The injuries mount

The Calgary Flames get set for the San Jose Sharks tonight in another crucial game in their bid to remain in the Western Conference playoff hunt. Now, with 12 games remaining this season, the injuries start to pile up a little more than perhaps the Flames and their fans would like. For a third straight game, Chris Higgins will not play with a lower body injury while Curtis Glencross will miss his first game with a similarly vague lower body ailment.

Higgins was injured on Sunday in a game against Vancouver while Glencross left Wednesday’s game in Colorado in the third period. As such, Mikael Backlund will return to the Flames lineup tonight, playing on the 4th line with Eric Nystrom and Jamal Mayers. The other three lines stay much the same:

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Bourque – Stajan – Iginla
Hagman – Langkow – Kotalik
Dawes – Conroy – Moss

Neither HIggins nor Glencross was anywhere to be found at morning skate today, and it’s believed that both players will be on the sidelines for the next while. Obviously, that’s about all anyone knows, as injury tidbits are a little hard to come by around here. Both injuries are unfortunate, especially for Calgary’s penalty kill.

Glencross has been a mainstay on the PK all year, and has shown an ability to be an offensive threat shorthanded. Plus, he’s speedy and can get to loose pucks. Higgins has been good on the PK as well, in fact really good. Before getting injured, he was leading Calgary forwards in shorthanded times in most games.

In terms of the PK, I thought David Moss did a really good job in the third period of Wednesday’s game against Colorado. We know Rene Bourque is one of the better PK guys on this team. Still, it’s injured regulars at the most crucial time of year. I guess this is why the Flames were so cautious with Backlund and not sending him down.

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  • From what I've seen Backlund looks like he's got a better skillset, but Boyd was a little more comfortable playing at this level. Regardless, Boyd was given away for reasons that are questionable at the least, and absolutely idiotic at worst.

  • hmmmm…. i think i see where this is going…..

    one of the top line guys (let's say bourque) will go out tonight on a huge, clean hit by "the big swede," nic wallin… the lines will get shuffled and mcG will draw in on sunday…. in THAT game, sarich will block a shot and we'll see pardy dress on tuesday, where hagman will head to the dressing room after an ugly knee-on-knee with corey perry… enter jaffray for the islanders match where we'll lose (sniff) gio on an indisputably dirty doug weight headshot. kronwall will get the callup for the flames v. bruins, and mcG will go out when lucic breaks his hand on grats' orbital bone (too bad nobody will see it cause it's a PPV)…. higgins will return in washington where toskala will take a puck in the face leclaire styles (the headline will read "flames' backup takes semin shot in the eye") and we'll bring up shantz to mind the gate…. bored yet ?

    lets see…. at month's end lombo will get his final revenge on the flames when he beats iggy to the icing call; our captain will go hard into the boards to end his season… johnny armstrong will get the nod and play just shy of a full period in colorado before re-injuring his everything, so chucko will get his last shot at making the bigs with the flames (before being traded and turning into a superstar) against the blackhawks on april 4th. that same game, in a totally freak play, nystrom will lose both an edge and his helmet, opening the door for bourque's triumphant return against the sharks at home two days later (where he'll go out yet again on another huge, clean hit by "the big swede," nic wallin)… brett sutter will hop a flight from abby to play against the wild, and accidentally injure robyn regehr following a mixup at the bench… keith seabrook (not to be mistaken for keith and seabrook) will suit up in a flaming c for the first time, in the last game of the year, where the flames' regulation loss will leave them in 9th spot, one point behind dustin boyd and the eighth place preds…

    anyhow, if it doesn't go EXACTLY like that, then darryl sutter had better not blame "all of the injuries" for his team not making the postseason.

    [apologies….. i need an effin' job]

  • Bob Cobb

    Oh Boo Hoo, You can complain when you have lost close to 400 man games due to injuries, not when you've lost 2 guys with 11 games to go in a season. If you had lost your leading scorer, 2 of your top 4 defenceman, your starting goaltending, and had numerous other guys out for extending periods of time you would have something to bitch about, till than shut it cause nobody cares.