It’s Over


For those who still had any hope, a 5-0 drubbing to the Boston Bruins in what can now be described as the Flames’ last must-win game of the season, "IT’S OVER, IT’S OVER NOW, MOVE OVER… THE FLAMES SHUT DOWN, SORRY!"

Nice effort boys. I always like when I get to leave work early, too. Enjoy the sunny beaches, the green golf courses, the beautiful broads and the finest liquors $7 million can buy.


*ppv record on the year: 0-5-3*

Dion Phaneuf, upon learning of today’s loss*


*not really

  • RCN


    "We're not done. We have 7 games, we can get to 97 points." – Iggy

    Riiiiiiiiiiite. A team that lost 2 must-win games in a row is now gonna run the table. That's rich, Jarome. Not $7 million rich, mind you, but rich nonetheless. YAOWA!

  • Jean Lefebvre

    On the bright side for Flames fans, there's no longer any reason to dread the Washington game.

    Also, it would be interesting to know what the buy rate was for the PPV today.

  • Why is Sutter hockey so boring?

    The players are who they are because Darryl has been GM for nearly seven years. Bad drafts, bad trades. The coaches have all been Darryl's picks. Time to clean house and fire anyone named Sutter.

  • RCN

    So CBC's Hotstove with Milbury, Healy & Morrisson say Flames President Ken King may be fired; suggest Bob Nicholson could be his replacement and also suggest Steve Yzerman could be Darryl Sutter's replacement as the Flames next GM!

  • This Ken King stuff isnt warranted. He has nothing to do with the hockey side of operations. Nothing. The dude is the head marketer for the Flames, and in case you had not noticed, there has probably been nobody better at that in the entire NHL post lockout.

    When people like Milbury et al say fire Ken King, it makes me think they have no clue about the Flames. The problem with the organization isnt with advertisement buy rates, its with the hockey side, and that is Darryls. But Milbury is Darryls boy, so he wont say fire him, he says fire the guy who has sold more jerseys than anybody in hockey.

    Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

    • RCN

      Milbury actually called Darryl out for "throwing his player's under the bus" because he said his top player's haven't performed up to snuff in the last 2 games.

      Healy suggested King could be fired, and Morrisson is the one that pointed out rumors of Nicholson & Yzerman coming in.

      Fact of the matter is, if ownership wants Darryl out and King stands by his man, BOTH could be on the way out. IMO, I could see BOTH out before I can see just Darryl out.

      Don't mistake this for ME saying that I think Ken King should be fired.

      Furthermore, I like Peter Loubardias a hell of a lot better than Kevin Quinn and some of the other clowns out there. Roger Millions, for instance, was quite terrible. Charlie Simmer! Pfft… may as well have Charlie Pride

  • RCN

    Ya, people all heard what I heard……..Mike Milbury starting a rumour on national TV that he doesn't have any source to back up…..just an airhead talking. Why take it so seriously?

    Who care what these guys "think" should happen. Only the Flames ownership group really knows what they will do and I'm pretty sure they aren't letting Milbury in on their plans!

    As far as the long-term success Phaneuf goes…..
    maybe he'll do better once he figures out which end of the ice is the most important and stop taking himself out of position trying to hit guys 60 feet from where the play is. But I for one wasn't going to wait for him to figure those things out… intellectual he is not!