Breaking – Darryl Sutter Steps Down as Flames GM

VANCOUVER - APRIL 8: Head coach Darryl Sutter of the Calgary Flames looks on before the game against the Vancouver Canucks at General Motors Place on April 8, 2006 in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver defeated Calgary 3-2 in overtime. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)


According to Vicki Hall, Darryl Sutter has (finally?) stepped down as the Flames General Manager, leaving Jay Feaster in charge.

More analysis and such to come.

  • Post Christmas miracle!! Let me add my name to the list of those that don’t think Feaster is the answer either. I can’t stand it when assistant GMs or coaches step into jobs. Plus I’ve never been a fan of Feaster and think his whole time in Tampa Bay was very opportunistic.

    • Robert Cleave

      He’ll keep saying that publicly until he unloads a few guys at the deadline for picks/prospects. At that point, we’ll hear how the evaluation he made dictated that approach. Just because he’s an outwardly friendlier guy than Daz doesn’t mean he’s going to volunteer his actual opinions to any of us schmucks.

    • Just saying the things he has to say. He can’t come out and say “we’re terrible, slow and old. I can’t wait to start the rebuild. Fire up the fax machines folks because the best offer before Dec 31 gets Iggy!”.

    • He’s never been shy about his esteem for Darryl Sutter. It’s completely possible having to fire him was a tough thing to do, emotionally.

      That said, he may also see the writing on the wall for his own tenure. I’ve always maintained that King tied his wagon to Sutter and would follow him out the door if Darryl was ever let go.

  • I know he has a love in with Darryl but I agree, I think he knows his resume needs to be polished up. Methinks ownership may have said, it’s you or him. And of course with his horse tied to the same wagon, the change in the President’s chair will occur in April/May. Wonder who would take over? Wouldnt it be really odd if Wayne Gretzky was asked to come here? Ha Wayne as President and Lanny or Joel Otto as GM? That would be awesome. Not gonna happen though.

      • We’re rebuilding. What is your excuse?

        We have a bunch of 1st round picks in our roster playing, young kids. You have a bunch of players who only have value in Flamers eyes, players like Staios, Kotalik, Stajan, Jokinen and so on. HaHaHaHa

        Most of your players are other teams rejects, good luck with the trades.

        Look on the bright side thou, this is the first day of the 15 year rebuild. HaHaHaHaHaHa

        It nice to see that your measuring stick is a young Oilers team, you comment is almost as sad as your teams future, but not quite.

        Go Oilers Go

        At least now, you poor fan base won’t have a nerve to chant Oilers Suck at home games, because they should know.

        • Do you know what spatial awareness is? Because it seems as if yours is severely lacking.

          I don’t think you would find one Flames fan who wants Staios, Kotalik or Jokinen on the team. Stajan, on the other hand, would be the first line centre on the Oilers. Who’s the heart of your defensive core? Tom Gilbert? How’s “team MVP” ReKhab doing with his sub-.900 sv%?

          No one seems to understand that you have to suck to have high draft picks. The Oilers have sucked and will continue to suck, and that’s why they have so many first rounders playing on the team.

          • Easy Tiger. Your team sucks. Got It? Get It! Good.

            Oilers will always be a better franchise then your Atlanta exodus.

            Give up and Admit, Flames suck and always have and always will.

            If you guys need a few cups to drink your sorrows away, hollllaaaaa, you know we got cups.

  • While he did draft Stamkos, he didnt have another pick till the 3rd round. The year before he picked at 15 and picked, Riku Helenius who has played 1 game in the NHL, passing on Chris Stewart and Claude Giroux.

  • i hate to say this cuz Kings a good guy… but he held on to Sutter way too long. i think he’s gotta go too…its gonna be years to fix up this damn mess. King sorta tied his fortune to Sutter, Sutters gone, King should join him.

  • One of the reasons I like (liked) this site is because there was not much trolling from absolute idiots from rival teams. I get it, you love your teams, stay on your own website and sing koom-by-yah around the campfire with your own self soiling fans. If you have something interesting to add, great. If you are here to talk garbage and just be down right idiotic, go away.

    Like the move, hopefully Feaster is not the man taking over. Would like to see a young up and comer that has some junior hockey ties. What about a guy like Kelly Kisio, he may not be real young but has done a great job with the hitmen. Just a thought

  • Graham

    Didn’t think much of the giving Jay the opportunity to develop a long term plan comment in the news conference – makes it look like Feaster will be the full time GM next season.
    Ken King will do his usual, have a top down evaluation (re: do nothing) and appoint Feaster to the job.

    We have no high end prospects, 11 no movement or no trade clauses, and $56 million in cap space committed to next season. We may have to suffer with something close to the current group for a couple more years… allowing time for some of the anchor contracts to drop off the books.

    What we really need is a top notch GM in tune with the current game, not a lawyer with no hockey knowledge, who has been on the sidelines since 2008.

    • I think that the NMC/NTC hoopla is pretty overblown.

      Players with NMC’s and NTC’s get traded all the time. If the “rebuild” writing is on the wall then players will gladly waive in order to go to a playoff team. All the NMC/NTC does is keep them from getting traded to Edmonton without their consent.

