Flames Training Camp Primer

MISSISSAUGA, CANADA - AUGUST 26:  Mikael Backlund #60 of the Calgary Flames skates during the Upper Deck NHL Rookie Debut at the Hershey Centre August 26, 2009 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  (Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)


Now that the kids have been sorted, the real thing can begin this week. The Flames have posted their A and B rosters featuring 24 skaters each and 5 goalies total. The team designations are meaningful, as group A features mostly NHLers and veteran AHLers (including Cam Cunning and Mikael Backlund). Group B, on the other hand, is all kids and hopefuls, including new guys Steffan Meyer (D), JP Lamoreaux (G) and try-out Giffen Nyren (D).

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the groupings is the inclusion of prospect tourny stand-out TJ Brodie in group A instead of far more veteran guys like Matt Pelech and Steffan Kronwall. Apparently the decision makers were also impressed with his play in Penticton and have decided to throw him in the deep end of the pool during camp to see if he can swim. Not sure what that says about Pelech’s chances however.

For the sake of clarity, here is the whole training camp group ordered by position:

Tanguay  Jokinen  Iginla
Hagman  Stajan  Bourque
 Glencross  Langkow  Moss
 Ivanans  Conroy  Kotalik
 Sutter  Backlund  Jackman
 Cunning  Stone  Chucko
 Meyers  Wahl  Nemisz
 Bouma  Patterson  Rheault
 Grantham  Armstrong  Howse
 Macmillan  Carpentier  Watt
Bouwmeester Sarich
Regehr Staios
Giordano White
Pardy  Pelech
Brodie  Seabrook
Kronwall  Meyers

The goaltenders are easy: Kipper, Karlsson, Irving, Keetley and Lamoreaux.

Items of Interest!

– A number of guys listed are injured and may not take part in TC. They include: Langkow, Stone, Howse and Macmillan.

– With Langkow hurt and a question mark to start the year, that opens the door for Mikael Backlund to make the big team out of camp. I don’t think his performance will matter one way or the other since he’s the lone, obvious choice, but it wold be encouraging to see him excel.

– Other forwards of note: Wahl, Nemisz, Rheault, Cameron, Cunning, Sutter and, if you like to cheer for lost causes, Chucko. None of them are fighting for a job on the Flames at the moment, but could be injury call-ups or meaningful pieces down the road.

– As mentioned, the injection of TJ Brodie into the mix further complicates the bottom end of the Flames d-rotation. Now it looks like Pardy and Staios will be battling Kronwall, Pelech, Negrin and Brodie in camp. I don’t expect Brodie to seriously contend for a spot given his age and the Flames obvious depth, but it’s an interesting wrinkle nonetheless.

– Henrik Karlsson is well regarded by some, but the truth is he’s never played in NA and remains a mystery. He’s going to be the Flames back up this year so a few capable starts from him during the pre-season sure would be nice.

– As Pat mentioned below, Flamesnation will be all over TC this coming week so stay tuned.

  • MC Hockey

    Wow we have a really solid RW hahaha Jackman Chucko Nemisz Howse, thats pretty decent for AHL, well even though Jackman is going to make the NHL team or contend for a spot anyways.

  • MC Hockey

    Sutter and Cunning are both on group A as well. I think there may be an opportunity for one of them to take the fourth line LW spot out of camp.

    Brodie would have to seriously impress against the big dogs to make the team. I think he is 20 pounds shy of making it. I think he will swap with Kronwall or Pelech in a few days. Its basically allowing Krownall, Pelech, and perhaps Negrin to fight for the spot available in group A.

  • I can’t believe Chucko is still on these lists. I’m no master hockey player, but the guy just never made the leap.

    I’m anxious about Karlsson myself. Untested and untried in the North American market is a crapshoot, especially since the goalie market this year was such a glut.

    I don’t see Wahl or Rheault making a huge splash at TC and jumping to the big club, but maybe next year. Otherwise I would expect a low surprise rate. TJ Brodie being the possible exception and option to beat out Pelech for a job on the big club.