Postgame: A Valiant Effort Comes Up Short

DETROIT - NOVEMBER 21: Jarome Iginla  of the Calgary Flames takes a slap shot against the Detroit Red Wings during their NHL game at Joe Louis Arena on November 21, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

It was a game where Calgary probably deserved a better fate, especially the way they dominated things in the third period, but in the end, they’d fall 3-2 in a shootout in Anaheim.  Calgary erased a 2-0 deficit in the third period to force extra time, and once you get to overtime and a shootout, roll a dice or flip a coin…the Ducks come away with the two points.

What Happened

A fairly even first period saw Anaheim score the first goal of the evening, thanks to Lubomir Visnovsky.  It started with a nice drag move from Ryan Getzlaf at his own blueline; once he entered the offensive zone, he left off for Visnovsky who made a move of his own before wiring a laser of a shot past Calgary goalie Henrik Karlsson, good for his fourth of the season.  Shots ended 11-8 and the Ducks took a lead into the second.

Anaheim would extend their lead at 16:29 of the second period, thanks to Dan Sexton who drove the net hard and took a pass from Brandon McMillan to cash his second of the season, and things looked rather bleak for the visitors.  The Flames controlled most of the second period in terms of possession, but didn’t convert enough of that time with the puck into scoring chances; overall, shots favored Calgary again 13-7.

You knew there’d be a push in the third period, and that’s exactly what there was.  The Flames had slowly tilted this game and seemed to be really clicking at times in the second period, so you wondered what would happen in the final frame.  The Ducks had surrendered third period, two goal leads in their previous two games, so you knew they were fragile, and the Flames took advantage of it.  Calgary scored on their sixth powerplay of the game at 6:58 thanks to Olli Jokinen; his slap shot from just high of the right circle beat Jonas Hiller to put the Flames within one, and then the push really began.  Calgary was all over the Ducks for the rest of the period and tied it at 13:25; a Mark Giordano point shot would tip off Jarome Iginla’s stick and then David Moss’s stick and past Hiller; Moss would get his third and we were off to OT.

The overtime period was all Anaheim, thanks to a Brendan Morrison hooking penalty, but they wouldn’t score, so off to a shootout.  Anaheim got goals from Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry to come away with the win; Calgary’s only goal would come on a nice move from Alex Tanguay.

One Good Reason…

…why the Flames lost?  This is a tough one, because I really did like Calgary’s effort…but they lost because they fell down 2-0, plain and simple.  The job they did slowly tilting things was impressive, and their third period was extremely impressive; but they were only able to tie it, and couldn’t come away with a win in regulation, although they were very, very close.  Once you’re in OT and a shootout…it’s a coin flip, it really is.

Red Warrior

NEWARK, NJ - NOVEMBER 24: Jay Bouwmeester  of the Calgary Flames during a hockey game against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center on November 24, 2010 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)

Jay Bouwmeester played 34:24 and was a tower of power for the Calgary Flames, I loved his game once again.  He ended up with four blocked shots, and was extremely, extremely sound all the way around.  I know this guy gets a lot of flack for the contract he signed, but in my mind, he’s Calgary’s best player right now.  Another great, great game from #4.

Sum It Up

I don’t really know what to say about this one.  The Flames certainly deserved to tie this game, and you can certainly make the case they deserved a better fate overall.  But they only earned the one point, and they need to look at this upcoming three game home stand to try and string wins together.  What’s worse, the Ducks, Avalanche, Oilers and Stars all gained two points on this night, and the Flames find themselves dead last in the Western Conference.

  • I keep checking this website for a “Flames breaking news update”. All people in “the know” keep saying if the Flames were to make any major changes this would probably be the weekend to do it. Guess the team figures after that convincing shoot-out loss to the very powerful Ducks is enough to save the year. Yeah, maybe not, I’ll check back in another hour or so.

    • wasn’t even a mention of the flames on hnic.calgary’s hometown reporter eric francis talked about the oilers instead. amazing how enthusiasm and hope outweigh doom and gloom.watched the naslund ceremony,ould envision darryll pulling off an iggy night without a translator.

      • Enthusiasm and hope are good qualities which might be something you may want to consider from time to time. Your numerous posts regardless of the topic seem to be thinly veiled opportunities to slam the Sutters.

        Are there any Flames players or anything about the Flames organization you view positively? If there is please share with us.

