Around the League – Picking the winners

With just over two weeks remaining in the season, the push for the playoffs and home-ice advantage is on. The race for the playoffs isn’t that exciting unless you are a Flames fan and you died a slow death last night watching the Avs and Wings win.


Keep an Eye on…Frans Nielsen?

  While the Islanders have been a bad team for awhile, they do have a couple of name players worth noting: Former #1 pick John Tavares; former first rounder Kyle Okposo; the impressive Mark Streit; the emerget Matt Moulson.


Flames Nation Roundup

It’s time for another weekly installment for the Flames Nation roundup, where I tour around the ‘sphere and share the Flames-centric stories that catch my interest.

They just keep you hangin’ on

So here we are, the Calgary Flames sit two points out of the final playoff spot in the Western Conference with nine games to go this season. It’s funny, though, after all the negative calls I’ve take on The FAN 960’s Overtime, the Flames are still in much the same place they were to start…

Hagman Leads the Charge

Well, the Flames aren’t going to go gently into that good night. Still alive after the 3-1 win over the Ducks yesterday, the post-season chances increased to about 20% – though at this point quoting the percentages is a bit like C-3P0 noting the odds of successfully flying through an asteroid field I think.

Flames Versus Ducks Liveblog

Flames Versus Ducks Liveblog Join myself and Jean Lefebvre as we liveblog what may be the last meaningful Flames game of the season. Laughs will be had! Tears will be shed! Snark will be unleashed! Whatever happens, we aim to have some fun.


Time becoming a factor

Let the record show that Brent Sutter went to the backup goalie well once too often. Vesa Toskala had sparkling numbers in his first three appearances with the Calgary Flames but Sunday afternoon in Minnesota, he looked very much like the guy who was run out of Toronto.


A Series of unlikely outcomes

  In a season of underwhelming performances, questionable decisions and just plain bad luck, last night was a bit of a departure from the 2009-10 script for the Flames. Calgary entered the evening one point back of the eighth place Detroit Red Wings for the final playoff position in the west. Unfortunately, the Flames were…