GDFD 75: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

If there’s a silver lining to the Flames current predicament, it’s that all anxieties have been removed from the remaining games. No more do Flames fans have to worry about line combinations, injuries, the out-of-town scoreboard, etc. Each game can now be enjoyed as an event unto itself*. Stand out performances can be celebrated in isolation. Stinkers can be immediately forgotten. Games can now be singular without relation to prior results or future consequences. It’s just hockey now folks – mean, fast, hard, fun.

Not that that’s going to help the club sell a lot of Pay Per Views on a Saturday morning in the spring time, but that’s not my concern either. Commenters are already beginning to wonder if Darryl Sutter is on the hot seat. I’m guessing the bundle the organization will no doubt lose on the broadcast today will be one of things that gets the owners attention.

*(To this end, I will be attending a Flames blogosphere get-together at Flames Central today with Walk Invisible, Justin Azevedo and whoever else cares to show up.)

Anyways, as for the Bruins, this game means a lot more to them as they are still battling for their playoff lives in the East with just 2 more points than the 9th paced Atlanta Thrashers. Now there’s a team you wouldn’t want ousting you from the post-season…

And if you’re surprised that Boston hasn’t been able to replicate their success from last year you shouldn’t be. Lady luck graced the Bruins with her favor last season. Unfortunately, she’s a fickle broad so she abandoned the brown shirts this year in order to cavort with her new lover – the Colorado Avalanche. 

With analysis and the season rapidly dissolving into irrelevancy, I’ve decided to forgoe the rest of the GD thread format. If you do make it out to a bar or (bafflingly) decide to purchase the PPV, enjoy the game for what it is. Or go outside and enjoy the fine weather. Either way, really.