Flames Nation Round-up


As I’m having a tough time writing any material that isn’t dreadfully depressing or sharply sarcastic, I figured it was time to take a tour of the Flames-o-sphere and share some of the stuff I’ve come across.

– First off, fledgling Flames Blog The 4th Line has added frequent M&G commenter Justin Azevedo to the roster. Airk and Justin will be posting answers to "7 questions of interest and intrigue!" (title created by me) as they receive them. Highlight so far?

 5.) If the Flames had a 9 game losing streak, what ritual would you perform to regain the favor of the hockey gods?

Slaughter some livestock on the Sutter’s family farm.

– The guys at Domebeers swear at the Flames for losing to Detroit. And then at those who have it out for Darryl Sutter. Then they decide that Sutter should probably be fired anyways. It’s a confusing time for Flames fans.

This article from The Hockey News suggests that Brent Sutter’s gruff, demanding style may have turned the players off this season. The real gem from the link is actually in the comments, however, where one mr. (or mrs.) sundowning declares that:

Dude, Sutter is the problem, his constant whinning to the media as well, and rape face jokinen is just as big a concern the guy is terrible on a team that expects him to lead in scoring.

The one thing Olli Jokinen did inspire in Flames fan circles (besides contempt) was creative nickname creation, to be sure. 

– Hayley Mutch from Join the Rush has a good article on the state of the Flames coaching as well. She includes the aforementioned THN article plus an in-depoth back-and-forth I had this summer with SBN’s head Devils writers Joe Fischer. Also, expect to see Hayley pop-up elsewhere very soon.

– The Flames Insiders held a live chat this afternoon where John Down and Scott Cruickshank bravely faced the demands for answers from all-and-sundry. There are no obvious solutions, of course, but take a stroll through the chat if you want to see that, yes, everyone is bloody frustrated right now. Also, a lot of people think Backlund should be playing. 

– Finally, stats wizard Dirk Hoag put up a list of the NHL’s least valuable players today. Coming in at #7 is Calgary’s newest $2.7M defender, Mr. Steve Staios. His impact at 5on5, penalty killing, penalty differential and probably even concession sales in the concourse was negative across the board. But remember, he’s "gritty".

That’s it for this week. Feel free to add your own links and such in the comments.