Breaking Rumor: Kings Have Tabled an Offer for Iginla

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 15: Brayden Schenn  of the Los Angeles Kings looks to pass during the game against the Vancouver Canucks at the Staples Center on October 15, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)


According to Dean Millard on the Pipeline show, the Los Angeles Kings are charging hard after Jarome Iginla, offering recently demoted prospect Branyden Schenn as part of the package.

Schenn is the brother of Leaf Luke Schenn and a former 5th overall draft pick. He scored 99 points in the WHL last year, but struggled mightily in his NHL audition this year as a 19 year-old. He’s a legit offensive prospect, but I’m guessing there would have to be more to the package for it to entice the Flames.

Interesting rumor to say the least.

  • On one hand I’d love to see Jarome traded for some young guys, but then it really makes me disappointed that Sutter didn’t do the same with Dion. Some solid players could have been had instead of Stajan, Hagman and White.

  • everton fc

    Clib may have it right – if you move Iggy, raid their farm. Starting with Schenn, though perhaps they see something in him that makes him expendable?….

    I’d also consider a move featuring Iggy and White for Schenn, Simmonds, Hickey… But what do you do with the overage of forwards? You’d need to get a defenceman to replace White, in my scenario. You certainly relieve some cap burden…

    Simmonds could turn out to be another Bourque. You never know. We still need a centre. Now. Moving Iggy for Schenn, others… Doesn’t give us a centre. But it also doesn’t smash existing chemistry on existing lines…

    If they can somehow land Dustin Brown as part of this… Doubtful, I know. But this move, if they pickup Schenn, signals a rebuild, doesn’t it?

    As far as Regehr… He’s not a problem. We need him.

    We’ll see if this rumour pans out. It’d be a sad day for Iggy and the Flames. But maybe the time is right.

  • everton fc

    new captain: Definately not Reggie. He’s been a problem for years, a coach killer. If youre wanting to go “New” I think Gio has the talent and the potential.

  • everton fc

    So if we trade Iggy then do we try and move Kipper? If this is truly a rebuild then he would probably fetch something good in return – a team like washington who just doesn’t seem to do much in the playoffs might be interested. Of course would prefer to keep both and add a few other depth players – but not sure how we can get the offence. But if we lose Kipper and Iggy not much sunshine on the horizon.

  • Arik

    That’s a bit of a leap.

    Experienced forwards with track records of success can make decent but otherwise unspectacular linemates look better.

    I mean every time I watch the Kings it’s Handzus making the plus plays – the retrieve, the dash, the soft dump, the retrieve, etc.

    Though IIRC there was a wicked goal scored against us that I believ was Simmonds. Iggy like, on the LW with a wrister. Other thaan that…

    • It’s an assumption based on firm ground, but an assumption it remains. I don’t think they’d leave Simmonds with Handzus against the big boys if he was merely a passenger. Of course, I haven’t done a WOWY so we’re groping around in the dark either way.

      I’ve liked what I’ve seen out of Simmonds, for what that’s worth. Hard on the puck and mean. He’s played tough minutes a lot already and he’s not even 23. Seems like a decent target at 850k.

      • Robert Cleave

        He’s likely as good as David Moss is, and I’m not damning him with faint praise when I say that, since I suspect most around these parts know the esteem I hold #25 in. For someone that just turned 22 in August, the man is already a reasonably proficient NHLer, and that’s worth considering. I don’t doubt that Schenn would be seen as the centerpiece of any deal, but sleeping on Wayne Simmonds would be wrong, IMO.

        All this said, I’ll repeat what I often try to point in out in these situations. It’s a lot easier to make moves in the summer when flexibility for teams is at its peak, so any in-season move automatically reduces the number of potential deals that a club can reasonably hope to make.

        I don’t dispute that Darryl Sutter has shown a willingness to gamble, given that he flushed Dion last winter, but if the Flames are actually contemplating a trade for Iginla, he’s limited the likely suitors by waiting until now. Last summer might have been the time to make a play, but unless the Flames are absolutely out of it by mid-season, next summer would offer the best chance for a solid return. L.A. is about the only team that’s good enough to make this sort of move while having the financial wherewithal to try during the season. A limited market isn’t my ideal scenario if the club is auctioning off a major component.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Possible expectations for a trade.

