Prospect Profiles – Bryan Cameron



We’ve discussed the recent free agent signee previously here and here. What wasn’t mentioned in those articles is the fact that Cameron’s team – the Barrie Colts – were one of the strongest clubs in the CHL last year. They finished with a record of 57-9-02 (!!) for 116 points and had a goal differential of +141. Even the Memorial Cup winning Windsor Spitfires didn’t boast results that impressive during the regular season. 

The Colts were led in scoring by Luke Pither (another overage, undrafted player), Alex Hutchings (Tbay 4th rounder) and Cameron. They also boasted former first rounder Alex Pietrangelo on the back-end (for abouot 25 games) and the Flames own TJ Brodie. Overall, it looks like the Colts were a team stacked with mostly older, more established junior players. Putative first rounder Alexander Burmistrov was one of the only 17 year olds on the club and he scored 65 points.

Anyways, to the numbers:

Colts Total Offense = 303 GF

Cameron Total Points = 78

ES points = 48

PP Points = 26

EN Points = 4

% of Total Offense = 25.7%

% at ES = 61.5%

PPG = 1.26

NHLE = 31

Cameron’s NHLE falls in line with both Wahl and Nemisz, but it should again be noted that he is one year their senior, which is a significant caveat for junior hockey players. Most of his other numbers are solid, aside from the percentage of total offense, which, at about 26%, is the lowest we’ve seen in the prospect profiles thus far. Nemisz was above 27%, Wahl was around 40% and Howse managed about 33%. This suggests that Cameron, although the oldest forward prospect amongst those mentioned, was the least central to his club’s offense. That said, it’s encouraging that a large portion of his points came at 5on5 rather than the power-play.

Cameron is a no risk, moderate reward signing. If he doesn’t turn out to be an NHL player, the team at least gains another offensive player for the farm. Anything above and beyond that is gravy.

  • dustin642

    hey kent, the flames drafted a finnish winger Juuso Puustinen a few years ago he had a decent couple years in the whl and a really good first year in the finnish elite league. is he still flames property and could he be a coming over to play on the farm and start if development over here to possibly make the flames. he was a noted scorer with decent hands. thanks

    • Puustinen is technically still Flames property, although I believe the rights lapse this summer if the team doesn’t offer him a contract.

      Puustinen fled to Europe partially due to lack of interest from Calgary. He had a single good season in the WHL, but regressed in his second year. I don’t even think he’s attended the last couple of Flames training camps.

      Chances are, Puustinen will never return from Europe.

      PS – (to readers in general) If there are any other prospect questions, please feel free to email me @ kent.wilson@gmail. If I get enough inquiries, I can put the answers into a single post.

  • dustin642

    I heard an interview with Jim Playfair on the FAN and he was very high on John Armstrong. He singled him out as a player he sees as a future NHL’er (injuries notwithstanding.

    • I find that coaches are almost always enthusiastic about their players in interviews. Bob Boughner recently said that Greg Nemisz is a sure-fire future NHLer too.

      As for Armstrong, he wasn’t a PPG player in the OHL, even when he was healthy. In the minors, he’s managed 26 points in 82 games. So unless he’s amazing defensively, he’s got a very long way to go to be an NHLer. And that’s not considering his injury issues which, as mentioned, are significant. Add in the fact that he’ll be battling with Wahl, Cameron, Nemisz, Jaffray and probably Sutter for ice time this year (at the very least) and it means he has to climb over a bunch of depth in order to challenge for a spot.

      I don’t see it, personally. It’s not impossible for him to get healthy and suddenly take some giant steps forward, but it’s certainly improbable.

  • dustin642

    Maybe its just because I am very optimistic, but I really have a good feeling about Cameron. Would love to see Cameron, Nemisz, Wahl, and Pelech light it up come training camp. Wouldn’t it give everyone a big sigh of relief if we had Pelech AND one of our forwards make the team out of training camp? Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

  • Hey Kent, I just wanted to say what your doing is awesome. Alot of Flames fans, like me, dont know a whole lot about the future flames, and I apprecitate the insight your giving me.

    P.S. Are you going to have the rest of these prospect profiles about the high end prospects, aka( Erixon, Irving, Pelech) or is this just for the juniour players for the Flames?

    • Glad you like them.

      I plan on doing this for most of the high end prospects, although with defenders the counting numbers don’t really tell you much. I have plans to interview Brock Otten about TJ Brodie and will see what I can dig up on Erixon as well.

  • Bob Cobb

    Kent, as always good insight. One Flames prospect that I really liked who almost made the Flames a couple of years ago was John Armstrong. What has happened to him? he has been injury prone but he is big, a fluid skater and seemed to have offensive upside. Any updates on him?

    • Armstrong played in just 14 games last year. He scored one goal and 6 points. He’s struggled with injuries throughout his career, including junior where he never played a full season. He was also described as a guy with “motivational issues” in his draft season.

      Armstrong’s development has been seriously hampered over the years. He’s already 22 (will turn 23 next season) and hasn’t even appeared in 100 AHL games yet. Absent a miracle, I would say that Armstrong is a long shot to have a pro career in hockey at all, let alone in the NHL.

  • Bob Cobb

    Nice work Kent. It’s nice to have something to read that gives us insight into what is happening with the team’s prospects. It beats reading the usual Sutter is a moron – fire him, Iginla is finished – trade hime, the core is old and washed up – clean house. I’m not saying that stuff isn’t true or shouldn’t happen but it’s nice to start moving on.