Ian White Files for Salary Arbitration

WASHINGTON - MARCH 28: Ian White #3 of the Calgary Flames handles the puck against the Washington Capitals at the Verizon Center on March 28, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)


Word came down today that Ian White has indeed filed for salary arbitration. This is no surprise around here given the fact that Bob and I engaged in a mock arbitration for White awhile back. I took the Flames side and for those too lazy to read the link – my arguments were a lot tougher to come by. White was fed some of the easiest starting positions in the league by the Maple Leafs last year and it goosed his ES scoring totals to career best heights. The favorable comps for the White camp were many, whilst the negative comps were few. 

As such, there’s chance final decided upon salary won’t really be in Calgary’s "favor". The options for the Flames once the arbitrator rules is to accept the deal or walk away, allowing White to become a free agent. Expect Sutter to do the former. 

  • icedawg_42

    I think Sutter’s been making some moves in anticipation this arb…I cant see the arbitor doing something so out of whack that the Flames let White go.
    I may not understand arbitration correctly, but my question would be, what happens next year – are there “hard feelings” because this went to arbitration? does this arbitration contract dictate what Sutter has to do longer term for White?
    It may also get harder to sign him, because the CBA is up in 2 years (i think)will Sutter only want to follow up this year with a 1 year contract? would White sign something so short term?

  • It all hinges on this: up to this point, I was okay with accepting Sutter’s moves this past off-season/season despite their nonsensicality. If he doesn’t sign White, though, and there’s no payoff for the organization, I will officially go back into full anti-Sutter mode.

  • Arbitration for players will go between July 20th and August 5th this year…that gives Sutter about 2 weeks to get a long term extension done with White.

    I wonder if it isn’t best for both parties to go to arbitration.

    • I don’t see how it could be best for the Flames. White’s 26 so the ruling can only be for a 1 year deal, which would make him a UFA. If the cap situation looks bad this year, it’s even worse next year with White, Gio, and GlenX all hitting UFA status, and only $9M to sign all 3, plus at least 4 more.

      • It gives the Flames options. If White doesn’t play well next season, or doesn’t want to be here the following year, then it’s easy to let him walk.

        However, if there is a want on both sides…you’ve got him on the guaranteed 1 year contract for this year, and you’ve got another year to discuss an extension.

  • White’s first argument should be “You’re giving a 37 year old Steve Staios who was a -27 and had 10 points, $2.7M. I am younger, had 38 points, was +8 and have years left as a contributor. Based on that information I should be worth AT LEAST $3.5M per season”.

    Case closed shows who’s the smartie pants. I dont’ see White back here next year unfortunately.

  • Not to defend Staios or anything but I’m pretty sure even Lidstrom could have incurred minuses in front of the goalie tandem that Edmonton iced last season.

    Of course things like this surely won’t get mentioned by White’s agent in arbitration, right? The moment you start bringing in context of icetime to the table for a player like White is the moment that he loses his big pay day.

    I doubt this actually gets to arbitration (they rarely do) but let’s hope that Sutter has his TOI matrices and faceoff lists at the ready.