Flames Claim Mikkelson off of Waivers

SAN JOSE, CA - SEPTEMBER 24: John McCarthy  of the San Jose Sharks and Brendan Mikkelson  of the Anaheim Ducks go for the puck during their preseason game at HP Pavilion on September 24, 2010 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)


I promise a gameday preview of the Predators is on it’s way…

For now, we’ll deal with the Flames latest "huh?" roster move: plucking the Ducks Brendan Mikkelson off of waivers. Before we get into why a team with a forward roster hampered by injury and back-end stuffed to bursting with defenders would add another one to the mix, we’ll take a look at the player in question…

A former second round pick by Anaheim in 2005, Mikkelson has spent a lot of time bouncing around the AHL since turning pro. His best season came as a Toronto Marlie last year (7 goals, 22 points in 49 games). He appeared in 29 NHL games for the Ducks last year and started the season out on the parent roster owing to a dearth of depth and injuries to Lydman and Sutton.

Described as mobile with good puck handling skills by Hockeys Future, Mikkelson was considered the Ducks 6th best prospect by that same site as late as Spring 2010. At 23 years-old, he’s more competition for Matt Pelech and another young "tweener" type body to add to the ever growing pile on the back-end.

Now, as to why the Flames would add him – I don’t have the first damn clue. The Flames have Adam Pardy in the infirmary as well as Pelech, Negrin and now Brodie on the farm (plus, you know, 6 other NHLers on the active roster). It may just be a case of liking a player and adding him for nothing when the opportunity arose. And maybe the Flames have another move in mind (although I doubt it). Frankly, this is probably just Sutter servicing his "need to have as many defensemen as possible" fetish.


  • Section 216

    When I saw on TSN that the Ducks placed Mikkelsson on waivers I was like what do you want to bet the Flames pick him up.

    Move doesn’t surprise me and I think it’s a good move, another young offensive defenseman in the system something were lacking outside of Brodie and Negrin and he has NHL experience.

    I’m applauding this one.

    • Boy do we have a pack mentality ready to attack any move made no matter how minor.

      Defenseman mature later and at 23 maybe, just maybe there is some upside.

      This is the same group that set upon Jackman like a pack of wolves on Jackman without seeing him play. He’s not great but I think he is a character guy who gives an honest effort each night.

      Minor moves or tinkering should be able to be done by the GM, and new AGM without setting off another round of negativity.

      I’m willing to at least wait and see if there is a some rationale provided view the player before jumping to the attack.

  • PrairieStew

    This is perplexing because I had targeted Anaheim as the one possible Western conference destination for either Staios or Sarich in order to relieve our cap situation. I thought this because I thought that Anaheim’s defense was thin; not sure what Lilja and Mara bring and playing Fowler in top 4 might look good now but….. Now we are picking up their castoffs instead of the other way round.

    Like Calgary, Anaheim carrying alot of players on their NHL roster according to CapGeek, guess they had to waive somebody.

  • Gotta love the rush to judgement around these parts. Believe it or not, there just may be a method to the “madness”. Why everyone is so quick to knock the move, I don’t know…

    Top 2 d-men in Abby are out (Kronwall to Europe, Negrin to surgery)… Brodie is an easy assignment (no waivers, added playing time on the farm vs healthy scratch here). Mikkelson gets picked up to be the 6/7 with Staios… he doesn’t work out, they waive him & bring Brodie back up sans rust; it does work, they got an asset for nothing.

    • Because Sutter has been unhinged the last 12 months or so, that’s why. Last year, the carousel featured Stralman, Kronwall, Johnson and then Staios. For what purpose I still can’t rightly divine.

      I don’t know if it’s a bad move personally. It may be nothing at all. But I’m surprised that you’re surprised that there’s judgmental overtones in the initial response. Sutter’s earned the eyebrow raises he gets now.