    Peter Forsberg was traded from Philly to Nashville at age 34. Injuries had a part of it, but still showed a decline in points.

    He was traded for Upshall (24 years old) first full year in the league, Ryan Parent(20 year old) former first rounder 2 years before. A First Rounder and a Third Rounder.

    Keith Tkachuk in the same year at age 35 to Atlanta for Metropolit (just over 100 games) 2- First Rounders and a Second

    Doug Weight to Carolina at 35 for Jesse Boulerice (28 years old) Mike Zigomanis (26 years old) rights to Magnus Kahnberg, First rounder, and 2-4th rounders

    Paval Demitra to Minnesota – 32 years old for Patrick O’Sullivan (21 years old) and a first round pick

    Robert Lang to Detroit – 35 – for Fleischmann (20 years old) First Rounder (Mike Green) and a 4th rounder.

    Owen Nolan 31 – to Toronto for McCauley, Brad Boyes (21) and a First Rounder

    • Can somebody email this to Sutter? Tell him this is his guideline. I wouldn’t want him to screw something as monumental as trading the Franchise player (possibly the greatest Flame ever) away for 2 former 20 goal scorers, a middling defenseman, and an aging grinder. Sutter would probably throw in a draft pick or prospect just to ice the deal!

  • @caleb
    I didn’t ask for your opinion on whether or not the Flames wanted him. I was curious on what R O thinks of him as a forward, he has an interesting take on the game. If I want information on what big body center the Flames want then I’ll be sure to ask you.

  • Section 216

    I think I speak for many.

    I’d like to see how these days off help, the two games against PHX and CHI and the 5 in 7 Road Trip before I’d even dare to move Iginla.

    Still way too early.

  • What I know about Stoll:

    1.) Oilers used him as a tough min centre and he was good at it according to the people who pay attention to that

    2.) Looks like a really useful offensive zone guy. Saw him make a couple of plays where he’d back off when the defending team looked to have possession, then would drift back into the slot as soon as his wingers forced a turnover. That’s the kind of instincts you’d expect from a good NHL centre (hope Backlund watches game tapes)

    3.) Plays on the PP point, plus shot. Completely useless on this team, BRent will make his own choices and damn the torpedoes

  • One thing to keep in mind… even if this were true and comes to pass (and I’d bet money it doesn’t) and the Flames were to “raid the farm” we’d have to send prospects back the other way (no open reserve list slots).

    And on the off chance it does come to pass I hope Loktionov would be a part of it… heck just wait out Taylor Hall’s ELC and we’ll have ourselves a Spitfires reunion.

    I think I’d hate to see the day. I can’t imagine a Jarome Iginlaless Flames team.

  • dustin642

    LA values its tough minute guys like Handzus, Smyth, Williams ect, and IF this trade rumor is legit, none of those players (my guess) will be involved because of the importance they have to the Kings actually winning games. Also no way Brown is involved either. Simmonds would be a great piece for a return, if the Flames could pull off a Iggy for Schenn Simmonds and a 1st rounder, I would be fairly happy (eventually). Hickey would be a good piece too, but would we really need him? We still have Brodie and Erixon yet to claim their spot on this roster roughly within the same time frame as Hickey would, and with a bunch of guys tied down on the back end to big money deals, I just don’t see it. But maybe with White and Staios gone by next year there will be some room??
    Maybe Sutter is getting smarter? Perhaps taking a page out of Burke’s book (the Tomas Kaberle sweepstakes that took place all friggin summer) and creating a buzz about a player that is available, thus driving the interest and offers for said player through the roof? Or maybe this is Darryl’s last ditch effort to light a fire under Iggy…. Probably not, but IF Iggy goes on a tear the next little while and lights its up, I’d bet that his motivation had something to do with him hearing some serious rumors of him being asked to waive his NTC…..

  • icedawg_42

    “According to Dean Millard on the Pipeline show, the Los Angeles Kings are charging hard after Jarome Iginla, offering recently demoted prospect Branyden Schenn as part of the package.”