        The Canucks tribute to Naslund was first class but I don’t understand the need to use it as another opportunity to again slam someone.

        • i apologize if my comments may have offended your sensitivities.i respect the fact that you are entitled to your opinion. however, i am not alone in my views, in fact i am part of the majority. the managerial performance of the calgary flames has been detrimental to the organization.many well respected hockey pundits have stated the same opinion. the calgary herald flames chat is dominated by fans who share my views. thanks.

  • @Dotfras: Let’s examine an exchange earlier this thread.

    -SNOOP BLOGG: I thought Jarome played like a bull last night

    -DOTFRAS: @Snoop Blogg
    Totally. On that second goal sequence he was ALL over the ice for like a buck thirty. Couldn’t believe he was on the ice for that long given’er.

    Then, a little bit later:

    -DOTFRAS: Yeah I like the who “we have too many players so if you play like garbage you get scratched” mentality. It’ll be a statement if and when Iggy gets scratched.

    OBSERVATION: Dotfras seems to initially support Mr. Blogg’s comments in which he praised Iginla. But then later on seems to imply that Iginla should be scratched.

    CONCLUSION: Dotfras is a retard.

    DISCUSSION: Dotfras likely heard Steinberg mention FlamesNation on the Overtime one night when he was trying to call in and voice his strange, contradictory comments regarding the Flames. Since the Fan 960 screens calls from mental asylums, it is likely that Dotfras gave up on calling in and now plagues these forums to make delusional comments such as “Hagman can garner a nice pick & prospect.” (Source: comment #13.)

    OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Stronger messages must be sent to politicians to increase the restrictions levied on dangerous, institutionalized mental patients like Dotfras from discussing The Calgary Flames in the public domain.

    • Never once did I imply that Iginla should be scratched. I noted that he has been playing well as of late.

      Also have made it clear that I think Stajan has been playing like garbage.

      Maybe what I said didn’t come across exactly how it was meant to, but what I did not say is “I think Iginla should be scratched.”

      What I was getting at was that Darryl’s method of scratching whoever’s playing bad might have a positive effect on the motivation level of this team, and that it’d be a big statement if Iginla has an off game and ends up getting scratched.

      Furthermore, please tell me how Hagman couldn’t garner a pick or a prospect? Don’t really think that idea is that far fetched…….

      • hagmans minutes have been on the decline of late. this lessens his market value. always liked hags as a depth guy throughout his career.he could fetch a late second rounder but probably a third. factor in age, and 3 mill a season. 20 goal guy on the downside of his career.

  • I personally think the sutters are doing an okay job. I believe they maybe just don’t have the best chemistry to work with in the room. My gut is telling me it is time to blow up this experiment and hire the best scout in the league, look at Stu Macgregor in Edmonton and what he has done in the last 3 years. True a lot of these prospects are young and havnt performed for a long time but it looks promising for them. The new NHL is all about scouting. THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL FOR IGGY, TRADE SOON OR DEPRECIATE FURTHER AN ALLREADY DEPRECIATED ASSET.

    • so teddy, you are okay with being in last place in the conference. you are okay with the poor free agent signing, and are okay with the trades. bringing in a scout would not address the problems the team is facing. they have traded away the right to draft. 1 pick in the first 100, unless you are okay with going the route of signing undrafted college kids the way toronto did. bet vanilla is your favourite pudding too.

      • I don’t think you are in any way qualified to determine if anyone has played the game competitively. Is it reasonable to assume that anyone who doesn’t agree with you couldn’t know hockey?
        The Flames management may have made some questionable moves in the last year or so but based on your postings over the past while I must question both your objectivity and knowledge,
        You and everyone else are certainly entitled to their opinion. Being the most frequent poster doesn’t in any way make you an expert capable of determining who has played competitively.

    • so obviously you wouldn’t have an issue with upgrading the gm of the flames then. okay is never good enough, particularily when the goal is to win the stanley cup. and being one player away is the same as saying i think i tweeked a muscle. lame excuses.

    • RodBlogojevich

      “okay is not a word used by competitors.nobody with a strong passion to win is okay with mediocrity.”

