• dustin642

    Hey, if your nice enough to knock those dirty Canucks out of the playoffs 2 years in a row then you deserve the cup!! Wonder how Adrian Aucoin, Rene Bourque, and Aaron Johnson feel now…..

  • Rob in Toronto

    By far one of the best all around teams! They deserve it and I’m not just saying that because I like being right! (I said they were going to win months ago!) I honestly can’t think of a weak player on that team (except maybe huet but I don’t think that counts since he didn’t play)! Congratulations Blackhawks!!

  • Rob in Toronto

    Quite a year for Toews. Best Forward at the Olympics, the Conn Smythe, and he’s also now the youngest player ever to become a member of the Triple Gold Club.

    This has just been a fun team to watch all season, and I’m jealous of the fans in Chicago who get to call this team their own.

  • Rob in Toronto

    Yeah, this was a real special team they assembled.

    The second I knew that was the case was when me and the missus were watching that game (You know the one I’m talking about) Huet had been turned into mincemeat by the Flames and the wife was smiling and talking about what a crushing it was and all I did was frown and say “It’s still early, hon” one ‘greatest comeback in NHL history’ later all I could do was marvel at the fact that even with the score as lopsided as it was I still couldn’t count them out.

    Now that I got the manlove/envy of the ‘Hawks out of the way I’ll debbie down them for a moment… they’re in the 9th circle of cap hell for this upcoming season. But whatever cheers Chicago a well deserved win… you kept Pronger from getting his grubby mitts on the Cup again, thanks for that.

  • Grant F

    With all due respect to the Hawks – I don’t think they played well in the final series at all. It came down to shoddy goaltending by Leighton – yanked twice in 6 games and gave up 2 softies in the deciding contest…including one of the worst overtime winners ever.

    Full credit though – they got the cup and that’s really all that matters.

    • Oyo

      If the flyers had a decent reputation netminder then they likely have to pay him more meaning they likely don’t have one of their impact guys up front… who knows if they get this far without one of those guys.