Comment of the Week Winner #2 and #3


Phew. The last couple of weeks have been tough on Flames fans and the resulting discussions and veritable essays in the comment sections made it even tougher to pick COTW winners.

Winner #2 is PrarieStew for this contribution after the loss in Detroit:

…Stanley Cup winners usually have 5 guys that make up the identity of a team and it usually consists of a goalie, one or two defenseman, a dominant centre and a clutch goal scorer. More often than not all of those guys are under 30. Definitely all of them need to be in the top 10 at their position in order to win a cup.

The problem that we have is that the key group has not evolved as it should. Expectation that Iginla can be dominant force and Langkow a top 10 two way centre past their 33rd birthday is not realistic. There is no one to pass the torch to. Bourque will never be Iggy, Bouwmeester has been a disappointment, Stajan might have a decent career but he is not the same as Langkow. So while this group was very close ( although they lost in the first round 4 years in a row, they were contenders annually), the depressing thing is that it can be argued that those coming behind : Bourque, Gio, Bouw, Stajan aren’t as good as the not quite ready for retirement group; and behind them is a veritable death valley of prospects.

Winner #3 is Tach for tying together the Brett Sutter situation with the managerial decisions of his father:

Distrurbing revelations for this evening:

Adrian Aucoin’s cap hit is $2 million.

Steve Staios’s cap hit is $2.7 million.

Darryl Sutter managed to find one player that makes me miss Adrian Aucoin.

And we gave up a player AND a draft pick to get him.

Maybe this was mentioned by the cabbie that Darryl’s kid punched.

Once again, great stuff from everyone recently (even though we’re all kind of on edge at this point). Thanks to all the contributors that continue to make this contest so difficult to judge (and therefore worthwhile).

PS – Tach, please email me for prize info.