Breaking News: Flames trade Brett Sutter and Ian White to CAR

PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 01: Anton Babchuk  of the Carolina Hurricanes skates against the Philadelphia Flyers on November 1, 2010 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Flyers defeat the Hurricanes 3-2. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)


According to twitter reports, Sutter and White have been dealt to Carolina for Anton Babchuk and Tom Kostopolous.

Like White, Babchuk is an offensive minded rearguard who can sometimes have adventures in his own end. Kostopolous is an established NHLer, albeit a rather limited one. He adds to the log-jam of 3rd and 4th liners on the Flames bottm-end.

I don’t know how this effects the team on the ice (if at all), but the best news is the Flames save about $1M in cap space.

More detailed analysis later.

  • GoShamesGo

    How many times is Darryl going to shoot himself in the dick before someone fires him?

    Typical Darryl trade:

    -Take the shitty return from his last useless trade and get equally shitty return for it.

    -Give up youth (potential) for experience (someone over 30)

    -Give up top of the roster for bottom of the roster and call it “depth”

    -Involve his family. Now Brett gets to play with Brandon.

    The only unexpected part of this trade is that we dumped salary. I wonder how Darryl will waste the $1M he just made. If its to bring up Kotalik I might throw up.

  • w, terrible asset managment by the Flames. The Leafs fed White favourable zone starts last year, inflating both his boxcars and other underlyings. This made his trade value high enough to allow the Leafs to get a franchise player, captain, and true leader in Dion Phaneuf. On the other hand, the Flames buried White, making him look awful, and exposing him for the true fruad he really is.I said it the first time White was traded and will say it again: Gilmour trade part II.

  • A18

    Once again Daz has left me scratching my head. The Flames continue to be an emotional roller coaster. Hopefully this is a precursor to something beneficial to the club.

    • Like losing 15 or so more games before 2011 and ridding ourselves of Daz once and for all. That’s the only beneficial thing I see coming to this franchise. Daz wrote himself off in my book with the Phaneuf trade. Today he manages re-open wounds. (disclaimer: I’m not upset about Dion being gone…just upset Daz let the Flames get robbed like that.)

  • jbeach403

    I would have loved to have heard Brett’s phone call to his mom to tell her the news!

    Anyone wanna bet that Darryl is crashing on the couch in his office tonight?

  • everton fc

    Salary dump. No question about it. Perhaps for another move…?

    Babchuk has been in the minors a lot for a former #1 pick. And Russia. Perhaps going back to the Russian league will pay off like it did for Gio?! One can dream. He’s still young. Big, but not broad. Has a better shot than White.

    Salary dump.

    Kostopoulos is probably capable of more offence than Jackman, willing to toss the gloves occasionally. Someone compared him to Nystrom. He’s broader, maybe similar point-production. A fourth line of he and Jackman between Conroy… ??? And he’s 31 in January… ???

    We have Meyer, and a few others on the farm that are of the same caliber as Sutter. No loss there. And he’s not awfully big.

    Perhaps something larger remains on the horizon? I wouldn’t think Kostopoulos is a RW to add to the depth charts if Iggy is moved. Perhaps he simply keeps moving – with a few others?

    Glad to see White go. Too small. Doesn’t fit here.

    If Babchuk can put up points like 08-09 season – super. He certainly no worse than White. Not really. And he’s certainly not a #4 defencemen.

    Sarich suddenly is… For the moment.

  • Red Mile

    Will this trade solidify us as true cup contenders? No.
    Will this trade put this team further down the absymal hole we are already in? Not really.
    White did good for us but not great. And the word ‘great’ is used quite seldomly around this club for quite some time.
    Is it okay to have scotch before 3:00pm on Wednesday. Yes.

      • the-wolf

        Surely Kent, you must have at least liked my idea from your White trade thread better than this move?

        There was a time when I would have given Sutter the benefit of the doubt on a move like this, but that time has come and gone. There are so many Sutter cowbells tied up in this one trade that it is bordering on comical.

        -Aging, grinding style winger, check

        -defensive depth, check (Double Anton bonus – Stralman v. Babchuk – The former was two years younger and put up 34 points last year in Columbus. The one the Flames now have put up 22 points in 49 games last year…in the KHL.)

        -Looking out for the family, Brett gets babysat by cousin Brandon in Carolina, check

        -No prospects or picks coming back, check

        -By all appearances an asset is being dealt with no apparent investigation into alternative opportunities, check (I mean, did Sutter even ask one other team if they were interested in a trade. Since his kid got in the dust up 5 days ago? It’s inconceivable he did a proper investigation as to the best return for a package of these two players)

        Its all just so…inexplicable, infuriating, frustrating…bah!