      Bud you gotta lace em’ up and put on the Flaming C Sweater. The fire and passion you show on these message boards proves that you not only know hockey but have the competitive spirit that will lead Calgary to victory

  • Let the sutters ride it out, they have both been proven extremely capable at what they do. Sure there’s been some blips in the radar but being a true fan means taking the good with the bad. Just let them right the ship and enjoy the process, besides it scouting that makes the difference. Mmm vanilla pudding

    • SmellOfVictory

      I don’t think you’ll find many people who agree with you on that. Brent Sutter’s coaching record with the Flames has been pretty terrible, and Darryl’s record as GM has been very sketchy. The mistakes he makes, when he makes them, are generally really stupid/big ones.

  • SmellOfVictory

    I think it’s always a knee jerk reaction to fire coaches and sometimes GM’s (although this wouldn’t be one of them). Honestly can you ever remember a team truly making a remarkable turn around based on a coaching change, I can’t besides the 08 penguins but there players were far better than ours are. START THE 4-5 YEAR PLAN. The dream is over, theres a couple usefull pieces a solid ownership/ management group and a city dyeing for a championship. Let the drafting begin and the sutters will bring glory.

    • SmellOfVictory

      in 4 or 5 years, if your plan centres around a rebuild with gio and jbo as the core. those guys would be 32 or 33 years old. twilight years for most nhlers. all through the draft means winning the lottery almost ever year.

    • RodBlogojevich

      Excellent concluding statement there, I’m going to highlight it again because it is so awesome:

      “Let the drafting begin and the sutters will bring glory.”

      Thanks for taking the time to share that with us, Teddy. I know you’re probably really busy with your Mensa commitments, but it means a lot for us to witness your brilliance.

  • RodBlogojevich

    I see where Abbotsford is in 2nd place despite a rash of injuries.

    In terms of our prospects Ryan Howse is off to Team Cda final Jr camp.
    He is 3rd in goals with 22 along with 16 assists in 29 games.
    Flame prospect Tim Erixon will be on the blueline for Sweden at the tournament.

    Updates on other Junior Players
    Games Goals Assist +/-
    Reinhart- 33 17 10 +13
    Leach 33 4 12 +15
    Ferland 19 5 9 -3
    Despite being injured to start the season is getting stronger. He had 3 assist and a fight tonight and assists and was 1st star.
    Holland 30 11 15 +3

  • icedawg_42

    This roster is and should be around .500 That is an integral problem with the makeup of the team, and the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the GM. This team is underacheiving even for a team I would expect to be .500 (going much further back than the beginning of this season). This blame needs to be shared by the players and coaching staff. I can’t see how anyone could justify giving Darryl Sutter a passing grade here. And as for a “5 year plan” – we’ve seen the beginning, middle and end of Darryl’s 5 year plan. It may have looked good for a while, but overall, it is a fail.

    • icedawg_42

      totally agree. darryll has been dining out on the freakish cup run, yet totally dismantled the said team. the 5 year plan apparently was 5 years without a plan.nothing tangible through the draft, almost a blank sheet.a game plan in today’s nhl that is based on scoring two is a head scratcher.the last 2 years have been groundhog day.

      • icedawg_42

        I dont think the problem was ever that darryl dismantled the cup running team. That team was good for the old NHL but wouldnt have made it very far these days. The present squad is mostly just a revamped version of the 04 squad, but who aren’t as hungry. The problem is that Darryl has just been on a milksie binge since the lockout and no ones really told him that they made changes

  • icedawg_42

    To expand on my last post – a properly constructed team should not have to play to 100% of their potential every night, just to eke out a 2-1 victory. Unfortunately that’s where the Flames are right now – credit for a hard fought game, but it’s sad to see the outcome!

  • icedawg_42

    Over 160 man games lost to injury, the flames ate finally getting healthy and with a glut of forwards I like having the ability to sit a player when he’s not towing the line. This is when Brent is at his best. Am I optimistic the flames can pull it out? Absolutely. Will they? Who knows.

    Plus, I liked the Ollie Iggy Bourque line tossed out there against the ducks. They leaned on them pretty good and overall the puck control down low was impressive. If that type of play is what we can expect from here on in I would be satisfied.

    • PrairieStew

      160 man games?

      Langkow 30 – Ok
      Stone 30 – uh, big deal
      Kotalik 28 – nothing to prove we are better with him.
      Ratis “one punch” Ivanins – 29.

      Ok Bourque missed 2 or 3 as did Stajan – big deal.

      The only guy they are missing on that list is Langkow, whose presence as a healthy player October 1 would have eliminated the need to sign Brendan Morrisson.

      Injuries clearly not a reason this team is struggling.