    Looks like bloggers are trying to steal a story yet AGAIN! Robert Cribb speculated on this rumour months ago for the Star. Plagiarism at its finest.

  • Arik

    I can’t tell if that’s actually Cox being a dick, or someone doing a bizarrely accurate impression of him in an attempt to make him look even worse. If that’s possible.

  • First off, RO, I think I love you.

    Secondly, even thinking about trading Jarome makes me 1. angry 2. sad 3. despondent 4. confused. Everyone already knows my stance on this, but I can’t imagine that Darryl Sutter is the best person to swing a trade involving one of the most beloved players in NHL history who happens to be struggling thus far this season. And don’t give me that “Feaster will watch over it” BS. That wasn’t his team that won in TB, it was Dudley’s. Feaster’s a lawyer, not a hockey GM. So much wrong with this.

    • You need to get over it-the GM/AGM are the guys who make trades-in Iggy’s case it would probably require special approvals, both Iggy’s and Managements.
      I would seperate Sutters performance and say I hope he doesn’t use the same criteria as he used in some questionable 2010 trades but uses pre 2010 criteria where he made good trades/aquisitions.

      • That’s what I’m saying. The GM has first say, our GM is a moron. The AGM has second say, our AGM is a moron. Iggy has to waive his NMC, Management has to approve moving an asset which keeps a lot of cash flowing in, etc. Why would you assume he would revert to pre-2010 trade skill? He is who he is. What is the last good trade he made? The one that brought Cammi or Bork in? That was more then two years ago now.

  • Re: “win now” and trading Iginla.

    Frankly folks, trading Iginla is most certainly not synonymous with this club throwing in the towel. Really, really good hockey skaters are worth a couple of wins a year to a team. Good ones are worth maybe one or two. I don’t even know if Iginla is in that category…at least, not on this team as it’s currently constructed.

    I honestly don’t think it would overly harm this club in the short term to deal Iginla for a prospect.

    Sacrilege, I know. But everything I’ve looked at from Jarome over the last few years and everything I’ve seen from him this season suggests he’s no longer amongst the indispensables in the league.

    • Irregardless if he is being effective or not, he creates space. A top line of Tanguay, Bourque and Stajan would get murdered by comparibles. Then, that makes your second line Jokinen, Hagman and Glencross (or Simmonds, etc). Hardly a powerhouse you can fall back on. Third line, fourth line, etc… And I’m not even taking into account “Iginla/Kipper/Reggie” conundrum you end up having with getting rid of one of those three.

    • icedawg_42

      I agree, Ken. But I will bet Darryl Sutter’s farm that this trade is realized in the off-season or possibly even as early as the trade deadline, as opposed to the next couple of months. Smoke signals are being sent, but it’s not the time for a pow-wow yet. Plus, if we are going to forego a roster player for prospects and draft picks, trade Iginla for Schenn, a 1st rounder, and Derek Forbort. Mark my words, the latter is a Chris Pronger in the making, and will outshine Hickey (more of a Dan Boyle guy who is already personified by Brodie) and Teubert (this guy fits the mould of a top line shut-down defenceman like Regher). Schenn and Forbort, in addition to the cap relief such a deal would entail, would most likely precipitate a hasty turn around in the next couple of years as a young core led by Borque, Gio, and, yes, Reggie could make huge waves. Alternatively, forego the first rounder and try to coax Simmonds out of L.A. Then try trading White for a low first rounder, high second rounder.

    • I tend to agree.

      Jarome used to take the team on his back and win games. He just isn’t that guy anymore. Now we’re lucky if he does it a couple of times a season.

      I love Jarome. Would love to see him retire a Flame. But I just don’t see how trading him is the end of the world.

      He is on pace for 50 points and -25. Not the kind of stats that you expect from a $7M player.

      Flames management needs to decide: Is Iggy going to retire a Flame? Or do they want to cash in before he loses all his value?

      If they decide on the latter then the time is now. This team isn’t a cup contender. They will be hard pressed to make the playoffs. Iggy isn’t getting any younger and his value will likely never be higher.

    • Well, then you’d be losing a farm (or paying for a new one?)

