Flamesnation “Comment of the Week” Contest



On the heels of the Flames convincing Saturday night victory over the Oilers, Flamesnation has more good news. A fresh new "Comment of the Week" contest.

Those of you without ad-blocker probably noticed recently that Hudsons Canadian Tap House has become a sponsor of the site. Now there’s obvious some down-sides to sponsorship: the banner ads, the cluttering of the site, the feeling of being a filthy sell-out. But sometimes there’s upsides too. This time, Hudsons has given us monthly gift certificates to do with as we please.

Besides use them ourselves to get beer and girls, Pat and I have decided to start a weekly contest rewarding the best commenters on Flamesnation. Each week, we’ll pick the funniest or most inciteful comment* from a game thread or post-game thread and give the originator a $50 Hudson’s GC. The comment will be posted in an announcement each and every Sunday.

Things begin this week, so swing by to share your wit and charm and maybe even get rewarded for it.

*(Pat and I hold the right to completely and arbitrarily change the criteria for awarding the "comment of the week" without notice or apology. Yup…it’s like that.)