Comment of the Week Winner #1 – Gange!



The first winning comment of our new COTW contest goes to FN member Gange, who won us over with this rant after the *ahem* set-back versus the Washington Capitals:

The three periods in one word each:

Great Abysmal Blah

It’s not shocking to see the same results as last year really. In the end I see this as absolving the coach and vilifying the GM.

I say this because when the team plays, puts effort in, skates hard, they are a smothering forechecking and pretty impressive team. That is the coaching staff. It’s been that way for the last 4 head coaches to different degrees.

Why does this vilify the GM? As I see it the current squad is basically the same as the squad last year that suffered the same problems. They seem fragile. No grand design seems to be coming together to make it better. The additions to this team have not improved the result. I hold the GM office responsible for the intangible as unfair as that might be.

As for Jarome, maybe it is time. Maybe he needs a change of scenery for the remainder of his current contract? Maybe that would give him a new lease on his hockey life. As my favourite player for the past many years it’s hard to see him struggle like he is and as goes Jarome so do the flames.

Last nights embarrassment is another in a list of things that they’ll have to think about. Did anything really change or is this just this year’s version of a 9 goal route by a better team that puts it all in perspective?

Good stuff Gange. We’ll be emailing you details so you can collect your $50 Hudson’s gift certificate today.

Honestly, there were a lot of good choices, so picking just one was a challenge. The quality and depth of the conversation around these parts has jumped up markedly this season and I would like to thank all the frequent commenters for their contributions (even though we may not always agree on everything).

  • One thing I can’t understand about this team and the fans – SO FAST to jump off the bandwagon.

    Last night I heard the most embarrassing comment I’ve ever heard (well… since 2003):

    “At least we still have the Stamps!”

    All I can say is that is disgusting!!!

    • Gange

      Well I can’t comment about jumping on an off the bandwagon really. Having jumped on it while playing goalie in my friends basement pretending to be Rejean Lemelin as he shot an orange hockey ball at me.

      Remember kids, always wear a cup around those things!

    • Fans in every – EVERY – sports market bitch and moan when the team doesn’t live up to expectations. It’s universal and it’s never going to change.

      When people stop saying anything at all after losses is when things are truly grim.

      • I agree with that 100%. The way the fans in this market react means they still love the team. If you can hook someone emotionally, your doing something right, and the Flames are doing something right in that department.

        But this bandwagon jumping stuff needs to stop. Just because you are critical of the team doesn’t make you a bandwagon jumper.

        Look, we don’t want to get Maple Leafed in this market. We don’t want to have to pay sky high prices for a mediocre team with no chance. The fact the fans, consumers, are reacting the way they are, getting mad, talking about taking their money elsewhere, is a great thing. It forces the administration to be serious about winning (at least in theory, anyways). The last thing I would want is a fan base comprised of zombies.

      • Resolute

        No sure I see it that way. Nothing wrong with complaining about losing – that’s natural.

        However, win one and the City is planning a parade route; lose one and TRADE EVERYONE and FIRE THE GM.

        That’s a big much. A week ago you couldn’t fit the “fans” on the wagon. Today people forgot there is a team and want Jarome out of here.

        All I can say is I hope he leaves. He’s the best thing this City has ever had.

        • SmellOfVictory

          People who complain and talk about moves the GM should make tend not to be the bandwagoners. Bandwagoners are people who stop paying attention once the team starts losing, or couldn’t even name enough players to suggest a trade in the first place.

        • GermanFlame

          I think there is some truths to that statement, But some losses I (And I think other people) can accept, and some are just unacceptable. A 4-2 loss to Detroit in their building I can accept, a 4-0 drubbing at the hands of the oilers at the season opener however, Is a whole different story. Could throw in the florida game, and probably the Colorado game too. (Washington game I guess, But I was kind of expecting it)

          So pretty much saying every loss other than the two wings losses are pretty much unacceptable. And at this point, I dont think anyone would be planning the parade route if we beat Minny tomorrow.

          But I do get where you are coming from, People are crazy.

  • Resolute

    If you’ve seen the upper 300s lately, I can safely state that we won’t become as complacent as the Leafs fanbase is.

    The bandwagon is already emptying, but it isn’t the people who are passionate about the team, regardless of what direction that passion goes.

  • Gange

    I’ll tell you, the Flames certainly have their “own” definition of bandwagon fans.

    I can’t EVER remember fans at Rexall booing the Oilers after a loss. That’s just pathetic. They’re trying their best – they won’t make it to the Stanley Cup Finals again. Relax Calgary.