Moving bigger pieces – Value for a few Flames




One of the advantages to moving bodies in the summer is the absence of short term competitive pressure on a GM. As we’ve seen the last two deadlines, Darryl Sutter’s judgement in that scenario left a lot to be desired, and as I noted the other day, he’s done OK moving NHLers at the draft since the lock-out.
The other advantage that a GM normally has is more payroll flexibility, and although Calgary isn’t exactly in that spot at the moment, that doesn’t mean that other teams can’t take on a salary to help improve their team.
As I discussed last week, I suspect that the three players that the Flames want to move have fairly limited trade value. Beyond those players, there are a few Flames that might well be on the move this week, demurrals from the boss aside.
Ian White:
The Flames would likely rather keep White in the fold, but it’s going to take a contract in the 3 million range or better to do so, and two of the Flames’ iffier contracts are on the blue, so he might be out. I suspect that minorizing Steve Staios would allow the Flames to resign Regehr’s sidekick, but if he is shopped, what would be good value? I suspect that if the Flames wanted into the first round of tonight’s draft, they could do so by moving White, but that sort of move seems wrong-headed because trading top-four defenders in their prime for lottery tickets is pretty damned dumb, unless you can guarantee a Crosby or Ovechkin type in the deal. If the Flames do feel compelled to move him, the target might be a RFA-aged forward on a team that’s short a defenceman or two.
Niklas Hagman:
Hagman’s not a bad player, and I’m inclined to assign his lack of productivity in Calgary to playing with a couple of guys that were struggling (Iginla, Stajan) and a shooting slump that was out of character. Until he scored 2 goals in Vancouver on the last night of the year, he was shooting around 5% in Cowtown, and that was after years of being a 12-13% shooter in both conferences.
So, what’s he worth? He might get a second rounder or a slightly lapsed prospect from a team that’s looking for a second/third line LW. His value, like a lot of Flames, appears to have diminished with the team’s poor season, and if you don’t think GMs are influenced by bright and shiny things, think about the Byfuglien move. He gained enormous cachet from being a part of that Hawk run to the Cup.
Curtis Glencross/David Moss:
Both of these guys are useful players that are comfortably priced for the current club. Unless they’re packaged, I don’t see them moving, although the Flames might unload Moss if they think his lousy SH% last year is meaningful. I don’t, but stranger things have happened. Glencross might get you a second rounder on his own because his level of play/price point would be attractive, but he means a lot more to the Flames than a draft pick in the 50s, IMO. Moss and one of the third rounders might get a middling sort of prospect/player or a move into the second round, but again, that really isn’t worthwhile value.
Adam Pardy:
I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he was moved to make way for someone like Matt Pelech. He isn’t without value, either, since he does appear to be a NHL defenceman of some sort and his contract is pretty cheap. Kent and others have noted that he has "moved for a mid-round draft pick" written all over him this weekend, and I can’t disagree with that sentiment. In terms of actual usefulness to the Flames he should rate a bit higher, but it did sound like the coach was a bit sour on him at the end of the year. He certainly must have been pretty deep in the doghouse to sit when Steve Staios was out there struggling.  
The No-Movement types:
The only way any of them move is if they go to the boss and say, “Get me out of here, if you can.” I don’t doubt that Regehr in particular would be a pretty valuable piece for a team like the Penguins to add, but that Staal rumour that was floating around the ‘tubes the other night always had the whiff of wishful thinking about it.

At any rate, it should be an interesting weekend in L.A. We’ll see if the absence of obvious chips keeps Darryl Sutter out the action tonight and tomorrow.