        • Kostopolous is almost certainly a salary throw in.

          Clearly Brett Sutter needed to go to another organization. Would you prefer that they keep him?

          White makes $3M/year, is sucking badly, and he is a UFA in July. How many teams do you think would have been lining up to trade for White? I would argue that Sutter should have been BEGGING other teams to take White.

          How many teams would be willing to give you a high draft pick for White? Anybody taking him on is doing it for the short term and is taking a huge risk that he’ll find his game. White’s trade value is/was minimal at best.

          Let’s say you did manage to trade White for a pick. Now you aren’t getting a body back that can play right now. The already bad PP gets even worse. Then Sutter gets roasted.

          Dreger and Feaster say that this deal has been in the works for weeks. Do we believe Dreger? I do.

  • Graham

    Babchuk is a big guy who plays soft, vs White a small guy who plays soft, both seem to have reasonable offensive upside. Maybe a change of location will benefit both guys… Kind of a wash if you factor in the saved cap space?

    Basically liked Meyers play this season, so I am not sure why we are acquiring another bottom six forward…especially since he is under contract for next year. Guess the GM defaulted to form and thought we needed another vetearn…
    Could work… no real loss in Brett Sutter.

    Overall, somewhere beteen blah and neutral

  • the-wolf

    Frankly, after watching the way White played last year here and in TO, vs. the way he played this year, I think he played his way out on purpose.

    Ditto for what Iggy is trying to do. To terrified of his image if the trade request ever leaked out. I mean I think a lot of people, especially in this town, have overrated him for while now, but he’s not THAT bad of a player.

    The end is nigh.

  • Late joiner…craziest day ever back at the shop.

    Couple things…Kent is a god, way to write that White post two days before the trade. Outstanding.

    Second…I don’t get this one myself. I wasn’t a huge fan of White, and felt his stats weren’t on par with what he’s actually capable of…but why not let that money come off the cap at the end of the year?

    I haven’t looked at Babchuk’s deeper stats, but from what I’ve been able to understand, he’s not really an upgrade on White…so how does this make the team better?

    • Sutter had to sign White based on his work last year. There would have been a MUTINY if he just let White walk.

      Babchuk is only signed until this summer. He doesn’t have a no trade clause. You can just let Babchuk walk, but you only have to pay him $1.4M instead of $3M.

      He is 7″ taller than White and has significant offensive upside. His shot is a CANON. He was 8th in the league in defenseman goal scoring in 08-09 with 16 goals. He is a right handed point shot. If he improves the PP then this trade works.

      I don’t see how he can be much worse than White was this year?

      • 55.6% offensive zone start for Babchuk in 08-09, so not massively high. From what I’ve heard: great shot, good offensive instincts, good on the powerplay.

        Okay, that’s great…but instead of losing $3 million off the cap when White doesn’t re-sign, you now take on Kostopoulos at just under $1 million for next year.

        It doesn’t mesh for me. Is Babchuk going to be the difference to them making or missing the playoffs this year? I think not…the same way White isn’t the reason why Calgary is 7-9. It just seems like a totally lateral move.

        • It’s a completely lateral move. It also clears enough money off the chart so that when you bring Kotalik back the team will be cap compliant (or at least close enough that Meyer alone going down to Abby does the trick).

          • Exactly. Plus there needs to be some form of a shake up. White got fat and lazy in Toronto. Signed a swan of a deal and came to camp out of shape. This is a good salary dump. It’s sad Iggy got kicked out of his house by wifey. When it rains it pours with our luck as Flames fans. sheesh. Great foresight Kent. Love it. Can’t wait to see your analysis on Babchuck vs White.

  • I need time to watch the club but right now we are looking at Dion Phaneuf for Kostoupolous, Babchuk, Stajan and Hagman.

    I still cannot understand the hocley side of the deal that we would have either gone after draft picks or some players in the minors. The Leafs wanted Keith Aulie thrown into the deal but the Flames were content with what they were getting in return. Stajan is NOT going to be a number one and he will be lucky to stay between #2 and #3, I also find him on the softer side. Hagman is working out pretty well. The bottom line whether we like or dislike Dion and whether we think he is a dick head or not he still went number 10 in the draft and we just have nothing to show for it. How can we give up a #1 for Olli but not get some form of prospect back in return for that trade. It makes me think the deal with Dion was partially salary and chemistry and today was salary and getting rid of a guy that they had no ability to resign and was a -10.

    Let’s hope Babchuk surprises us, develops into a solid player and a positive offensive side.

  • I think this will send a good message to the team in terms up “I will trade my son if he doesn’t perform, what makes you think your safe?” kinda way. White was performing way below expectations IMO so I don’t really care about him leaving.