    • Not sure I buy “It’s for the Heat”… I mean it’s not like Abbotsford is hurting for bodies: In theory they have…

      Nyren (On AHL Deal but hasn’t played)
      Piskula (Who I know nothing about but he’s been playing lately)

      That’s 7 D they have available right now not including either Negrin (Whom I feel bad for) or Brodie.

      I find it difficult to believe that Daz is willing to impose even the minor limitations that a 50 full reserve list entails just so that the farm team can have a better 2nd PP unit d-man.

  • I don’t think its anything more complicated then needing Brodie down in the AHL to replace Negrin and needing a 7th D-man for the Flames.

    Some time in the AHL playing top minutes isn’t going to hurt Brodie’s development at all.

  • Meh. Yawn.

    A serviceable body for the farm. He won’t see any big club action this year (if ever) unless we have the worst rash of injuries in NHL history.

    Why are we talking about this again?

    Edit: Just realized that he would have to clear waivers to make it down to Abbotsford. Guess he will be hanging out in the press box for a while.

    Cheap 2-way contract that expires at the end of the year. Only $687,500 in Calgary, and $62,500 in Abbotsford. Guess this means that they think Brodie & Pelech need more AHL seasoning, which is difficult to argue with.

  • I find it difficult to believe that Daz is willing to impose even the minor limitations that a 50 full reserve list entails just so that the farm team can have a better 2nd PP unit d-man.

    So the farm team can have a better 2nd PP unit d-man? Who – Brodie?

    Abby losing 2 of its top d-men while having an AHL-eligible d-man sitting in the press box in Calgary in Brodie makes his demotion a no-brainer. IF he’s not going to be used as a regular, then let him see big minutes in the A.

    For all we know, this could be a 2 game demotion for him to get him some minutes and stay fresh… or it could be a 20+ game demotion because the organization (rightly or wrongly) feels he’s not one of their best 6 defencemen at this point.

    Remember, if the Flames don’t like Mikkelson, or feel he doesn’t belong once Pardy is healthy, they will have to waive him first, before they can demote him. Who’s to say the Ducks don’t pluck him back and stick him on their farm team, thus decreasing the Flames # of contracts back down to 49.

    What get’s me, is the b!tching & moaning that happens BEFORE any consequences are suffered. It’s like being yelled at by your girlfriend because you MIGHT not know the exact directions… don’t yell at me BEFORE I get lossed, wait until I am actually lossed AND THEN start yelling at me. If you start b!tching about something before any consequence has been suffered and then no consequence ensue’s, you just wasted energy b!tching & moaning about something that didn’t even happen! By all means, if Mikkelson isn’t any good, get’s demoted & stays in the organization all season, and the Flames cannot follow through on a move because of the 50 contracts THEN b!tch & moan, and tell me you told me so… hell, I’ll say “ya, you were right”.

    The Flames picked up a 23 year old d-man for free today, and still its a negative. Why? Because Darryl Sutter made the move.

    I’m the first to admit, I’ve loooooong been a Daz supporter – all the way back to his San Jose & Chicago days – and I too, seriously question some of his recent work. But if Ken Holland or George McPhee or Dean Lombardi added a young defenceman via waivers, I’m sure the vultures wouldn’t be circling them.

    We’re getting as bad as Oiler fans in here, b!tching about who the 7th defenseman is. Give the guy a shot… Brent coached against him in the Dub, so he’s obviously familiar with him. And Bob McKenzie says he could be in the lineup against Detroit. Let’s hope a) Staios plays well enough to stay in the lineup (thus putting off the b!tching for another day) OR b) Staios plays absolutely terrible so that the coaches have no choice but to bench him & we get a look at the new kid.

    • Subversive

      RossCreekNation – It has nothing to do with Darryl in particular, and everything to do with whether the move makes sense or not. As fans of a team, we can bitch and moan all we want. With regards to this move in particular, it just seems odd, when what we really need at the moment is either someone who can score, or cap flexibility. All this does is push us to the contract limit, thus futher limiting our team flexibility. I rate this move a 7 on the Gabrielle Anwar scale. If Darryl makes a move I think is a good one, I’ll say that too, fwiw.