 2100 Vancouver Oilympics. I crack me up.

  • Jamie B.

    Props, Jenn Heil. Props.

    Props to the American girl too, that was a great run. *grumble mumble stupid Americans …*

    Those marshmallow chairs they make them sit in are hilarious. Just chilling in third until someone beats you, then it's all "you are the weakest link," gtfo.