Flames sign Ian White (for real, I think)

                        Ian White



According to the Fan960, the club and Ian White have agreed to terms on a one year, 2.999M deal. It’s likely right about in the middle of where the two sides would have come into the hearing this morning, because every decent comparable on White’s behalf was well north of 3M. I can live with this. Now, time to clear out a body or two, because the club is officially over the cap.

We’ll have more as we hear from the club and White.

  • Bob Cobb

    Id rather have Phaneuf, oh well, at least I have his hockey gloves. What does Sutter need the $5 for, its not like he has to worry about paying for parking downtown, all Im saying is it makes Sutter look cheap. Staios isnt going anywhere, I’m just glad Tambellini talked someone into taking him off our hands, suckers!!

  • That’s a decent contract compared to what an arbitrator would have awarded I think. That said, I’m still not sure he’s actually a $3M defender. The Leafs goosed his numbers but good last year.

    Still better value (and a better player) than Staios though. And Kotalik. At least one of them has to walk the plank now.

    • Robert Cleave

      They didn’t goose them in 08/09, though, and he was still very productive. If you used his numbers from that year as a platform, you’d still have someone who:

      1. Played top pairing comp.

      2. Out-shot and out-scored that comp.

      3. Didn’t have an outrageous ZS or PDO number

      4. Was in the top 15% of defencemen in terms of ES scoring.

      Throw in the fact that he’s a right shooter that can work on the PP, and I think he’s being fairly compensated. He’s not making 6.5M or anything silly like that.

  • icedawg_42

    I like it – its only a year, and gives the flames another chance to decide what he’s really worth. – if ds was paying Staios 2.7 last year, then heck yeah, I’ll take Ian White at 3.

    it also gives White a chance to ‘prove’ he’s worth a big payday.

    • icedawg_42

      A year is a long time to make something happen – what worries me is, what if Gio and White both have fantastic years, and Jbo, Regehr have crappy ones?

  • icedawg_42

    The deal has been confirmed by the NHLPA. I’m sure the club will have Jay Feaster make the announcement fairly soon.

    Not a bad deal for both parties. I agree with Kent, I’m not too sure White is a $3 million player yet, but he is better value than Staios and Sarich at this point. The coming year will determine whether he’ll go elsewhere in a year for more money. If he has an off year he could have trouble getting more than that as an UFA.

  • Bob Cobb

    Seems since the Thrashers walked away from MacArthur, we’ve seen a couple guys sign for less than they likely would have got in arbitration.

    I guess taking a little bit less is better than having the team walk away from your arbitration award and end up in the bloated UFA class that’s out there right now.

  • Graham

    We avoid the more destructive elements of arbitration, and sign the player in the middle of the $2.5 – $3.5 million range that everyone expected. Overall, a reasonable move by the Flames.
    I think we need to see White play a full year to determine his real value. The one potential issue, is now we have White and Gio up for contracts at the same time. Guess it gives us options, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of them moved later this season.

  • Graham

    1.) Reaching a pre-arb deal was completely predictable.

    2.) Staois may want to start looking for an eight-month lease in Abbotsford now.

    3.) This is probably the # Giordano will look for next year and that’s more than a bit scary.

  • As much as I would want to agree with ya’ll that it is going to be Staios and/or Kotalik, I could see it being Langkow.

    With Ron Sutter basically already awarding the kid a roster spot in the top 2 lines, I really doubt Sutter is going to pay Olli 3 million to be our 4th line centre. I cant see him paying Stajan 3.5 to be our 4th line centre, and I can’t see him paying Langkow 4.5 to be our 4th line centre.

    Of course, if he goes all Lombo and Boyd with it and sticks the kid with the no talents on the 4th line, which would make economic sense, Im going to throw up. At some point the kid needs to make the jump, and there isn’t any room for it on the roster. And with all the aformentioned centres on the roster for this year and next…someone needs to go.

    I’d very much prefer those someones to be Olli or Stajan, but I doubt it. Of course, Backlund could probably play wing, which if thats the case, peace Kotalik.

  • Its interesting the way we seem to think about market value in relationship to goals and assists (or whatever stats you want to use to measure a players skill) but as we are seeing this year, its really only about supply and demand.
    The issue we are seeing with arbritration this year is that it is a process that looks at other players for comparables. For the most part these other players were signed in another marketplace and we are now seeing a marketplace that is extremely fluid from year to year.
    At the end of the day, market value is what a player can sign for today.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    They are going to have to get rid of more than one of the bad bets.

