Quick Injury Update

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 07:  Rene Bourque #17 of the Calgary Flames skates against the New York Rangers on December 7, 2008 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The Flames defeated the Rangers 3-0.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in FlamesNation.  It’s been a busy holiday Monday, with the earlier news of Flames defenceman Staffan Kronwall opting to return to Europe. and now the latest injury news regarding the team.  Calgary defenceman Adam Pardy will be out indefinetely with a shoulder injury, while forward Rene Bourque is day-to-day with a head injury.

Both Pardy and Bourque were injured in Sunday’s 3-1 win over the Los Angeles Kings, and neither returned to game action.  The Bourque one is a little troubling, with a history of concussions already following him, not to mention his importance to the teams offensive exploits.  The loss of Pardy will mean the return of either Steve Staios or Cory Sarich to the Flames lineup.

Calgary also updated the status on a few of their previously injured players, including forward Matt Stajan.  He suffered a seperated shoulder in the preseason and is now listed week-to-week in his recovery.  In the news release, we also got our first confirmation that both Daymond Langkow and Ryan Stone are on Long Term Injured Reserve.  Ales Kotalik was placed on LTI last week, but nothing official had been released regarding Langkow (neck) and Stone (knee).

  • George.T.

    Hey Pat,
    Thanks for the update. I got a question for you though, didn’t you think the hit on Bourque was dirty? He wasn’t anywhere near the puck as far as I could tell and was looking the other way. Is the league looking at it? Also, where were the other Flames to back up their teammate? I thought that it was odd that no one went to defend Bourque after he had his bell rung in a defenceless position. Heck, GlenX got suspended last year for less.

    • I got a question for you though, didn’t you think the hit on Bourque was dirty? He wasn’t anywhere near the puck as far as I could tell and was looking the other way. Is the league looking at it?

      I only saw the Bourque hit once on the tv’s in the press box Sunday night, so I went back and watched on YouTube…


      After watching again, I’m of the same opinion. Westgarth seemed to try and avoid Bourque, and he seemed to inadvertanly clip him with his elbow or forearm. It was an unfortunate incident, but I don’t think it was intentional.

      • icedawg_42

        yeah, after watching it again, very little question in my mind that it was accidental. Must have caught him good though seeing how out of it he was. AARGH!

  • Bustmeester

    I think the reason nobody went to defend Bourque is because it was a really strange play. I bet most players on the ice didnt even see it. Hell, most tv cameras had a difficult time getting that.

  • Bustmeester

    Thanks for the comment all. I couldn’t tell if it was accidental or intentional. I thought it could go either way. TSN in the highlights made it sound like it was intentional. This begs another question, if it wasn’t intentional, how fragile is Bourque. I mean I like the way he plays but if he is going to be injured that easily, I don’t know if signing him long term was in our best interest. Again, thoughts?

  • At this point, one wonders why the Flames bothered to sign Stone. He’s been out of action since January and his injury was clearly still an issue when the Flames called him this summer. Not only that, but there was a ton of actual NHL players (healthy ones) still available for cheap when they inked Stone.

      • Bustmeester

        When the Flames signed Stone on July 7 he was expected to be back on the ice within 2 weeks and fully available to battle for a spot a training camp. Obviously something occurred unexpectedly on the injury from-these things do happen.

        If we can take a bit of a break from the Sutter bashing I would like to make a few positive observations if that is permitted.

        Howse is # 10 in scoring with 12 points- behind the leasers who have played 3 more games and number 1 in goals with 9.

        Holland is #31 in scoring with 9 points.

        Reinhart has 7 points in 6 games.

        Spencer Bennett has 5 points in 8 games.

        Jackman who has been taking a beating has appeared to be performing quite well in my view (and anumber of other knowledgable hockey types I’ve spoen to).

        There is probably a few more positives I could find without much trouble but that’s probably enough for now.

    • Bustmeester

      Well a few things to consider…

      1: He’s inked for league min on a two-way deal (most of those actual NHL’ers would likely insist on one-ways).
      2: IIRC, When he was signed a lot of the advance metric types were pleased with his ability to drive possession in his stint with Edmonton (I recall Glencross comparables).

      I would argue that, if you can get a guy who performs like Glencross in the NHL for 1/3 the price at no additional $ risk (AHL money) should he not be up to snuff, it’s a decent enough signing. Yes it was a gamble based on his health recovering but not a high risk gamble. Really, I saw him mostly as a “signed for the Farm with a chance at the NHL/injury call-up” guy ala Jaffray/Lundmark.

  • Flamin Cannot's

    Why were Staios and Sarich healthy scratches? It seems to me both are better than Pardy, maybe a trade?
    I guess one of those two will draw into the line up on Thursday, given that Pardy is hurt.