Darryl Talks

MONTREAL, QC - JUNE 27: Darryl Sutter of the Calgary Flames speaks with the media  during the 2009 NHL Entry Draft at the Bell Centre on June 27, 2009 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Darryl Sutter isn’t talking a lot down in Los Angeles, but I did get a few interesting tidbits out of his conversation with The FAN 960 that will run later today. The Flames don’t have a first round draft pick; in fact, they don’t have a second round draft pick, so just what do we expect from them down here?

Sutter talked to us at The FAN about his busy draft day past, and talked about why he prefers wheeling and dealing at the draft as opposed to July 1st when free agency begins. His take is that "July 1st is a day when guys get overpaid… that’s what the market is, and I’m not so sure it’s a good market." Fair enough, I don’t think you can argue with his rationale in this case. You’re probably getting better value at the draft than you would dollar wise on July 1st.

However, that being said, don’t expect much from the Flames in terms of movement come Friday and Saturday. Sutter said "I don’t expect us to be very active here, at all." In fact, Sutter is more focused on getting things done with the team assembled right now. "Even though we weren’t a playoff team, we feel we have a good team, and we’re one player away from being a top team again, so I don’t see us in this market right now."

Sutter said the Flames have certain brackets of unrestricted free agents, and where they would fit on the team, but says he’s not going to overpay for anyone come July 1st. He’s listening, but more because he wants to stay in on everything that’s been said and what’s going on. "That’s more important, because there might be a player that pops up that nobody though was going to be available."

I know Darryl doesn’t show his cards in the media, and this could be the complete opposite of what happens come Friday night. But at least from the mouth of the GM, they won’t be very active in Hollywood.

  • I’m not sure what Darryl means by “top team”. If he means “reasonably expected playoff team” then I don’t think they need another player, the team as-is is good enough for that.

    If he means “reasonably expected division winner” then the player had better be vintage Iggy, otherwise he’s (probably) talking out his ass.

    Then again, I thought the Flames were the best NW team coming out of 08/09, I didn’t anticipate the significant drop in territorial control at EV (even then, the Flames weren’t bad in 09/10).

    • Yeah, I think the Flames are a team that’s not very far off at all from being competitive for the playoffs and in the West. I mean, they were this past year, but more towards the middle of the conference pack.

      I think they’re more than a player away from hanging with the elite teams.

  • dustin642

    The title “Darryl talks” brought three additional words to mind. Fill in the blanks: Darryl talks AND ____ ____.

    There’s a lot of distracting non-speak going on here. As the Leafs fans will continue to be distracted by the endless Kaberle saga, so Sutter distracts Calgary with smoke, mirrors, and smirks:

    “I don’t expect us to be very active here, at all”

    Doesn’t mean much, at all. It just lowers expectations by a calculated degree. And if the Flames are just one player short, my guess is Sutter is hoping Sid or Toews will be available with Kotalik and Staios going the other way.

    Ditto for the July 1st stuff. It’s no secret bidding wars should be avoided, but Sutter hasn’t exactly been afraid to overpay every now and then, has he?

    Question his judgment, but Sutter’s no dummy. He’s also shown himself to be a bit of a wheeler and dealer over the years. To put much stock in anything more is a big steaming pile.

    • I took from it much the same that you did…he’s shown in the past to say one thing and to the complete opposite shortly thereafter. What he said today doens’t mean a whole lot to me come Friday night or Saturday afternoon.

  • dustin642

    I really do not understand why he feels the need to lie to the media. This team is not a top team. He knows it, we know it, he knows we know it. Yet he still bold face lies to the media, saying that his team is really good and the hockey gods are going to give the 14 players that had bad seasons rebound years and how we will have 6 or 7 20+ goal scorers next year.
    Also, thanks a ton to Steinberg and Kent Wilson for all the draft info on twitter. Definitely helping make my work day more enjoyable. Will be glued to damn twitter all day tomorrow for sure!

  • maybe it’s me and im reading way to much into it. but kerr has mentioned it before how ds will kinda give you the answer but will draw your attention away from it. he does say “we’re on player away from being a top team” maybe he has something in mind. i don’t know. love the coverage tho guys. i agree with the dustin642 the updates make the day go by.

    • Yeah, and Sutter isn’t the only GM to do that, as an early comment pointed out. Sometimes there’s a little smoke and mirrors going on…sometimes it’s outright false…sometimes it’s accurate. Who knows…I still can’t believe Steve Staios is a Flame.

  • Bob

    it confusing but when he says he is not going to be active, the says the team is one player away of being a Competitive team . if he one player away he has to be active with our cap situation and also our restricted and unrestricted free agents