      Sutter is here as long as King is. Feaster does dick all behind the scenes. Sutter would be the one negotiating this, and the Owners would be the ones with the final say.

      • icedawg_42

        I agree that Sutter would indeed be involved in the proceedings, but not as the guiding force. The Flames current predicament has not solely been the consequence of Iginla’s decline or, more appropriately in my opinion, the incompatability between Brett’s system and Iggy;s style of play, but the machinations of Sutter over the last two years. The organization will seek to proverbially kill two birds with one stone by demoting Sutter if they go into semi-rebuild mode, which is what an Iginla trade would herald.

        • My question, then, who is the “guiding force”? Feaster is an awful hockey GM, King is a business man and none of the coaching staff is equipped for negotiations like that. Like I said, as long as King is there Sutter will be. No “demotion” for him.

          • I agree wholeheartedly, but my instincts tell me Feaster will arise to the forefront, regardless of the fact that you, I, and countless others believe him to be a middling GM at best. In other words, he sucks, but he’ll be the only alternative available once the status quo is disturbed. But, damn, the prospect of Iggy not being a Flame is gut-wrenching no matter what the circumstances. I met the guy multiple times during my four year stay in Calgary between 2002-2006 and he’s such a sociable, upstanding guy, not to mention the heart of the team for the last decade. He was the only reason the team was even relevant in the dark years of non-playoff hockey.

          • He’s the only reason the team even exists. Remember Flames Forever in 2000? I sure as hell do. I acknowledge that I have a huge emotional attachment to him-perhaps more then anyone else. At this point in time, I’m more of an Iggy fan then a Flames fan.

  • @R O
    Yeah seems like LA really has a stocked cupboard with solid two-way forwards. Thanks for your Stoll thoughts.

    I can’t believe you actually said the word ‘Irregardless.’ Even Big Ern McGrattan is smart enough to know that’s a word retarded Americans use to sound intelligent…

  • the-wolf

    Please, oh please, take the deal.

    Schenn is the kind of centreman this team needs to build around.

    Man, I just do not understand the love fest for Iginla, the guy cherry-picks the entire game, never plays D and is only interested in scoring 1-timers.

    Get Schenn and leave him down there and send Backlund back down too. I have grave concerns over his development. Let those 2 and Nemiesz and Wahl, Bordie and Negrin develop chemistry down there.

    Trade Regehr and Kipper too. Lets grab a top 5 pick. 3 years we look awesome and may one day actually compete to win the Cup, rather than “staying competitive.”

    Of course, gutting the entire organization of King, Feaster and every Sutter on the planet is a prerequisite.

    • icedawg_42

      Rumor has it LA envisions Schenn as a future “second line center behind Kopitar” – why should we envision him as a first liner? I’ve watched him play plenty at the WHL level, he’s a talented guy for sure, but wasnt an absolute stand out. Not sure I’d pencil him in as T.H.E guy to build around.

      • the-wolf

        Because we’re trading a 33 year old Iginla who’s on pace for 50 points and not a 30 year old Iginla with 50 goals.

        People need to get over their love of this guy and start viewing him in an unbiased way as an asset, because that’s what he is.

        If we were going to win with him we already would have. No one can look at this Flames team and think that’s going to happen this year or next.

        Also, 7 million in cap space – that’s a big deal.

  • everton fc

    So… L.A. wants Iginla on the same line as Kopitar, a really good centre.

    Why don’t we unload Bouwmeester (or maybe White and one of our current forwards) for a really good centre, and see if Iggy ignites?

  • It comes down to this: Why keep Iggy if he is clearly not going to be part of a cup run in the next 2 years?

    1) He is taking up a ton of cap space.
    2) He isn’t making anybody around him better.
    3) He is a rapidly depreciating asset.

    I really do believe that he still has a few good good years left. I would love for those years to be here. But it is hard to believe that those years are going to happen in Calgary.

    The Flames fan in me doesn’t want to trade him, but I kind of wonder if this team needs to trade him.

    We’re sitting here in 14th place in the west. We can’t get much worse, and we’re doing it with Iggy. How much worse could it get without him?