Flames Press Conference and the Week Ahead

The Calgary Flames will be holding a press conference at 1pm today. Tune into the fan960 for coverage and make sure to head back to FlamesNation for Pat Steinberg’s take. There’s no indication of what will be announced, although my money is on "excuse making and status quo".

This week will also feature more post-mortems including my take on Brent Sutter and the Flames roster this season, more than one Jarome Iginla post as well as TLP’s player grades. Stay tuned!

  • "The Oilers have announced the trade of Sheldon Souray to the Calgary Flames for Mikael Backlund and the Flames next first round pick in 2011.

    The Flames have announced the firing of Darryl Sutter as a result."

  • Nice graphic. We actually used to play a game at poker called "Iraqi Information Minister". Its a little more complex, but the basic gist of the game was that all your cards are dealt face up and then you are expected to bluff. Funny, I never saw Ken King of Darryl at any of those games…

  • Apparently it's just a question and answer session. No major announcements.

    "Mr. King. Why did this team fail like it did."

    "Only the media considers this season a failure."

    "Why did you spend so much money on a non-playoff team then?"

    "You clearly don't understand the salary cap."

    "Why doesn't my mom make muffins anymore?"

    "Maybe you didn't learn to truly appreciate how good her muffins were?"


  • Hilarious Kent. Apparently the home record and not the lack of scoring is the reason the whole thing went down the pooper. These guys are unbelievable. It must be nice to be a Lightning fan…plus they won in '04. Lol.

    • Like I've said before…listening to Darryl Sutter talk to the press if the equivalent of "grown-up speak" in Charlie Brown cartoons.

      "Wah wah…wah wah wah, wah wah."

      It's an uneasy mix of half-truths, equivocation and sophistry, ie; noise.

      What you'll really hear, if you listen closely enough, is the sounds of two men furiously shoveling a large load of something.

        • Nah. I just don't take kindly to BS. I'm sure Sutter isn't actually a stupid man, but when he comes out and treats the media (and, by extension, the fans) like blithering, credulous idiots, I'm going to call him on it.

          • Darryl keeps things simple in media skirmishes/press conferences so the media can't blow his words out of proportion. You wouldn't know anything about sensationalism or blowing things out of proportion would you Kent? 😉

            I'm not even saying that you should think Darryl is a good GM. But what about the things he said today didn't make sense? Bad home record, no scoring at home, and only three 20 goal scorers when the Flames have the most career 20 goal scorers in the league on their roster.

            Try to keep your commentary on Darryl more objective and on topic Kent. You probably won't have as much to write about, every fool might not notice you, but you'll be taken more seriously. Or do you subscribe to the Sean Avery ethos that any attention is good attention?

  • Darryl's notes for the press conference:

    #1 problem: home record.
    #2 problem: home record.

    Not goal scoring, home record.
    Not underlying stats, home record.
    Not ________, home record.

    Everything else? Shrug your shoulders.

  • Adult speak!! Lol!! Shoveling a large load of something!! Lol!! Do these guys really take themselves seriously? And honestly is ownership actually that bright after all? I mean they are actually letting this clown show happen right now. Either that or they have a sick sense of humor and are letting these two justify their actions before their execution.

  • yeah the BS and arrogance of it all just pisses me off…i'm an attorney and i deal with it on a daily basis…honestly he and k squared shouldn't even hold a presser, its not like we're getting anything from this.

  • I throught Darryl was very honest and up front with us today. I am happy we have such an honourable man at our helm. The home record speaks for itself. What leads to a bad home record? The oppressive expectations of the fans and media. How can the team focus at home with this sort of pressure? It shows why they are an elite club- their performance on the road speaks for itself. We need to all take a collective step back and observe Darryl Sutter work his magic behind the scenes. With speedy talent like Matthew (Stajan) and other players who want to play here, we will be one of the 4 new playoff teams next season, mark my words.