Shantz Signs in Manitoba

SUNRISE, FL - 2007:  David Shantz of the Florida Panthers poses for his 2007 NHL headshot at photo day in Sunrise, Florida. (Photo by Getty Images)

According to Rob Kerr, AHL puckstopper David Shantz has signed with the Manitoba Moose. A free agent signing by the Heat last year, Shantz started the season in the ECHL, but ended up as the Heat’s starter at the end of year and into the playoffs owing the struggles of Leland Irving and Matt Keetley.

I was asked several times in comments and in emails why Shantz didn’t appear in any of my prospect profiles back in March and June. The truth is, Shantz was never truly a Flames prospect. His one year contract with the organization was "AHL only", meaning the Flames couldn’t have called him up even if they had wanted to.

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I’m guessing Sutter declined to re-sign him this off-season in order to allow more development space Irving and Keetley. The trade for Kenrik Karlsson also further limited Shantz’s opportunities in the org.

  • Graham

    Goalies tend to develop slowly, but Irving has really struggled at the AHL level, so the Heat
    (pun intended) is really on this kid to prove that he is a #1 goalie,at least in the AHL.
    You have to think that this is really a make it or break it season for the kid. By not resigning Shantz, the Flames are giving Irving the opportunity to prove he deserves a spot in the organization.
    Hopefully, he does not go the way of Krahn, who the Flames selected 9th overall in 2000.

    • Oyo

      Leland struggled last season for the Heat, but the year before for Quad City, he stole the number 1 job from Matt Keetley. This past season, though being a step back for Irving, doesnt make me really nervous about the Flames future #1 goalie. The Flames have Kipper signed for another 4 years. I will, however, agree with you that the 2011 season will be huge for Irving. If he has a good year, the Flames might be inclined to give him the back up job for 2012. If he fails, he could be shipped out for a draft pick. i.e ( Kevin Lalande)

  • Graham

    After seeing Shantz in action during the Heat post season, he’s honestly not much different than Keetley or Irving. They’re all of comparable skill levels and the only edge at the time was the other two were in a slump. This is the first move Sutter has made that was purely a no-brainer, for me. Although I admit I like the Tanguay signing.

  • Yeah, Shantz ended up as the starter to end the year, but his overall stats are no better than the rest of the Heat’s goalies.

    This loss doesn’t bother me at all. Might as well give that at-bats to Irving.