Yzerman to Tamba Bay

Team Canada Announces the 2010 Olympic Men's Hockey Coaching Staff

Scratch another name from the rumor pile. The Tampa Bay Lightning are calling a press conference today to announce that Steve Yzerman, a man frequently connected to the Flames in past week, has been hired as the club’s GM.

Although the former Detroit Red Wing captain has the heavy stink of success about him – multiple Stanley Cup rings, a recent gold medal at the Olympics – the truth is no one really knows what kind of general manager he’s going to make. His experience has been limited to picking an all-star team for Vancouver and whatever his duties included as the Wings Vice President of Hockey Operations. If he’s spent the four years since retirement learning at the feet of one of the NHL’s most successful GM’s (and organizations in general) Yzerman may indeed be ready for the big chair.

It’s a sensible gamble by the Lightning I’d say. At the very least, it may have the "Gretzky to Los Angeles" effect of invigortating a "non-traditional" market via the introduction of a legend.

On the Flames side, there’s still no true indication of where the org is headed this summer. Aside from signing Bryan Cameron, the club has been silent, which could indicate just about anything this early in the offseason. That said, June tends to be a much busier month on the whole for the Flames so we’re rapidly approaching a point where the team will have to lay it’s cards on the table. On the Yzerman issue, we won’t know for years whether Calgary missed out on opportunity to add a capable young GM or not (that is, assuming he was interested in the job at all).  


  • It really depends on what he’s been doing in DET the last few years. Also, I give him credit for identifying Patrice Bergeron for the Olympic team. I was incredulous when I heard about his addition, but looking at his stats and watching him afterwards, it was a savvy choice. Bergron had a Selke caliber season this year.

    It’ll be really interesting to see what he does with that club this year. His first order of business will likely be finding a new home for St.Louis.

  • Grant F

    Bergeron also did next to nothing in the olympics, and was a defensive liability at times (see the first game vs. the States.) I agree with the overall lack of knowledge about his experience in Detroit.

  • I am surprised that Detroit didn’t keep Yzerman around in some capacity with a solemn vow to give him the GM’ship when he is ready.

    Not as surprised as the time I found a cobra in my mailbox, but surprised.

  • Pierre Lebrun has a pretty complimentary piece on Yzerman today.

    “Steve is a unique individual. He’s probably watched more games, both at the pro level and junior level and at the international level, than anybody else out there, whether it’s through us or with the Red Wings,” Pascall said. “He’s a well-rounded hockey mind. That’s part and parcel of knowing what the job is all about as an NHL GM. I know when I’ve talked to him recently after the world under-18 championships, he had interesting opinions about some of those players. He has a wealth of player knowledge.”