    Get rid of Staios’s cap hit and they’re still over the cap.

    Get rid of Kotalik’s cap hit and they’re less than $1M below the cap.

    Get rid of Sarich’s cap hit and they’re about $1M below the cap.

    None of those situations by itself is good enough, not when they’ll have to pay for 2 fourth lines: the goons/pluggers they have now plus the call ups required to fill in for the goons/pluggers being in the press box. That’s not even including a safety factor for injury call-ups.

    All 3 of those guys need to go. Either Abbotsford, Europe, KHL, or traded for picks.

  • Langkow on LTIR, either Staios and/or Kotalik in the minors, Sarich hopefully on the move. We should be good to go cap wise. I think Sutter has something up his sleeve though. Still lots of time before the season starts.

  • I think he’s a quality d-man, maybe not $3m for one good season. Flames are over the cap but i have a sick feeling the way sutter is thinking around this is that Langkow is gone for the year, that’s what he’s hoping. Then he can keep his pet Staois, his buddy Kotalik and man crush Sarich.

  • Calgary will never be able to move Sarich. He’s overpaid, slow and has no offensive upside. If he could play more like Regehr and more consistently, he’d be worth it, but the fact remains that he does neither of those things.

  • if you can 86 staios and kotalik then i’m okay with sarich stickin’ around. it makes the top 6 look a little like this:

    gio-pardy/pelech/meyers (haha).

    of course, i’d rather have gio flanking jaybouw but realistically that’ll never happen. i’m okay with this setup (even though it makes your 6.5 million dollar guy a second pairing defenseman).

    all of this is ultimately just wording-up the now painfully obvious fact that jokinen should have taken jersey #86.

      • If Kotailk goes to Europe Sutter will dodge another bullet. Has anyone been to Viking ? Maybe the place doesn’t exist and he is from another planet……

        The White signing by the Flames was at least a good deal for a change. I’d worry about injuries with Stone but he wasn’t that bad. I like Ivanans he is a fourth liner maybe not a guy you would like to play every night.

  • Ok, lemme get this right. Sutter/Flames org said they want to shed some salary, one reason why Phaneuf and Jokinen were traded. Hmm, you trade Phaneuf, Sjostrom and a minor leaguer and give up about $7.5M, you get back, $3M (Hagman) $3.5M (Stajan) an $3M (White), so you traded $7.5M to pay $9.5M? With Jokinen you traded away about $6M and got back $6M in 2 guys who are waste of spaces. You buyout a 15 goal scorer set to make about $850k in Dawes and sign Tanguy for $1.75M. I’m originally from Ontario and we all cheered when Mike Harris came in with his “common sense revolution” the Flames need a “common sense revolution”.

  • With Langkow starting the year on LTir I see this as our team


    Alex Tanguay ($1.700m) / Olli Jokinen ($3.000m) / Jarome Iginla ($7.000m)
    Rene Bourque ($3.333m) / Mikael Backlund ($1.270m) / Ales Kotalik ($3.000m)
    Niklas Hagman ($3.000m) / Matthew Stajan ($3.500m) / Curtis Glencross ($1.200m)
    Ryan Stone ($0.500m) / Brett Sutter ($0.500m) / David Moss ($1.300m)
    Raitis Ivanans ($0.600m) / Tim Jackman ($0.550m)

    Jay Bouwmeester ($6.680m) / Robyn Regehr ($4.020m)

    Cory Sarich ($3.600m) / Mark Giordano ($0.891m)
    Steve Staios ($2.700m) / Ian White ($2.999m)
    Adam Pardy ($0.700m) / Staffan Kronwall ($0.500m)

    Miikka Kiprusoff ($5.833m) /Henrik Karlsson ($0.500m)

    BUYOUTS: Nigel Dawes ($0.141m)

    CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
    (these totals are compiled using the bonus cushion)
    SALARY CAP: $59,400,000; CAP PAYROLL: $59,020,828; BONUSES: $425,000
    CAP SPACE (24-man roster): $804,172

    • a couple of things:

      1. if lankgow is on LTIR, you can replace his salary (4.5mil) but it doesn’t disappear… i’m not sure the exact workings of this but somehow i feel as though it’s gonna end up in the “bad” column…

      2. $804,172 is nowhere near enough capspace to provide for injury replacement for an entire year. this number needs to AT LEAST double before the season starts.