Prospect Tournament Post-Game: Haiku


OTTAWA, ON - JUNE 20:  25th overall pick, Greg Nemisz of the Calgary Flames talks with the media during the 2008 NHL Entry Draft at Scotiabank Place on June 20, 2008 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)



I only saw about 25 minutes of this afternoon’s tilt between the Flames and Canucks, but it bore a striking resemblance to the sort of affairs we’d witnessed earlier in the week, so an expedient summary appears to be in order:


Flame skaters get shots,

score a few goals. Goaltending?

Err, not quite that good.


And with that, my coverage of this year’s prospect tournament is at its end. Thanks for your comments this week. 


  • Robert Cleave

    Aw, the return of the haiku, aka the coping method of disappointed Flames fans. Let’s hope we see less of them this season. (A girl can dream, right?)

    • Not sure your comment sheds much light on anything.

      I thought for the most parts of the 3 games the Flames carried the play and were generally the better team.
      Other observations;
      Goaltending was weaker than the opposition with neither of the 3 distinguishine themselves.
      On defense Brodie (4th rounder?)looked like one of the better dmen in the tournament.
      Leach looked like he performed well for an 18 year old.
      Breen is one of those guys who wasn’t as bad as I expected-could develop into a Hal Gill type but is still a project.
      Of the forwards I was most impressed with Bouma. He created things on both ends of the ice when he was there and has more quickness than I thought to go along with his agressive forecheck and board play. He created opportunities for his linemates when he was out there.
      Others forwards who it is worthwhile being positive about;
      Cameron-shows a real nice scorer’s knack. It will be interesting to see how he performs at the next level. I remember Dino Cicarrelli, Luc Robitaille who didn’t have over the top complimentary skills but scored at every level.
      Wahl-solid consistent performer who is creative with the puck and seemed high end at the tournament.
      Niemisz-big body who could already play the defensive part of the game at the highest level and offers some pretty decent hands to go along with it.
      Bancks-brings a lot of grit with not a bad skill set.
      Patterson- pretty good skater and likes to play within the action.

      While I saw no Taylor Halls I saw a very competitive group with a number of players who performed near the top of their peer group.
      I am deifnitely not as pessimistic regarding our group as I was heading into the tournament with the exception of goaltending.

      Interested in other observations.

  • @JF

    There’s been lots of noise about this being the Flames most talented group in awhile and I agree – it’s almost entirely on the back of 2008 draft class which I think will prove to be the best of the bunch since Sutter came in to power. I don’t know what was in the water that year, but the resultant fugue state caused Calgary’s scouts to actually connect on a few pitches.

    The prospect stable as whole is still “meh” relative to many other orgs. But it’s certainly better than it was thanks to the 2008 entry draft.

    Individual thoughts: on Breen I thought his mechanics weren’t terrible, but the brain was a little behind. He and Seabrook were bamboozled off the rush a lot from what I saw and heard. Maybe that’s a kid still learning, although his resume suggests he’s never been a great defender.

    I also liked Bouma and although I think his ceiling is limited, he might turn out to be an NHLer anyways.

    Brodie might actually closer than I thought (and I’ve been high on him for awhile) although I reserve the right to change my mind if he really struggles in main camp.

    On Cameron, I liked him more in the games I saw than in the prospect development camp earlier in the summer. His tools looked lackluster but he appeared to be fairly capable in game action. It’ll be interesting to see how he does in Abby.

    Mitch Wahl continues to impress. Frankly, I think he’s the superior player between him and Nemisz although it looks like the latter isn’t terrible or anything (like, say, Kris Chucko).

    Overall, I was mostly heartened by the prospect camp. The PP actually look good and they spent a lot of time in the offensive end in all 3 games.