      Getting down from $56m will not be a problem if they decide to to blow it up. There is a market for all of the big contract players, although you may have to wait until the summer to move them.

      Feaster has been a senior hockey executive in the AHL/NHL since 1990. He was the AHL executive of the year in 1997. He was the assistant GM in TB starting in 1998. You can say a lot of things about Feaster, but to imply he has no hockey knowledge is just ignorant.

      I’m not saying that he’s the answer, or that I’m even happy about his appointment, but the list of guys that are more qualified than Feaster is not very long.

  • Step 1, complete.

    Step 2, make that Iggy for Schenn/Simmonds/goalie dude trade with the Kings

    Step 3, tank the season, draft Gabriel Landeskog

    Step 4, re-sign Iginla when he has won a cup and his contract is up so that he can finish his career in Calgary.

    • First: sorry for the Edmonton troll everyone; that guy is as pathetic as Nlife on the TSN boards. Ignore them and they go away. Next, an Oiler fan here; not to gloat about the Oil’s prospects over the next few years, but rather, to take everyone’s pulse on Sutter’s firing. I think he was a putz so I wonder if actual fans of the team are pleased about his “resignation”.

      Step 1: Correct – complete.

      Step 2: Love Iggy, would have him on my team any day of the week, but LA would never make that deal. Would the Oil do Pajaarvi/Eberle/Dubnyk for Iggy? Nope – similar deal.

      Step 3: Don’t overthink it: take Larsson or Couturier. I pick Larsson, and jettison Bouwmeester asap. Soft, soft soft.

      Step 4: Don’t bother. We’re better without Smyth here in Edmonton, and he’s got a great shot in LA. Let Iggy go.

      • Why don’t you go suck a lemon with the rest of these cry babies.
        You goofy internet wannabe. Your steps are as retarded as your attempt to make these guys feel better. If you found enough balls in you to call someone pathetic face to face, you would get slapped one handed in front of your wife, and wouldnt do sh!t about it.

        To the Flames Nation;

        I’m sorry if my few comments worked you up or upset you. I was just trying to bust your balls and pour some salt on the wound. I didn’t disrespect any one of your personally, I just wanted to poke some fun. You know how it is, it is all in good fun. I wish you luck in your rebuilt, but just a little.;-‘)

    • Graham

      Feaster sure has a big fan in Eric Dahattrick. If you listen to Eric on the fan, Feaster is the man. Nothing but praise and admiration, almost to the point of a man crush.

  • icedawg_42

    I dont expect much else to happen this season as far as firings, moves etc (unless it’s a new scouting staff)…I believe Feaster when he says he is going to take his time and come up with a game plan to present to the owners…I believe him mostly because I believe he wont be allowed to do much until he does present said game plan….All that said, the first and most critical move has been made. Already the clouds threaten to part! Best of luck in your future endeavors Dutter, now on to a hopefully brighter future for us Flames fans.

  • Off the wall prediction…?

    If Jay Feaster wins the job permanently, I’d expect Michel Goulet (hired as a pro scout last summer when Feaster came in, coincidentally enough) to become his right-hand-man as Assistant GM. Goulet worked with Feaster in the Colorado organization earlier in their careers, and he is also a former teammate of Head Coach (and soon-to-be Director of Player Personnel) Brent Sutter. Current Director of Player Personnel, Duane Sutter… he takes over for (soon-to-be fired) Tod Button as Director of Amateur Scouting (Duane has held virtually every other title in hockey, why not this one too). That leaves Kelly Kisio to move up into the Flames organization and ‘learn the ropes’ as Director of Hockey Operations & GM in Abby.

    Together Brent, Feaster, Goulet & Kisio will make up day-to-day management team, while Duane scouts the CHL & Scandanavia.

    Crazy insane, or inasane crazy?

    EDIT to add: Oh yeah… and this time next year, Darryl is coaching in LA.

  • everton fc

    Feaster scares me. He’s a lawyer, not a hockey man. Probably never played a game of shinny in his life.

    King and Feaster should go. Bring in Kisio. Goulet. And Plyafair.

    • Not sure where you are getting this from? Has been a GM at the AHL and NHL level for 20 years. Was AHL executive of the year in 1997. Joined Tampa in 1998 and won a cup with them in 2004. If this guy isn’t a “hockey guy” then I’m not sure who is?

  • coptin_

    while i don’t think feaster is the guy either,i think you have to wait till summer to see if an experienced hockey gm is avil. i don;t want to see kisio he has no nhl experience nor was he ever able to get the hitmen over the tp even with some very good teams.this is the most important team decision for the next 5 years,hopfuly they find the right person.ownership waited too long and missed a shot at stevie y,hopefuly they get it right.

  • everton fc

    @Terry C

    Actually, McNab in Anaheim (SVP Hockey Operations) would be a far better choice than Kisio. Or Feaster, for that matter. And he’s signed for only one year with the Ducks. He’s on the cusp of availability.

    I stand corrected. I say nab McNab. Soon. He won’t be in Anaheim next season, methinks…

  • everton fc

    Whats with all the Feaster hating? I’m not saying that he’s our answer, but i just dont get where all the hate comes from. He does have a cup ring to his name.