Splitsville Post-game

Calgary Flames Steve Staios (R) tries to stop Vancouver Canucks Manny Malhotra from scoring into the open net during the third period of their NHL pre-season hockey game in Vancouver, British Columbia September 21, 2010.     REUTERS/Andy Clark (CANADA)

Boxscore (3-2)

Boxscore (3-1)


The Flames beat the Canucks kids/hopefuls yesterday in both games, 3-2 at home and 3-1 in Vancouver. I missed the action for both owing to some cable confusion, but the gamethread below has some on-the-fly observations for those looking for re-caps. Other thoughts and such are welcome in the comments.

Luckily, the NHL kept the stats for the games last night, so here are some items of interest:

Top Flames by minutes played –


Bouwmeester – 30:51

White – 25:39

Giordano – 25:13

Staios – 23:38


Tanguay – 22:20

Iginla – 21:03

Bourque – 20:30

Jokinen – 20:18

The bottom end

Stajan – 4:07 (injured)

Ivanans – 6:28

Cameron – 6:53

Chucko – 7:35

Nemisz – 9:39

Armstrong – 9:36 (injured)

Kids of Interest

Mikael Backlund – 16:20

Matt Pelech – 13:20

John Negrin – 17:21

TJ Brodie – 16:51

Mitch Wahl – 15:15

– Things were a lot more spread out amongst the forwards in the away game thanks to Stajan getting hurt almost immeditately. Mitch Wahl benefitted and managed to nab two assists with the opportunity.

– Interesting to see Matt Pelech get the least amount of ice time amongst the hopefuls on the back-end. Of course, he was limited by the fact that he doesn’t play on the PP. His ES ice time (12:00) was within range of everyone else, including guys like White and Regehr.

– Jon Rheault (3), Mark Giordano (3) and Rene Bourque (3) led the Flames in SOG in the away game. Shots leaders at home were Iginlna (3), Jokinen (3) and Bouwmeester (4).

– Glancing at the guys who played less than 10 minutes, I think we can start to guess who will be on the first flight back to Abbotsford. *cough* Chucko *cough*

Thats it for now. Expect some cuts to come down in the next day or so.

  • Didnt see the game, so Im wondering if anybody can tell me how Stajan got hurt, IE: was it off a check or was he checked into the boards?

    Also, off the highlights I managed to catch, I noticed that the Dmen were pinching in real deep, 5 feet in front of the goalie deep. Tanguay to White was one, and Somebody to Kronwall was the other. Was this going on the whole game or am I reading to much into it (and what Im reading is that the Coach is actually going to try and generate offense).

  • dustin642

    Did not see the Stajan injury, but did notice a lot of d men getting involved much closer to the net than usual. I think overall the games showed a lot of positives. Karlsson (no pun intended) stood tall in goal and seemed very comfortable. Kotalik actually drove to the net and scored a frickin goal. Tanguay was his old speedy passing machine self. With more time, I think we will see quite a few goals with Tanguay this season like the one with Backlund last night. Moss was a great 3rd line style center and him and Glencross were a very effective PK tandem. My biggest concern was just like last year everything seemed too casual for the core of this team. Vancouvers nobodies almost beat us simply from work ethic alone. I know it was the first pre season game but as a pro athelete should you ever not put out less than 100% effort during a game??

  • well, add about 5 figures onto the cap for armstrong since he won’t be demoted til he’s healthy (for the third year in a row), and i guess stajan might need replacing as well.

    what makes me the most happy about last night is that we can all say that the flames beat the canucks twice in one night (and not the other way around).