Waiver Wire Madness

UNIONDALE, NY - MARCH 25: Center Brett Sutter #42 of the Calgary Flames skates up ice against the New York Islanders during an NHL game at the Nassau Coliseum on March 25, 2010 in Uniondale, New York. (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)


With today being the last day to submit waiver lists, a lot of notable names hit the wire this morning with some of them getting scooped up.

On the Flames front, Matt Pelech and Cam Cunning cleared waivers while Brett Sutter was placed on the wire, no doubt with a view to sending him down. That cuts the hopefuls down to Brodie and Meyers in town, meaning they will both likely be on the roster come Thursday. 


– Former Canucks first round pick Michael Grabner was claimed by the New York Islanders. Acquired by the Panthers in the Ballard trade, Grabner was unable to crack a pretty feeble line-up in Florida, but was nonetheless interesting to NYI (an even more depthless roster thanks to a recent injury to Okposo). 

– Mattias Ritola was claimed by Steve Yzerman and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Ritola is one of the Wings better forward prospects, although his results in the AHL thus far have been just okay. Clearly, Yzerman is familiar with the player and sees something in him worht taking a chance on.

Shane O’Brien was dealt for Ryan Parent. The former was expensive for his role in VAN at $1.6M and suffered from a number of discipline issues/run-ins with the coach last year. He’s a salary dump. As for Parent, he was a former first rounder by NAS who has already been traded 3 times. At 23 years old and with a lot of marginal results behind him at both the NHL and AHL level, Parent’s stock has plummeted since he was picked 18th overall in 2005. 

– The Rangers placed Tim Kennedy and Todd White on waivers as well. This is an odd move seeing as both guys were recently acquired by Sather, especially since the team didn’t really need to clear space since Wade Redden was recently re-assigned to the AHL. This suggests that Sather is clearing room for a specific move in the near future.

Feel free to add anything else in the comments.

  • Flamin Cannot's

    I need to stop reading these posts – these rumours are scaring me, I can’t dismiss the rumours because I could see Dutter doing this deal! Yikes

  • And now from Vicki Hall, as well…

    One persistent rumour – that finally hit main-stream media websites Tuesday night – is a blockbuster trade between the Flames and the Oilers that would see Sheldon Souray, Andrew Cogliano and draft picks moving to Calgary for Cory Sarich and Curtis Glencross.

    The move makes some sense. Glencross ($1.2 million US) was an on-and-off resident of head coach Brent Sutter’s doghouse last season.

    Sarich can still contribute at 32, but his $3.6 million contract is hefty.

    The banished Souray has a cap hit of $5.4 million. Cogliano would help with team speed, and his salary comes in at $1 million.

    But it’s just a rumour.


    • Flamin Cannot's

      At first I thought this deal was stupid, but the flames would be a better team for it. The flames need a good young centre – in addition to Backlund, so getting Cogliano would improve the team, Souray is not a bad defence man – who would you rather Souray or Sarich? To me it is a saw off even when you look at salaries…I guess we will find out soon enough.

    • Do you think Edmonton would be willing to part with Omark? Do you think he would be worth it as part of the deal? He might fit nice with Backlund and make up two-thirds of pretty talented (albeit green) third line.

  • Greg

    I was able to dismiss that as soon as I heard it. It doesn’t make a lick of sense, which of course means Sutter might actually be doing it. But the math just can’t be made to work without both Staotalik’s going to the minors… or Souray himself, at some point this season. I think that handcuffs Sutter. Although, if we’re tanking mid season and there’s a first rounder involved, I think that would be a great first start at a full rebuild.

    I’ve always wondered why GMs don’t get creative and take bad contracts as part of a rebuild. For example, had we decided to do a full rebuild last season, why not offer Kipper to Chicago for Huet and a couple first rounders? You still have to pay to the salary floor and want to get as high a pick as possible, so loading up on crappy contracts for a couple years to buy a ton of picks seems like a good idea to me.

    Sorry, I digressed. Never gave this rumor a 2nd glance.

    And @Kent… bahaha! Nice one on the Sutter-vocab zinger! 😀

  • MC Hockey

    Hi all, Big Flames player move to come I almost guarantee. The Flames must clear so will be sending someone to the minors or trading for sure. Even with Long-Term Injury Reserve exceptions, you cannot be over the cap to start the season and this includes injured players (like Langkow and Stahan). The CBA examples show that a team can only replace salaries (like Stajan and Langkow or others) if you are already under the cap. I have some legal background and poured over the CBA, section 50.10 (d) and all subsections and examples below it. I am 99% sure that Flames have to make a move to save at least $2.575 million now. And that salary number already assumes a 23-main roster (per http://www.capgeek.com) with Morrison salary is in, while Brodie and Meyer salaries out (must be sent down). Options to get under cap: 1) Send down Sarich and you could keep Brodie or Meyer up easily. 2) Send down Staios, you are covered but only 22-man active roster. 3) Send down Kotalik or other $3M salary and can barely keep either Meyer or Brodie (who has bonuses) up with Flames. You heard it here first!

  • Is anyone else annoyed that Vancouver is able to dump a salary like O’Brien and yet Sutter is still sitting on 8 defencemen? Is he even trying to make a trade? Granted O’Brien isn’t making as much as Staio’s or Sarich but c’mon!

    • Har, why did Sutter give those guys two year deals anyways? It’s not like you can’t get any one of a large number of guys with their exact same skillsets (limited as they are) at the exact same price year to year. Why lock yourself in like that?

      And yes that fits under the cap with about 1.7M to spare.

  • Flamin Cannot's

    Hearing on the Fan 960 that Mark Giordano has possibly signed extension! Really want that confirmed, that would make my day. Am waiting for the Fan to confirm, right now it is just an “I heard this rumor type thing”.

    Kent or Pat or anyone, have you heard anything about this?