GDFD No. 63: Oh. Oh Darryl no

Welcome to the Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 63rd game of the season on March 3, 2010.

So these are the Flames going forward. How you feelin’ about them?

What’s that you say? You’re feeling worse today than you were yesterday? Samesies on this end. And that brings us to tonight’s game, which Miikka Kiprusoff will be starting, backed up by… Matt Keetley? Never heard of that guy. On the other hand, the good news is that Steve Staios will not be available for tonight’s game, so that’s one less game with him on the roster.

Look, I’m not some kind of stat genius like Kent who knows all about quality of competition and shot plus-minus per 60 minutes or whatever they’ll think of next (I’m waiting for someone to write a book about hockey that’s like Baseball Between the Numbers so I can start to understand these mathematical concepts, but alas). I do, however, still know plenty about hockey, and certainly enough to understand that Darryl Sutter was on the wrong end of the kind of trades that get rejected by the computer in NHL 10, and that caused opposing GMs to say, "Hey Darryl can I put you on hold for a sec?" before breaking out into uproarious, ROFLMFAO-type hysterics.

Looking at these deals, I honestly don’t know what the plan is any more. The team still has huge problems putting the actual puck in the actual net, and in its own zone. None of these trades address that, or do anything close to it. Hell, even in terms of picks, the Flames gave up a mid-round third and got a slightly-later-round fourth back.

Oh yeah, the Wild tonight. That should be a riot, huh? I heard the Flames are giving away paper bags to the first 10,000 fans tonight so they don’t have to be seen watching this… thing. However, if said fans are smart, they will ask to swap out paper for plastic.

*remembers he has tickets to the Flames/Bruins game in Boston later this month* Oh hell. 


The Calgary Flames (30-23-9 for 69 points. Ninth in the West, third in the Northwest) and the Minnesota Wild (30-27-4 for 64 points. Thirteenth in the West, fourth in the Northwest).


8 p.m. Mountain time and 10 p.m. Eastern time. All other time zones should look at Sutter Frog.


Pengrowth Saddledome, Calgary, Alberta.

Calgary is 15-14-3 at home this year, which is a dazzling number. The Wild are 9-19-2 on the road, but one of those wins came in….. you guessed it: Calgary.

What (to hate about the Wild)

Their GM didn’t trade for Vesa Toskala today — No, he actually entered the season with two goalies with whom he was comfortable. What a novel concept!

Their GM didn’t trade for Steve Staios today — Seriously, what the hell, man?

Their GM isn’t Darryl Sutter — Ohhhhh that explains it.


Because after this one the season will be incrementally closer to its conclusion. Enjoy the game and cry yourself to sleep in the comments section.

  • Take a breath will ya?

    I know we dont have time in theory…but give this 10 games. Either we are in a playoff spot and things are starting to roll, or were not, and then start banging your drum. Lets all face it….I remember hearing Ken King talk about a "Different kind of arangment that is unlike any other in the leauge" talking about Sutter. He is not going anywhere…anytime soon.

  • I'm torn today: for the longest time I used to subscribe to the 'In Sutter We Trust' theory but the more moves he makes, the more I'm starting to question my faith.

    Daryl seems to have a sort of Jedi-like talent to convince GMs they don't want the players they have and that they want the crappy players WE have. That being said, I didn't see any of that Jedi type duping today. I don't really like any of the trades that happened this afternoon but my interest has been piqued. Toskala isn't great but neither was C-Mac so like Kent said in his earlier piece, that's moot. As far as the other major trade goes: (I can't comment on the Boyd one because we got essentially nothing for him) either he sees something he really likes in Staios or he's gone completely off the deep end.

    I'm hoping it's not the latter but I'm not entirely convinced.

    My only thought is maybe he's working to something big in the off-season and just needed to get all the pieces before the deadline hit. However, that's about as far as my guessing gets me…

  • RCN

    Honestly, I don't mind the acquisition of Steve Staios. I really don't. If it was a 4th rounder heading to Edmonton instead of a 3rd, maybe I'd even like the deal itself. I kind of think Darryl got things backward. He should've sent 4th to EDM & received a 3rd from NSH.

    With the reaction thus far, I'm finding myself as one of the least negative toward the day as time goes on.


    • RCN

      If Sutter can make Sarich's 2 years @ 3.6 disappear this summer, thus essentially replacing him with 1 year of Staios @ 2.7, isn't that a good thing (at least if you think Sarich is indeed done and not just suffering through injuries). Perhaps Sutter targeted Staios as Sarich's replacement (cheaper, less term #5D) and just hasn't followed through with phase 2 of the plan yet. Given Sarich's contract & Sutter's desire for depth on D, I'm not surprised Sarich didn't move today, but maybe he has some value at the draft?

      So IF… then is it okay?

      • Not really. Getting rid of Sarich is fine, but then absent Staios the Flames would have $3.6M to play with and perhaps get a superior player or two. Say, for example, Dan Hamhuis. Or he could have spent X on a depth defender and then the rest on, say, a contract for Higgins.

        Instead, we're stuck with Staios, a 36 year old 3rd pairing guy who is guaranteed not to be worth the money.

    • RCN

      Toskala as Nabokov's backup worked. I assume Kipper & Toskala are tight. With Brent not telling Vesa he's terrible everyday at practice (like Ron Wilson pretty much did on a regular basis in Toronto & San Jose), perhaps he settles in as a reliable backup. I'm so full of "perhaps'" and "maybe's" right now…