Flames and Wild Duke it out in a final, heart-wrenching barn-burner

While the game wasn’t important or interesting or entertaining on any level, I can say that…

Ahhh forget it. The Flames lost 2-1 in a shoot-out.

More post-mortems and analysis coming up.

    • OilFan

      Really, I guess making it into the playoffs is good enough. According to last time I checked we have been in the cup final more times then the flames have made it past the first round.

      P.S You guys have and always will be terrible. I find it pathetic to watch lamer games with no scoring . The Flames have less goals then the Oilers this year ( yes , with all the injuries and AHL players ). You guys really do suck.

      I made a edit. I didn't want to make it personal. Just hockey fans ripping on each other. GO OIL GO

  • Puritania

    Us oiler fans are rolling around in draft picks over here, it's nice to have that cushion after a terrible year. You guys must be stoked with all your draft picks this year to overhaul an overhyped franchise. Oh wait……eep sorry guys I forgot.

    The past is filled with cups in Oilcity, not so much in cowtown.

    The future is bright in Oilcity, not so much in cowtown.

  • Puritania

    Seriously, Oiler fans, whatever might happen in the hockey world, you guys live in the armpit of Canada as far as urban centres go. You are Calgary, but with huge drug problems, more violent crime, and a waaaaaaaay uglier city. In fact, I can say from personal experience that your general populace is less attractive as well. Must be all that inbreeding.

    And I know you live there because no one who wasn't a complete idiot (e.g. Edmontonian) would cheer for the Oilers. YOUR CITY SUCKS, YOUR HOCKEY TEAM WAS GOOD TWENTY YEARS AGO, AND NOBODY LIKES YOU. GET BENT.

  • OilFan

    I'm not a smack talking fan – if any other team, don't care which, gets knocked out of the playoffs, I don't run over to their places of discussion and poke around like a retard. That kind of stuff irritates me, and it's juvenile as fstupidlanguagerulesuck.

  • Puritania

    Now now. Let's take a step back and relax. Oiler fans and Flames fans shouldn't be arguing right now. We will always have our issues, but its time to put our differences aside for the time being. What we need to understand is that for the next two months, we are all Albertans. And we have an enemy far more infuriating to the west: the Canucks. Unite, my Albertan brethren. Together we shall stand in cheering against Vancouver. At the end of the day, we have the one thing that will silence each and every one of their attempts to insult not only our teams, but our cities and province. That one thing we will always have that they don't is a Stanley Cup. Oiler Fans, I ask for a Truce. No trolling for the rest of the playoffs, unless it is to share in our glee when Vancouver is eliminated.

  • Puritania

    The timing is actually a coincidence, I wanted to check out the flamesnation as I haven't been here before.

    egos seem a little fragile over here, It's okay though the Oil have had a sh*t year too. Maybe both teams can have a few rounds together on the links.

      • Puritania

        Jury's still out on that one, Tambo has a lot to prove next year. The guy has been "Evaluating" the team ever since he took over. I don't think a whole lot of the Oiler faithful have very much faith in him right now. Time will tell I supose.

  • House

    To Rod Blogojevich;

    You have truly struck a chord in the frustration that is felt by a Flames' fan that has to endure living in Vancouver. Is Vancouver a beautiful city? Yes. Are the people here friendly? Sure. But how are the Vancouver Canuck Hockey Fans???

    April 11th, 2004. Game 3 of the Western Conference Quarter Finals.

    Myself in attendance with few of my Flames' brethren. As soon as Kipper's skate hits the ice, a fountain of beer gets thrown into our small section of red, including remnants of someone's hot-dog. A Flames fan of an ethnic minority wearing the beloved red #12 jersey is given a shower of racist comments. And, to top it off, while leaving GM Place, a Flames fan (back then of the tender age of 8 years old) was driven to tears by chants of "Hey little Fl*mer".

    To-date, the fans here have not changed one iota. Similar to English Soccer Hooligans, they feel the need to make Flames fans (regardless of age, ethnicity, etc) miserable.
    I am continuously surprised with the acidic verbiage that Canuck fans have and the complete disrespect not only to our team, but the Wild Rose Province in general.

    As a Flames' fan from Day One, do I hate the Canucks?? Actually, no. But how can I even begin to cheer for them in the Playoffs given their fans' (frankly) in-humane and hateful attitude about everything Calgarian??

    At the end of the day, this is a sport – albeit a sport that we all love passionately (maybe too passionately at times), but does that include permission to throw the lack of common respect and decency out the window????

    Seems as if the 'new' NHL has given birth to the 'new' racism as far as Canuck fans are involved.

  • House


    Yes there are times when Flames and Oilers fans must put aside our differences and do what we need to do to preserve our once proud histories that Vancouver has never enjoyed. The Oilers of the 80s were the greatest team ever assembled, and the Flames, although a fantastic team themselves, were always "second best" until breaking through and winning a Cup in '89. Vancouver has never won the Cup, and will always resort to calling us Albertans "Inbred Hicks" and "Bible thumping Rednecks" and "Tobacco chewing SUV driving Pilsner Guzzling Conservative Tools" as they sit on their pedestals. But we will always be able to say "Win a Cup, ya doofus" and they have to back down. If the Canucks ever win one, we will lose that argument and have to put up with a whole new level of Canuck Retards. Perhaps the Hate of Alberta can help make them lose. Today, we are Albertans, not Flames fans or Oilers fans.